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    Tribal Magic

    This is going to mostly be a placeholder thread until I release the first WIP download for the mod, so please don't expect much beauty. My main goal is to interact with the community that I am interested in becoming involved with.

    Tribal Magic is a new in depth magic mod that I have been planning for some time. It is based around real and fictional tribal based additons and a religious system. What I have now and is currently the big "highlight" of the mod is Totems. Totems will be one of the biggest aspects of this mod. They are a multi-block that you can build upgrade and improve that do certain things. This can include player enhancements, world enhancements, and "belief" generation and use. Belief is one of the religious attributes in the game and can be similarly understood to that of RF and Mana; it is the energy of this mod. Belief powers specific items and your totems. Custom crafting system for items in the mod and more.

    As off now I am currently working on this mod on my own and I am planning to add a lot to this mod that is new and different, so progress may be slow. I will be finishing this mod, and anyone interested in the mod's development is greatly appreciated. I will be providing a download to the early alpha version very soon, where you can try out the mod and give me feedback on what isn't working, what should be changed/balanced and ideas on what I should add.

    Please throw a reply on what you think so far, I want to know if people are interested in something like this or if it is mostly a waste of time. Whatever you say I plan to develop it to keep me busy over my summer and produce something I think is cool :D.

    More info + the download link coming soon, stay tuned + maybe a cool pic

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    There is also the Sphax PureBDcraft texture pack being worked on at the moment.
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    If you do not make 1.6.4v i will be an Angryman not Sillyman -.-
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