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    posted a message on KillerOfCubes Mods - RPG Race Mod, Vanilla Races, Fantasy Races

    Speed is all off, the walk speed is slowed/sped up, but the jumping speed is normal (when jumping while running/walking)

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    posted a message on Looking to setup a small group.

    That sounds fun, whats the modlist

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    posted a message on Looking to setup a small group.

    Simple and to the point.

    Playing modpacks, i am lonely, want people to play with.


    Be at least 16.
    Be able to play around 12pm-6pm (1200-1800 USA PST) PST.

    Be able to play without cheating, exploiting or glitching. (this means anything)

    Computer decent enough to play almost any modpack

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    In-game name? (Not your Nickname): DeadSpiderVenom

    Age? (You must be 12 to apply.):20

    Donation Rank?:none

    Any previous server bans? (Why, please use detail.): One, no idea why though, i joined was helping a staff build and then banned for no reason, later unbanned but not told why either way

    Can you Record? (Yes or No.): yes, in 1080p with facecam if need be
    -You can download a free recording software.-

    Why have you decided to apply? (In Detail): No real reason, just felt like this might be a nice server to be staff on

    How long have you played on PhantomFactions? (Doesn't have to be exact): been playing for about 10-30 minutes kinda like it

    Timezone? (Exact): i thinks its -7 not fully sure i live on the west coast of the USA

    Do you have Teamspeak and Skype? (Please don't post your skype here 'Yes or no'): both yes

    Do you have any experience with server Moderation? (Explain in Detail): Yes, ive managed and developed several servers, all of which evently died due to not enough money to pay for it

    Had any name changes? (List Them): one, da_pimp to deadspidervenom

    Anything else you would like to tell us?: Nope, just ive been playing for 6 years or so

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    posted a message on Could i Please get some help with mine/modtweaker?

    So i'm setting up a mod pack for a Series i want to start, but i would like to change some recipes to make the more overpowered items, hard to achieve (like end game hard)

    if someone could help me by making scripts that change the recipes to what i would like, that would be awesome!

    This will kinda be a long process because i got a decently sized pack going, and i still need to test some items, so we will probably need to chat on a skype or something

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    posted a message on Key Binding Overlap Fix [IDEA]

    So ive come across the problem of that toooo many mods use the SAME key binds. So i had these ideas to fix it.


    to many mods assign lets say "R", to do something, how ever due to mod A having "R" open a inventory, and mod B having "R" reload, they either cancel each other out, and nothing happens, or one overrides the other preventing the use of the other, and not many mod pack authors try to fix this issue, they just make the pack and release it, not even changing keybinds.

    Solution A:

    Make it so each mod has its own key "set" that pressing a unused button(like oddly enough "J") will swap key "sets", while keeping the default keys untouched and always working.

    Solution B:

    detecting the conflicting keys and reassigning them to a unbound key, if no key is available or there is no conflict (both functions work with out problems) then they are left alone. (this could be done by simulating each key press before the game starts, if a conflict is found, then it reassigns one of the conflicting mods, and then tries the key again."

    Now i would not bring this up if it was not a hassle to go through 100-300 installed mods, and try to assign conflicting keys to unbound keys, just so that i can pull out my weapons, and reload my gun. and yes i know about that keybinding mod that tells you what mods are using the same keys, no i dont use it, because it does not show mods that dont load their keys under controls

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    posted a message on \MC/ YouTuber Community [Recruiting]

    Age:20 (21 in a few months)
    YT Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/DeadSpiderVenom (i dont have content thats recent for MC or gaming, due to internet issues and depression, tho i want to start up a series with some people around my age)
    GMT time (or EST if you prefer): PST/UTC-08:00
    Country: USA
    Skype: DeadSpiderVenom (should work in not message me)[/b][/i]

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    posted a message on Looking for a Collab Partner/Group

    okay so right now a mod pack is being put together, we are in need of a host, i can setup the server and all, so no worries, i could do it if need be, but my internet is not reliable for hosting

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    posted a message on Looking for a Collab Partner/Group

    Okay TL;DR I lost my internet, got a crappy internet for a while, and now have decent internet. Was uploading daily before i lost my internet, now i want to start at it again.

    So now that is out of the way. Like the title says i am looking for some people to collab with, whether it being just one person or a small group.

    I'm currently wanting to start a series with a mod pack, a decently sized one at that(around 70-150 mods). I'm not picky about the majority of the mods, but the main one i would like is galactic craft.

    Things to note about me.

    I'm shy.

    I'm a guy.

    I'm 20 turning 21 in a few months.

    When i start uploading to my channel again, i'm going to make sure a video is up daily.

    I use the same username for 90% of my accounts - DeadSpiderVenom

    I don't like cheating, or anything extremely easy.

    I would like to do a collab at least once a week.

    I live in Washington, its currently 5:36pm (PST)

    My channel is small with only 30 Subs - 4,296 views https://www.youtube.com/user/DeadSpiderVenom

    I livestream as well.

