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    You just downloaded the new Sky Block release, when loading it up your client crashes, wonder what happened you try to load it again, it loads this time but it seems like sky block got flooded and was inhabited at one point... where are you!


    They are all in game in a book

    Other stuff:

    This is hand made the "sky block" island only resembles it

    Want more challenges do the sky block challenges also




    https://dl.dropbox.c...Water Block.zip

    Update log:

    First Release
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    posted a message on {Staff , Builder and BannerMaker} needed for DrugRun server!

    In-game Name: da_pimp
    How old are you?: 17
    What is your timezone?: (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
    How long can you play per week?: 6-20hours
    Are you experienced with bukkit plugins? (Permissions,WE,WG etc.): i think so
    If so , how can you help?: i can watch player and make sure they are not cheating, i can add and remove permissions from groups, i know how to use world edit, and a lot of popular plugins(i can also learn plugins that i dont know)
    Why do you think you are suitable for this position?: I dont know about anyone else, but enjoy helping people, and a fair game, i have had experience managing my own server
    Contributions you can do for this server?: I can do redstone, and i enjoy doing mob arenas, also i think i could make some spleef arenas if i try
    Do you have skype , if not can you get one?: yes, johnathan570
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    Real name and IGN: John, da_pimp

    Age: 17

    Time playing MC: as in how much i can play at least 2 hours a day

    What administrative commands/plugins do you know well?: essential, worldedit, and some others im not fully sure on theirs name

    Why do you plan to do as a Moderator of ShadowCraft? I plan to play like a normal player and help thoughs who need it and watch those who are suspicious

    What other servers ave you Moderated or Administrated? If any, How long? My own, a few friends, and a few randoms, all were from 1 week to a month then they shutown

    A little bit about you? Im kind, funny, and random, i love helping people, i have a hobby of messing with "hacked" clients(only on the servers that allow it), i get along with most people, and i have to much free time

    Skype/Contact: johnathan570
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    Minecraft Username: da_pimp
    Age: 17
    Experience with moderation/administrating servers: i have had my own server for about a month, and have been a admin/mod on and off on servers
    Experience with the other side of servers (the plugins, permissions etc): i do not know much about permissions but i can added and remove them from groups, plugins i know about a lot of the more popular ones
    Experience making websites (optional: link to a site you have made): none except like webs.com
    Skype username: johnathan570
    Anything else you think I should know: Im good with people and i have a lot of hours to play im also into messing around with "hacked" clients so i can spot people cheating faster then most
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    posted a message on Lookin for Staff, pemissions expert, server admins, builders, and web admins/moderators
    hello i dont know if i could be much help but i have ran a server before and i know a little about permissions and managing a server, i also have a hobby of using modded clients (hacked clients) so i can notice if someone is using one easier then most (i dont ever use most of the features and when i do its not to cheat), i would love to help you out sense i do have experience, but it is your choice to have me as a member of the staff or not, i have skype, vent, TP3, and msn so i can use several different ways of voice chat
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    posted a message on ■ Civille Server ■ Looking for Testers, Moderators, Admins
    In Game Name: da_pimp
    Real Name (Optional): Johnathan (call me john)
    Age: 17
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: sense 1.2 beta
    What do you enjoy most about Minecraft: Redstone mainly, but i just mainly like playing with people (not trolling)
    What interested you about this server: the name ha ha, looks like a great server
    Have you read the rules?: yes
    What job would you go for and why?: Miner, well i find that i do more mining then anything else, plus im not good with building ha ha
    Have you ever been banned from a server? no
    What position are you applying for? Would prefer admin as i have experience managing servers, but it is your choice to make me what you want as you are the owner
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    posted a message on New Server! Needs Staff! And Builders!
    Quote from mohawkguy360

    This server is 99.99% always up. You are the only one who followed my instructions. ;)

    i could post my "work" but thats basicly not my "work" cause other people have done it on top of that my building skill on a 1-10 ratio is around a 2-4, so what ever i post would be horrible any way, and dont just ignore everyone that does not, follow you to a T, cause your not gonna get close to anyone that would do that on top of that post their work for a staff position (the 10yo kid is a different story)
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    posted a message on New Server! Needs Staff! And Builders!
    Screen Name: da_pimp

    Age: 17

    Info About you: i have a lot of free time, im kind, but strict, i like to goof around a lot but i am serious when needed, most people seem to like me, and i like to help people, im always cheerful

