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    Insane Cave

    MiniCTM UltraHardCore

        This Map have a UHC mode, no Natural Regeneration

        Have mechanic that give u a effect if u have a full set of armor (dont include sword)

        You can record your speedruns and series without problem since it does not affect our copyright.

    Thanks To:

      • ElRichMC

      • Killercreeper_55

    Credits To Creator of the map:

      • SimplyShadowHD :: General,Betatesting,Building,Commands,Mechanic,Edited Items,Idea,


      • Render Distance Doesnt import

      • Clouds Off

      • Brightness Full 100%, No brightness have a more scary sensation

      • Texturepack: Default

      • Gamerule: Default NaturalRegeneration False

      • Entity Shadows: Off

      • Mipmap Leves Max 1


      • This Map DONT support Multiplayer, Late will be add a Multiplayer Only Game

    Enjoy :)

    Lore = I was mining normally, like everyday, but i heard something at far, i go and i find this hell, the only way to leave is putting all the "wools" into the "Monument" and i will be free

    Download Link


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