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    I'm really glad that you're happy with the work that I put into it. I have several changes coming soon to make rougher textures look better. When I first made the pack, I got pretty lazy with it, but now I'm putting in the work to make it as well polished as I can.

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    Thank you very much! There are still some things that I want to update in it, but that does become challenging when compared against the faithful resource pack. I'm trying to do something similar, but, as you said, adding uniqueness.

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    Hope everyone is enjoying the pack so far. I'll be working towards keeping versions consistent with one another.

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    Thanks for the reply, and I'm glad you enjoy it! If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know. [^_^]/

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    Well there's going to be a pretty large update on the way. It might have something to do with the Aether.

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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]

    Getting my braces off, and this update? Today is already shaping out to be great.

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    Quote from Chopter»

    I was getting this bug earlier, update your java and make sure you have enough ram allocated, thats how i got it fixe

    I tried both of those. I'm using the Java that comes with Minecraft, and any future update prevents it from running. Along with that, I have 3G of ram allocated. Still getting the issue. I also tried using a different forge version (, installing Optifine, and updating to Thaumcraft 5.0.2. None did anything to help.
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    Not sure if it's me or the mod, but I have this issue while holding anything that creates an extra gui on the screen (thaumometer, and wands to be specific). The sun, stars, and pretty much anything related to the sky render strangly. If you look at the vanilla texture for the sun, that's what it looks like. It has this black square around it in game, which normally isn't there. This goes away without the gui producing item in hand.

    Mod list:


    Thaumcraft 5.0.1


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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]

    Thaumcraft 5 coming soon? I love this mod so much!

    *breathing intensifies*

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    posted a message on A Texture Artist's Guide to MCPatcher's Features

    Thanks for having this! I've been meaning to use connected textures and custom skies in my pack, so this should help.

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    posted a message on Windows 10 Edition Seeds

    I feel like that house on the North-West corner (based on the way the Pic was taken) Will have some... water issues.

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    posted a message on [1.7.2 & 1.8] Jungle Island seed

    Nice! I've been looking for a new Jungle island seed.

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    posted a message on Silver Default - 32x - Updated 10/29/2018

    Thanks! btw, There will be a small update soon to fix a few issues and add a couple more quality of life features.

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    Silver Default Logo

    Hello everyone! I'm Silver David! If you're looking for a resource pack, I have one right here in the form of Silver Default: my own rendition of the default textures in a 32x format. My goal is to give players a version of default, with a higher resolution, but while keeping the base textures the same. Along with this, the pack features alternate textures, custom models, some animations, and a little mod support based on your suggestions and my personal choices. The changes will be posted in the change log below. To see a list of all of the features of interest in this resource pack, including models, alternate textures, and more, check the "Special Features" spoiler. Any mods that I support with this resource pack are linked in the "Supported Mods" spoiler. I highly recommend checking each of them out! If you notice any issues, or have complaints/suggestions, let me know on the Trello page by leaving a comment! If you wish to receive updates as they happen, check out my Twitter, @SilverDavid_MC. You'll also be treated to some sneak peaks, along with other things that will happen in the future. To top everything off, I now have a Minecraft Realms server open for the Java edition of the game! Leave your username in the comments to this post or send it to me by a Tweet if you're interested!


    Mesa House
    Desert Temple
    NetherThe End



    Animated Textures

    - beacon inside

    - brewing stand middle piece

    - dragon egg

    - enchanting table corner pieces

    - lit furnaces

    - glowstone blocks and dust

    - redstone blocks and dust

    - redstone lamps

    - jack o' lanterns

    - lit redstone torches

    - normal torches

    - blaze powder/rod

    - lava bucket

    - dragon breath

    - eye of ender

    - ender pearl

    - bottle o' enchanting

    - fire charges

    - nether star

    - potion liquid

    - prismarine crystals

    - spectral arrow

    - totem of undying

    Alternate Textures (1.8 +) (1.7.10 if Optifine is installed)
    - all wood planks/slabs/stairs

    - all leaves

    - all flowers

    - carrots, potatoes, wheat, and beetroots

    - clay

    - bookshelves

    - bricks (the ones made from clay, not stone)

    - cacti (some have thinner models too)

    - all ores

    - cobblestone

    - mossy cobblestone
    - cobblestone walls

    - mossy cobblestone walls

    - end stone

    - end stone bricks

    - ice, packed ice, and frosted ice (1.9)

    - glowstone blocks

    - tall grass

    - sides of grass, podzol, mycelium, grass paths (1.9), and grass with snow.

    - lily pads (some have a flower on top)

    - lit furnaces
    - magma blocks
    - nether wart

    - obsidian
    - red nether bricks

    - sandstone
    - soul sand

    - stone bricks (stairs and slabs included), mossy bricks, cracked bricks, and their respective monster eggs (silver fish blocks)

    - stone variants (granite, andesite, polished, etc)



    October / 29 / 2018 (Java 1.13.2)

    All Changes

    Several fixes were made thanks to the feedback of user DVD8084.

    • The advancement icons and tooltips use wrong colors (yellow's in place of gray, and vice versa.
    • The lit redstone ore models lack two files, redstone_ore_on_0.json and redstone_ore_on_1.json respectively, which results in the ore blocks sometimes losing their textures when they light up.
    • The redstone_ore_on_4.png and redstone_ore_on_6.png files are flipped horizontally, which results in the texture sometimes flipping when the ore block lights up.

    All of these issues have been fixed, so redstone ore now lights correctly, and the advancement menu now uses the correct colors.

    Important note regarding future updates

    Silver Default will be updating to the new textures created by Jasper, however support for the original resource pack will be continued such that it may be used in future versions.





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    posted a message on Enhanced Flowers (alternate textures)

    🌺 Enhanced Flowers 🌹

    For me, the textures in Minecraft can get to be very repetitive at times. Especially the organic blocks/items. As a way of helping this, I present to you a resource pack with a couple variations for each flower in Minecraft (as of 1.8). The variations are subtle, but they can break up the textures to make the world look more interesting.

    Note: I plan to have at least 3 variations for each flower at a later date.


    - If you have any ideas for a flower variation, or a way to make this better, let me know. I'd love to hear what you have to say!

    Download Link:

    - Mediafire






    Azure Bluet

    Oxeye Daisy

    Red Tulip

    Orange Tulip

    Pink Tulip

    White Tulip




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