    Why should I choose you: I can cover strange and long hours i, can stay calm even when getting harassed, i know most commands from most popular plugins and those i dont know i can learn fast, i used to own my own server so i can manage a server easily enough (did not get that popular cause it was tekkit :/), i like using "hacked" clients in my spare time so i can easily figure out if someone is using one (i can even use one to do that ha ha)

    im not much of a builder but i am good with redstone although most of what i like to built was made by other people already but hey i can still build neat stuff

    i would like to say that my internet as of late is not the best so i may randomly leave the server sometimes (and also family members like to shut off the router , cause they think it will make the internet better >.>)

    -snip- nvm pmed
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    posted a message on (REALEASED) MythiCraft, The Most In-depth RPG Mod To-Date (WIP) Alpha 0.1, for 1.2
    Quote from jwdjwd

    this pops up every time i try to vote:

    Oops! Something went wrong!

    You must cast your vote in each question of the poll.

    Need Help?

    your problem is you have to vote in all the questions for that poll not just one thats what that is saying i know cause i have gotten the same error and thats how i fixed it it does tell you what to do

    You must cast your vote in each question of the poll.
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    posted a message on (REALEASED) MythiCraft, The Most In-depth RPG Mod To-Date (WIP) Alpha 0.1, for 1.2
    Quote from Awsomeamazingam

    how about adding shapeshifters so you can change into any animal, and customise the skin of that animal

    also how bout werewolves like twilight (i know not traditional but what the heck)


    good idea with the shapeshifters but the twilight "werewolves" were not werewolves but shapeshifters if you read the book or payed close attention to the movie you would of known this
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    posted a message on (REALEASED) MythiCraft, The Most In-depth RPG Mod To-Date (WIP) Alpha 0.1, for 1.2
    oops lag double post
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    posted a message on (REALEASED) MythiCraft, The Most In-depth RPG Mod To-Date (WIP) Alpha 0.1, for 1.2
    hows the mod going you guys ??
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    posted a message on [1.3.2]Darkness Mod [Horror] [Need Coders]
    hey i would be willing to test things out for you and tell you were i find weak points and i could also do screen shots and (if you dont mind a little fps lag or small render distances) i can record a little two


    i could pick up a little coding also and help with some stuff like items blocks and mobs

    Idea: dont know if that can be coded but making it darker or have dark light levels so that at time you can make it pitch black and lights seem weaker (or stronger)
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    posted a message on Mod Showcase Map Help
    Quote from theDeadlyShadow

    What about my Project Eden map?

    It's not ready, yet, but maybe it is what you are searching for?! If not, tell me and I'll give it a try ;)

    its a great map so keep it up but i dont think i could handle a few things (the fixs you dont have to do they are mainly me thinking out loud but if you do do them you dont have to make it your main thing you can make it a alt version)

    Flatmap - the slimes would drive me nuts (a fix to this would to make its floating(like a floating island))(with doing the floating idea you can make the different parts of the map floating higher or lower)

    Lighting - its not a big issue i can ignore it but some spots are kinda dark and might spawn mobs (a fix for this is easy)

    Texture Pack - cause you made the map with a texture (you used one while making it) some texture packs/vanilla texture packs may not look good (not a big deal cause nothing is perfect)

    other than that i cant find anything that might bug me besides it looking a little square but that i can live with
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    So i need help making a house for show casing mods because i am really bad at making designs that are not... screwy in some way (like no good lighting or looks square or feels crowded) how big the place is does not matter nor does the floors as long as it usable

    (this will be a public map for people to download once 100% done unless the mapper ask otherwise and most credit will goto the mapper unless they do what i am planning to do to the map then all credit will goto them for the original)

    i am not going to as for much but heres a list of stuff i would like in it

    please try to make this compatible with 1.2.5 sense not all mods are updated yet

    storage room(cant be at least 3 blocks close too any part of the house) (i will add items to the chests and add signs to organize the chests)

    Optional: a decent or better mob spawner (not the block the spawning pads) including a way to auto kill them and bring all item to one spot (i will make but you can if you want to)

    Semi-Optional: auto farms/ places for farms (semi part is i would like at least the room be made the farms i can do myself and the automation)

    Semi-Optional: a personal room with a view (for like a bed and personal items Semi part is i would like to have the room but i can add the bed and it does not need to have a view)

    the rest is up too you if you want to had fun stuff to do like little games or secret rooms to be found out (like have rave rooms or weird cultist rooms (not legit just joke stuff))

    thanks for your time and try to have a good day
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