    I'm very open about things.

    I suck at typing.

    I have no real requirements, beside that you be at least 2 years younger then me. [Note: ALMOST NO EXCEPTIONS, i have had way to many kids try to pull off "I'm Sixteen" when i used to host servers, or manage them. if you want a exception prove to me that you are mature(by mature i mean, not trying to convince me to add in x-ray, or secretly cheating)]

    Thanks for reading, i do have skype, steam, twitter, and other stuff so yea, just look up my username (like seriously google it, first five pages last i checked were nothing but stuff related to my accounts)

    EDIT- forgot system spec (for SnG)

    Nvidia gtx 970 4gb gddr5

    12gb ram

    amd fx 8350 8core 4.0ghz

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    posted a message on Extremely low fps(not actually low, but for what it should be it is)

    shameless bumb

    seriously would like to fix this, getting annoying having my fps drop to 40(or lower) for 10 minutes for no reason when minecraft is not even using 50% of all the resources available

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    posted a message on Extremely low fps(not actually low, but for what it should be it is)

    im posting this in modded client support due too having mods installed, but i have the same fps modded or unmodded (give or take about 10-20)

    So my fps is unstable, ranging from 40-100, and im constantly getting lag spikes of doom (died several time because of them) every so often.

    ive used optifine and it improve my fps but not a lot

    My specs

    Nvidia gtx 970 4gb gddr5

    amd fx 8350 8 core 4.0ghz

    12gb ddr3 ram gskill

    120gb ssd

    honestly i run BO3 at full setting with 80 fps stable, when most people complain that they cant even see the option for max setting. i dont see why minecraft is getting less fps modded or unmodded then a game that is so picky about specs that it hides options that it thinks your machine cant handle

    for graphics setting, they are usually set at very low, or comfortable settings

    things ive tried


    tweaking the setting to run as fast as possible

    tweaking nvidia control panel to run as fast as possible

    allocating more ram (8gb currently)

    (tried a few game boosters, they for some reason crash my machine)

    tried a few fixes to no avail

    praying to God (obviouslly theses next three are jokes, but they have crossed my mind)

    praying to Satan

    praying to Zeus

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    posted a message on Inventory Pets: Animated creatures that live in your inventory and give you amazing special abilities
    Quote from misino123»

    Hello Purplicious_Cow . Few days ago i wanted make legendary pets craftable using config. But I cant find config. Can you please tell where config is?

    C:\Users\your Username Here\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\config
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    posted a message on Inventory Pets: Animated creatures that live in your inventory and give you amazing special abilities

    yo i found a bug on i think the latest 1.7.10 build (maybe 2)

    the house pet ( the one for setting your home, and then tping back to that spot) will not eat custom pets ender nuggets (had to exchange custom pets for reg because i could not craft them)

    The cloud pet does not seem to be able to let me fly(but it does make me fly faster in creative), it may be a conflict with another mod, but im not sure

    love the mod by the way, ever thought about creating a wormhole pet

    on right click send you to random cord, on shift right click sends you to a "pocket" dimension, passively shows you your cords/dimension

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    posted a message on Odd Request
    Quote from xZakem»

    Which mods would you recommend when raising the difficulty?

    All depends, there a lot of ways to make the game harder

    but if mean in general then i would suggest mods that add in harder forms of each aspect of MC.

    Combat - to make this harder you want to make combat more complex, so mods that add in more ways to do combat, and better AI for mobs would increase its difficulty

    Survival - to make this harder you will probably either want more to manage like temp, hydration, and such, or mods that make it more difficult to start the game (realism mods do this pretty well)

    Exploration - to make this harder you will want to add mods that add harder mobs, more mobs, and dungeons and such.

    Now depending on how hard you want it, depends on what features to add, right now im having a issue with the exploration part of my pack, i have too powerful mobs, so i get destroyed early game, so i would not lets say add a mod in that made it so certain mobs can break walls, but i may add a mod in that gave me a random starting item that gave me a permanent special perk

    if you want more specific mods, message me with what type of experience you are looking for and ill get you a list. (be a detailed as possible)
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    posted a message on Odd Request
    Quote from xZakem»

    Wow I never thought of that but you made it. I was just looking for mods that make minecraft harder :D . By now I only had mods that makes it easier.

    To the mods that should balance early game in your "mod pack". Every mod that adds guns make the game a lot easier but they could destroy the balance in late game.

    yea, right now i have not gotten to late game so i dont know how balanced it is, but i think it should be decently balanced, also i could easily make a mod pack that made even the best player cry mommy, but thats not my goal, i want to make a pack that gives me hours of playtime, and at the end of it i feel both accomplished and willing to do it again, but not amp the difficulty to the point where i would have to be a masochist to enjoy it
    Quote from Sailing94»

    Lycanite mobs is horrendously unbalanced. I'd suggest removing it entirely.

    Im not actually having to many issues with it, its mainly infernal mobs thats destroying me
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