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    posted a message on New Start up server network looking for builders.


    I am the current Manager, We are going to start working on the first server in a few day, however we need builders!!!

    There is no real requirement other than what is stated on the application.

    If accepted we will give you a builder test and a interview before you are officially hired as a builder.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask, i will reply when i get a chance! However sense there is not much done yet, there will not be much i can reply about.


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    posted a message on EXTREMELY NEW MINECRAFT SERVER | Taking full staff team in recruitment! anyone can join! | Admins, Head-admin, Moderators etc.

    NAME: Johnathan
    AGE: 24
    IGN: Lilcanvr
    DISCORD: lilcanvr#8644
    WHY CHOOSE YOU: I am a level headed individual, i have tons of experience and free time, I like to interact with people, and deal with people fairly well.
    PAST EXPERIENCE (IF ANY): You name it i have done it, I know roughly everything possible when it comes to MC server, only things i have no experience is coding. Currently i am helping manage and setup a Whitelist modded server, its fairly easy as they want to keep it fairly simple. However i handle all the technical server stuff, setting up, backups, perms, new mod installation, and modpack updating.

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    posted a message on The One Probe: show information about blocks in the world (1.3.3)

    So i want to just clear this up, i was making a modpack for private/semi private use, and i wanted to force people to use TOP with the item, i found the "needs probe" thing in the config but it looks like its part of another config option.

    Was this removed or am i just mistaken?

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    posted a message on Simple Conduit Test Map

    So i was messing around with conduits, and wanted to see how much i could do with them, after a bit i decided it would be nice to share this for those who just started playing 1.13 and do not know much about conduits.

    This map is simple, and is only about conduits.

    Signs are on each conduit explaining its purpose, and what its showing.

    (curse project will be up soon)


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    posted a message on (REALEASED) MythiCraft, The Most In-depth RPG Mod To-Date (WIP) Alpha 0.1, for 1.2
    Quote from AI_Robot13»

    just wondering what version of mincraft it is compatible with CURRENTLY

    mods dead, been dead for ages, i tried to keep it alive, but it died years ago

    P.S. also the "release" was like 1.2 release

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    posted a message on Extreme Reactors 2 - A Big Reactors port to MC 1.10.2, 1.11.2 and 1.12/1.12.2 / 1.16.3/4/5
    Quote from ZeroNoRyouki»

    hope you guys have fun with the mod :)

    @Silent_Shadow: other mods can add their own fuels to ER using the provided API ;)

    There reactors don't use fuel, its a Multi-block structure, with the actual "fuel" is in the structure, with each block of it producing a set amount of RF.

    I figured sense you are adding (or wanting to add) more type of reactors, this would be a cool one to add, as i think the dev has stopped work on it(not sure) and it fits the theme of multi-block reactors, though of a different type then that of ER or BR, i think it would be cool for the people who find ER a little intimidating at first.
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    posted a message on Extreme Reactors 2 - A Big Reactors port to MC 1.10.2, 1.11.2 and 1.12/1.12.2 / 1.16.3/4/5

    just want to let you know i will be including your mod in my modpack

    also idk if you could, but maybe talk to the creator iskalium reactors to maybe see if you could include it as a passive source of energy? idk lol

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    posted a message on OmegaByte - Custom Prison Server Looking for Staff
    Quote from Ijava20002»



    Position: Mod, would apply for admin however I do not want to be paid

    Weekly Free Time:4-5 hours (not counting weekends on weekends can do like 6-7

    Prior Experience: I have been a mod and admin on a lot of small servers my biggest was hyplex but it is no longer running

    Interests/Hobbies: um love minecraft and gta, I am a athlete and I am my classes president

    Denied - Currently full on moderators
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    posted a message on OmegaByte - Custom Prison Server Looking for Staff
    Quote from HayesBounds»

    ZacxDev, would you please check your private messages.

    idk if you have received a reply yet, if not please message me, i am the current staff manager

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    posted a message on OmegaByte - Custom Prison Server Looking for Staff
    Quote from Mcbangsy»

    Name: Michael - CraftyCodez

    Age: 17

    Position: Jr. Developer

    Weekly Free Time: More than likely, 35hrs/weekly.

