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    My lord. That's amazing. I love it so much!
    I can't wait to see what other people do with it.

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    Quote from DuhDerp»

    If we're going to add a tool specifically for harvestwork, maybe it shouldn't actually break the plant? Just have it cause an item drop and reset the plant back to state 0. Even if we kept the block-breaking, perhaps the sickle's big trick could be to autoplant the harvested plant's seed (breaking a wheat block would attempt to replant a seed)

    Perhaps also tweak enchant effects based on tool...you could surely put fortune 3 on a shovel, but harvesting wheat with a shovel probably shouldn't get you more wheat (or at least not as much as the sickle).

    That's exactly what I said the tool does, haha. Read it again; I said that the sickle wouldn't break the plant, but would instead simply cut it down to 1/8th of a block high, and it would then begin to regrow.
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    Quote from Angeltxilon»

    I also think that there should be more weapon and tool variations in the game. Support.

    Thanks for the support! Any criticisms or things to add to it?
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    Quote from Angeltxilon»

    Advise, don't post "repost" at the title of a thread. Actually there are suggestions that have been posted and reposted hundreds of times, but have "repost" in the title of a thread can confuse to moderators (has danger of being locked).

    About the idea of add these things, I don't see problem to add more micro-artesany and more vegetal diversity, that is a thing that needs more the game.
    In fact, this block would result in a very good aesthetic impact, plus it isn't hard to apply to the game.
    Bonsai trees could be a kind of special 3D entity block (that instead layers, is composed by 3D virtual microblocks [virtual means in appearance, that aren't solid and only exists inside such special entity block]).


    Thanks for the support! And I took your advice; the title of the thread has been changed.
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    I think this is a simple way to break the monotony a little.

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    I'm reposting this idea from 2014 with only a few minor changes, so bear with me if anything is dated. For those that are still here, here's what it is and why it is. Dinnerbone has been looking for a cool idea for a 6th type of major tool niche FOREVER. When I read his tweet about this several months back, I too began to ponder the meaning of life and the importance of the cosmos. One day a star fell from the heavens and punched me in the face with an idea - the sickle.


    No - it is not the hoe. You will want to waste your diamonds on a sickle, unlike the hoe. I mention the hoe since both are somewhat farm-oriented. The hoe is used to till soil, but the sickle actually does the harvesting (and much, much more). I was originally going to make this post about giving the hoe a few of these qualities, but I realized that it would make no sense for a hoe to perform said tasks, and thus the sickle was born. The big thing about this suggestion is that it's suggesting a new tool that ISN'T just a new weapon or a tool that takes the properties of already-existing tools; this is, as I already mentioned, an entirely new niche.


    The sickle would do less damage than the sword at every tier, but also swing slightly faster due to its small size. It would do 5.5 attack damage (same as the shovel) at the diamond tier and, again, swing slightly faster than the sword to make it viable as a weapon, while still keeping the sword as the combat king.

    -USE #1: FARMING-

    The sickle, while relatively useful as an improvised weapon simply by nature and design (it's a harvesting tool with a GIANT, CURVED BLADE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sickle), actually has a very peaceful niche - you harvest things. No - this does not mean that you can no longer use your hands. You can most certainly use your hands, but it makes it a bit more difficult and time-consuming as you have to collect the seeds and replant the crop (as it always has been in Minecraft). Before I continue, let me say that it should take time to break crops with your fist and you should very rarely get seeds from it (see http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2633026-overhaul-farming/) With the sickle, whenever you left-click (attack) a crop, you get the crop, but, instead of disappearing and dropping seeds, the crop instead just gets cut down to its base (you still have a chance of getting seeds depending on tier - your fists have a 2.5% chance, wood has a 5% chance, stone has 15% chance, iron has a 40% chance, diamond has a 75% chance, and gold has a 95% chance) and begins growing again, saving you the time of planting the seeds yourself. This seems lame, but is actually very useful and handy. This is also not the only use of the sickle. Like the sword (deals damage and removes cobwebs), bow (deals damage and activates redstone), and axe (harvests wood and deals damage), the sickle is a multipurpose tool.


