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    Hello! My friend and I are looking to gather a lot of players so we can do more long term things such as set up shops and have builds all across the map. The goal is to build an amazing community. We are both very active players, and we have already done quite a bit to the world...come check it out!


    The only datapacks i have installed are multiplayer sleep (so only 1 person needs to sleep), howmanybees (gives u a bee count when holding hives), and leash villagers (makes controlling villagers so much smoother since you can use a lead on them). I am open to any quality of life datapacks you suggest, just nothing that affects the core vanilla survival gameplay.


    Minecraft is awesome because there are no rules. However the only thing not allowed is stealing and griefing. Just be respectful to everyone :)

    How to join:

    Comment your IGN, tell me why you want to join, and add me on discord: Silky#6744

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