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    Okay, so i really love Customized worlds sense i found out about it, but finding both interesting worlds that don't cause minecraft to hate me is challenging, then making sure them work for a good survival experience, or a interesting one, is challenging.

    So i figured i would start a thread where people can share their gens that are both interesting, and survival friendly. (without cause minecraft to hate you, or making survival annoyingly tedious

    i will share one i found, its works on 1.10.2, its a tad bit tedious, but looks awesome.

    There are a few screenshots (with Seed) from my using it on a altered DireWolf20 1.10.2 modpack, with a sphax x64 and SEUS Shaders (yes i play like this, don't judge me)
    (Seed: 1504137149 )

    Code: (you may want to alter the ores spawn a bit, and lava spawn, only two things that are a real issue.Way too much redstone, diamonds are easy to find, and lava is really rare.)


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    yo i found a bug on i think the latest 1.7.10 build (maybe 2)

    the house pet ( the one for setting your home, and then tping back to that spot) will not eat custom pets ender nuggets (had to exchange custom pets for reg because i could not craft them)

    The cloud pet does not seem to be able to let me fly(but it does make me fly faster in creative), it may be a conflict with another mod, but im not sure

    love the mod by the way, ever thought about creating a wormhole pet

    on right click send you to random cord, on shift right click sends you to a "pocket" dimension, passively shows you your cords/dimension

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    Quote from Hurrrn

    Heh 220 Mods? I'm using only like 55-ish... My Macbook can't be that bad... Damn...

    lol thats not the case, see most of the mods i have installed are small mods, you could have a lot a big mods installed, as such the longer it would take to load the data they have

    but like i said before this is just my thought i may be totally off and wrong
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    Quote from Releasethehounds

    Hello, id just like to ask if my bad performance is normal for my computer, using the YogsCast Complete Pack with the ATLauncher.

    Here are my specs:

    Computer: Lenovo C205
    RAM: 6gb
    Processor: AMD E-350 1,60 ghz (2 Cores)
    Video Card: Radeon HD 5450

    No matter what amount of RAM I allocate, the result is always the same: Its simply unplayble. I can get it to be somewhat stable by installing optifine and adjusting alot of settings, but its still pretty bad, aprox. 15-25 fps.

    Also, something curious, my brother has a Gateway laptop, with 4GB or ram and an Intel Celeron Processor (1,80 ghz), and it runs the modpack perfectly fine without optifine or any special settings. It tends to get pretty hot, if that helps.

    Thank you in advance.

    the issue is your graphics card, minecraft may need more ram then others, but you still need a good graphics card to get high amounts of fps, however i searched up your and its like my secondary GPU, and that has 1gb of ddr3 gpu ram(there is a difference) heres a simple explaination on how the two main computer parts work for Minecraft

    RAM(or random access memory): this makes the game stable the more of it the more stable the game is(tho you only need so much)
    GPU( or you graphics card): this determines your max FPS, and the quality you can play at

    your GPU can run Minecraft, and can play with mods, but when it comes to more heavy intensive mods (aka about 60+) it will have really bad fps, my suggestion is to not do mod packs till you get a better GPU, or just stick with the crappy fps

    your brothers laptop probably has a better GPU
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    posted a message on The Tekkit Express |Whitelist|No Griefing|Tekkit|1.2.5|40 Slot|
    well all permissions are fulling working for players
    Quote from emily25123

    do you mean 1.3.2?

    no minecraft version 1.2.5 and tekkit version 3.1.2
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    posted a message on The Tekkit Express |Whitelist|No Griefing|Tekkit|1.2.5|40 Slot|
    Quote from emily25123

    its says "Internal exception: java.net.SocketException: Connection reset

    make sure your tekkit is 3.1.2 to do this launch the launcher goto option select choose manual build and find the build called 3.1.2
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    posted a message on The Tekkit Express |Whitelist|No Griefing|Tekkit|1.2.5|40 Slot|
    Hello And welcome if you are reading this then you have decided to see if my server is worth your time i say it is but i am not you and i dont know you only you know you but lets get back on topic shall we


    About whitelist:
    if you do not login or give a error report of why you cant login after 3 days of being whitelisted i will remove you from the whitelist also please spell your name correctly cause if you do not you wont be added to the list