    When you harvest a crop, you (might) get the seeds and the crop (always) regrows without having to be replanted. The same goes for wild plants. If you break tall grass with the sickle, the tall grass is not completely removed but is instead cut down to two pixels high and will regrow, but WAIT; THERE'S MORE! I forgot to mention that you have a chance to get wheat seeds from doing this. However, as is mentioned in my "Overhaul Farming" post, you should no longer get seeds from breaking tall grass with your fist and should instead require the use of a tool to collect the seeds. Yup! If you break any wild, seed-bearing plant (there's only two in Minecraft as of this post, sorry; 5/3/14 - never forget) with a sickle, you will have whatever chance the tier of sickle you are using has of getting their corresponding crop/seed and the plant will always just grow back. If you break a fern or any flower, however, you'll get nothing (it will still regrow), as collecting plants is a niche already taken by the shears. There is an exception to the collection thing, though - if you break a tall fern, you'll always get a small fern. That is because small ferns can take bone meal to become a large fern, so they technically count as "crops".


    If you break leaves with a sickle, they will disappear and will not regrow, but they are more likely drop a sapling, and, in the cases of oak, dark oak, and jungle trees, are more likely to drop their rare drop. If you break oak/dark oak leaves with a sickle, your chances of getting an apple are increased. Breaking jungle leaves gives a higher chance for a sapling and cocoa beans. The perk of the golden sickle is that it makes Skyblock and other specialized survivals easier as trees don't always drop saplings. The chances for saplings and rare drops are:

    -Wood: 5% Sapling - 0.5% Rare Drop

    -Stone: 7.5% Sapling - 1% Rare Drop

    -Iron: 10% Sapling - 1.5% Rare Drop

    -Diamond: 12.5% Sapling - 3% Rare Drop

    -Gold: 15% Sapling - 5% Rare Drop


    Ever get tired of your yard? This requires a ton of upkeep, but, since the sickle simply cuts plants that it breaks down to 1/8th of a block tall, you could use it to make it look like you cut your lawn. Of course, if you wanted it to remain this way, it would become an actual chore to keep the plants cut, so this is not recommended. It's possible, but really, really not recommended.


    This is just a list of enchantments that could go onto the sickle if you guys like the idea (which you probably will if you're actually still reading):

    • Fortune: Increases amount of seeds and crops harvested per use.
    • Unbreaking
    • Sharpness: It's a sickle. This should be obvious.
    • Smite
    • Bane of Arthropods
    • Weed Whacking: As sickles are designed to effectively cut plants, and creepers are plants... It's basically Smite/BoA for creepers. I think the sickle deserves a special enchantment of its own, and creeper-killing fits the harvesting theme perfectly.
    • Looting
    • Fire Aspect
    • Knockback
    • Efficiency: Plants grow back more quickly after being cut.


    The sickle may seem extremely overpowered, but I assure you that it is only my imagination that is overpowered. The sickle actually isn't as overpowered as it sounds.


    Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions for my suggestion ("yo dawg..."), questions, feedback, or criticism, PLEASE be sure to share it. I probably should have posted it here, first, but I just put it straight onto Reddit. If it doesn't do well, I'll submit it to Reddit again after seeing all the feedback here and changing it accordingly.
    Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/minecraftsuggestions/comments/6esru0/the_6th_major_tool_niche_the_sickle/


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    The rules state that a suggestion can be reposted if it has been dead for more than a month, so here goes a copy/paste of a suggestion of mine that's been dead since 2013:

    "I like that we can put saplings in flower pots, but what I really want is (are?) trees in flower pots. I think it would be really cool if you could bonemeal a sapling that's in a flower pot to turn it into a blocky little version of a full-sized tree, but all in the space of one block. It would be great for decorations, and, if you could trim the leaves off (giving it a "dead" appearance), it would be a great addition to witch huts and strongholds."

    What do you all think?

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    I'm with Mastermined. I would be fine, so long as they don't look thin and non-cubelike.

