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    Quote from NMcCoy

    Assuming you're on a Windows PC:
    1. Hit Win-R
    2. Paste this into the text box:
    notepad %appdata%/.minecraft/config/LegendGear.cfg

    Awesome, awesome. Thanks. I like the amount of options here. One thing I suggest you add to this is whether or not a hookshot can grapple to wooden things. I just feel the ability to grapple to absolutely anything wooden is a little bit op for making wooden houses for adventure maps, but that's just me.

    Also, I think it would be convenient to have automatic Emerald Shard conversion to Emerald Pieces upon acquiring 8 (when picking one up from the ground). Just saying.

    Also, here's a little aesthetic thing I forgot to report: The player doesn't do bobbing when walking over water with the whirlwind boots. I have a feeling that's because of swimming, though.

    Also bout the wallet.

    Gooby pls.
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