    If you are having trouble connecting check to see if you your tekkit version is 3.1.2

    If you get the 503 error its not the server its minecrafts server

    My server is based around tekkit, but we are trying to add fun plugins but trying to keep a balanced feel to the game that we have done nicely i will explain in more depth later on how we have done this

    Server rules:
    • No griefing (unless in world PVP then some griefing will be allowed)
    • No EE (Equivalent Exchange) unless you are in the world PVE (player vs Environment)
    • No World/Dimensional Anchors without Permission (if found with one placed and no sign placed by staff saying it is alright it will be removed after 3 times you will get temp ban after 4 times you will be banned) (why am i so strict on those ? cause if we have to many placed then the server has to load a lot more area then normal and keep it loaded which in turn lags the server)
    • Explosions and Mob explosions are going to be disabled in all worlds except PVP (for obvious reasons)
    • NO and i mean NO racism of any kind or else its insta-ip ban
    • Multi-Verse Core
    • Multi-Verse Portals
    • Multi-Verse Inventory
    • Cookie Monster
    • Sign Shops
    • Secure Chests
    • mmSupernaturals (those who playied Supernatural players this is not the same it is more balanced out then it)
    • Factions
    • World Guard
    • World Edit
    • World Portals
    • Essentials
    • Essentials Protection
    • There is more will post full list when i can find it
    Current Open Worlds:
    • Main
    • Creative
    Current Un-Opened Worlds (will open whe i get server Upgrade):
    • PVP
    • PVE
    • VIP Jail RP (needs to be built)
    Future Plans:
    When we get a server upgrade we are going to open the rest of the portals up and make it so you have to progress through each world in order to unlock a new part of the game you would first start off in as i like to call it the "Role Play" (not the vip rp world)world were you play vanilla Minecraft until you match a certain requirement or make enough money to move to the pvp world were you would have almost all of tekkit except EE cause the armor in EE is WAY over powered for pvp from there you would make a new requirement or make more money and goto the PVE world were you would have access to all of tekkit but you will need it cause the difficulty in the PVE world is going to be either normal or hard (the mob spawn rate gets increased with difficulty along with health) from there you free to do what you want but unless you a vip or vip+ you will most likely have to pay the same price to go back into a world so be careful before you type /spawn and make sure it is /mv spawn or /home

    Donating and Donating Features:

    What can you donate for?


    What do they give?

    VIP gives free access to the worlds Creative and PVP along with the command /sell and a exclusive Jail rp world
    VIP+ Everything VIP has plus Free access to PVE and the command /tp and /mv tp

    What do they cost?

    VIP is $5 a month
    VIP+ is $10 a month

    Why do they cost that amount?

    Until i can get a stable good paying job were i can blow $100 a month and not worry about it i will need help from loving members of the community to pitch in so we can have a great server that everyone can enjoy

    Todo on the server:
    Build VIP Jail RP
    Setup Spawn zones for the other worlds
    Make VIP and VIP+ Groups
    Make Decent Website
    Get Ventrilo server hosted (or Mumble)

    Current Staff:
    Owner - da_pimp
    Co-Owner - chopper699

    Future Staff:

    Have any ideas or changes you would like send me a message and ill post a poll to see if everyone agrees with you

    • Human(Default)
    • Vampire
    • Werewolf
    • Ghoul
    • Priest
    • Whitchhunter
    • Demon
    • Angel
    For more info on Classes Visit http://dev.bukkit.or.../pages/classes/

    To get white listed Post this

    Griefing History: (will not effect if i white list you unless it is large all this does is make us keep a watch on you will check on mcbans so be truthful (if you try to lie i will deny without even giving a chance))
    Prefered role: (like human vampire werewolf priest yada yada so i can point you to achieving it)
    Talents: (building redstone killing leading yada yada proof can be given it you want)
    Tekkit Experience:
    Spelling: (will not effect my decision on choosing you just would like to know if you have good spelling)
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    :( not many people playing :?
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    posted a message on The Tekkit Express |Whitelist|No Griefing|Tekkit|1.2.5|40 Slot|
    good morning all
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    posted a message on The Tekkit Express |Whitelist|No Griefing|Tekkit|1.2.5|40 Slot|
    updated the main post with some more info
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