    Quote from Virdex»

    You are hurting my feelings, builders are designers, too... :,(

    And miners didn't really "get some love" in the past updates

    But... I'm going to forgive you because of "these are not chairs, Jeb"

    I'm not sure of the suggestion. Half support. It would discourage people from getting creative and building "not chairs", "not couches", and "not armoirs"... :/

    But yes it is actually a thing we could use... I'm going to agree with Mastermind, though: furniture is ok, but not if it gets too detailed!

    Thanks for the half-support, guys.
    Anyways, I honestly agree. I don't want super-fancy block models like the ones in bibliocraft. I just want simple, blocky furniture to break the monotony in my blocky home.
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    I tried decorating the living room:

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    Quote from Mastermined»

    I love how, with half of your suggestions, you already showed how you can simulate them ingame, with what I feel a fairly aesthetically pleasing result. Too much detail in block models, and Minecraft loses it's charm for me. I have no problem with a lack of actual furniture, because chairs and tables made out of stair blocks, carpets and fences look pretty good to me, in a game that's already made of giant cubical shapes.

    I don't mind if the "chairs" and "Couches" end up looking exactly like a stair block, anyways. I just want the functionality from them in that case.
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    When are they going to add real furniture to minecraft? I'm tired of wonky-looking chairs whose seats are a meter off the ground and tables that are two feet thick. I'm tired of couches that you can't actually sit on! And I'm sick of blocks with signs that are supposed to emulate drawers and dressers. I want options, damnit!

    Here's a few I would suggest:

    Duh. Just a normal wooden chair. Looks like a chair, acts like a chair. Can be linked together to form pews or benches.
    This is not a chair, Jeb:

    Made of wool or leather instead of wood, can be linked together to form longer couches.

    This is not a couch, Dinnerbone:

    Can store armor, looks aesthetically pleasing.
    This is not an armoir, Grumm:

    -Fancier Beds.
    I want beds with head and foot rests, like these trapdoors are emulating:

    The bookshelves we have now are nice, but I'd like to add actual cases that you can store written books in that also display the books in them. Like what Bibliocraft does. I understand that this is not functionally advantageous, as chests already accomplish what I want bookshelves and armoirs to do, but it's moreso about form rather than function.

    -Grandfather clocks
    Like this, but actually not made of a bunch of doors and trapdoors thrown together:

    Picture frames:
    Like flower pots, but can be displayed on a desk top or surface, like one of these:

    The picture within would be randomized, like paintings are.

    Function the same as a chest, but instead of opening upwards, open forwards.
    Like this:

    Not functional at all. Just aesthetic. Can be made of wood, or stone!

    Like the nightstand and chest, but has a door on the front instead of a drawer. Can have a quartz, stone, or wooden top depending on what you use to craft it:
    Image result for cabinet

    I just want some decorative options, please! Builders, redstoners, miners, and warriors have all gotten some love in the past few updates. What about the designers? I want some decoration options!

    What's sad is that I'm sure that this has been suggested a million times before.
    I bet that, back in the days when Notch was just another anon on 4chan who made a cool game, everyone was asking for this then, too.
    Why has it never happened?

    Do the developers feel that it isn't in the spirit of the game?

    If someone can link me to any info on the developers' ideas on furniture, I'd be very thankful.

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    When are they going to add real furniture to minecraft? I'm tired of wonky-looking chairs whose seats are a meter off the ground and tables that are two feet thick. And I'm sick of blocks with signs that are supposed to emulate drawers and dressers. I want options, damnit!

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    Quote from bonnydust»

    Thats a pretty neat house. I am always amazed with how people find new ways to use vanilla items to decorate. :)

    Thanks! I'm glad you like it.
    Quote from AstralMagic»

    It looks very cozy. ^_^

    I'll have a go at the houses tomorrow. :)

    So? Did you finish the houses? :P
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    Quote from Sparthia»

    Looking good!

    Also, here's a schematic file for the home:
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    I want to give the home a mix of a "Wyoming Cabin" and "Beachside" feel, since that's kinda the location of the home in my map.

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