    Prior Experience:

    Throughout my experiences I have thought I have improved my management and organisation skills. I say this as on a previous server, I was allocated the rank "Manager". I was in charge of quite a few things due to the lack of players who were trusted with the rank. One of the things that I was in charge of was the staff. This was probably one of the toughest things I had to do as I had to ensure that the staff were going online when they had to and were still providing a professional attitude towards the players and other staff members. I also had to deal with staff complaints; dealing with them as they were posted and investigating further. I had to manage my time very wisely; with balancing school, social life and well, this server. Another thing I was in charge of was ensuring developers were producing working plugins and providing constant updates to each one to provide a new "surface" to out server. This would mean pairing with them on Eclipse; observing and understanding the plugin.

    Interests/Hobbies: Clay pigeon shooting, kickboxing, Self-teaching myself JavaScript.

    Quote from MasterSquishy»

    Name: Parker

    Age: 16

    Position: Jr. Dev

    Weekly Free Time: 12-20+ hours per week

    Prior Experience: I have been learning Java off and on for a couple years now, and have been trying to find a server that I can learn from and get some experience in, I'd love to help out in any way I can and I think this is the exact thread I was looking for. I'm not going to lie and say I'm some godly develper, I have a lot to learn, but you can give me some easy or moderate tasks and I'll be able to handle them.

    Interests/Hobbies: I mean like most developers I'm interested in technology and what you can do with it, and if you accept me you'll come to find out I'm pretty chill dude just trying to learn and gain some experience.

    hello, i am the current staff manager

    if you are both still interested in helping the server please message me, if you do, ill talk to the current DEV about you applications.

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    posted a message on OmegaByte - Custom Prison Server Looking for Staff
    Quote from BigProblems3»

    Name: Ashley
    Age: 16
    Position: Admin
    Weekly Free Time: I have no sports after school, so I'm available from 3PM to around 10PM my time.
    Prior Experience: Co-Owner (2), Head Admin (4), Admin (6), Moderator (2).
    Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy Minecraft, softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, building, managing, helping, and working. I think Ican help your server grow as an administrator, and I'm willing to help as much as I can.

    Message me on discord at maycii#3049

    Hope you enjoyed!


    hello, i am the current staff manager

    After reading you app, i must ask you to give more info on prior experience, if you are not willing to do that, i must Deny you app.

    Quote from TheP3nnyW0rth»

    Name: Nathaniel (IGN Is P3nnyw0rth)

    Age: Fourteen

    Position: Administrator, or something of higher ranking if possible.

    Weekly Free Time: I'll be on at least 4 hours a week, and even more when summer is here (Summer is happening very soon In about three days.)

    Prior Experience: I consider myself very experienced, and I've been staff on many servers. If you want me to message you a few IP's of servers that I was, or am staff on then I can do so. Since there isn't a category of what I could do for this server, I'll do it here. I can help enforce the law, and make sure everybody follows the rules. If they don't there will be consequences. I also want to help the players of the server, and be a good friend to every person that logs onto the server.

    Interests/Hobbies: I like playing video games, writing, and drawing. I'm very creative, and I love doing anything where I can help out other people.

    This wasn't that big of an app format, so I filled out the best as I could, including as much info as possible. If you want more, just message me, and I'm willing to rewrite this with a new format.

    hello, i am the current staff manager

    I'm sorry, we are looking those who are 16+, i must deny your application, however if you are still interested in joining the server feel free to re-apply as a moderator or builder. (just because i deny your app for it, does not mean you can't be promoted later down the line)

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    posted a message on OmegaByte - Custom Prison Server Looking for Staff
    Quote from lifedeather»

    Name: Jack

    Age: 15

    Position: Admin(Hope you can make an exception, check out my Prior Experience)

    Weekly Free Time: I am usually available for 3+ hours at least now during summer break till August. When School starts, on weekdays: 2-4 hours, and on weekends 3+ hours. Dont worry, Im usually on the entire day anyways but generally these hours are a minimum.

    Prior Experience: I have experience moderating a Major Pixelmon Server: HuskyPixelmon: I was a Grass Gym Leader. I was also a former staff member on Mineplex(minigame server) another big Minecraft server as a former Moderator. I had experience moderating small servers as well as moderating forums. I had experience being a Mod, Sr.Mod, Admin, Head-Admin, even Owner. I moderated and have experience with many communication softwares(and groups within). I am at a Public Safety Academy currently... I was a Sergeant at my school and had to moderate a group of people. I am now Lieutenant and have to moderate a whole class. I also have experience mentoring other people and teaching people.

    Interests/Hobbies: Games, Anime, Yu-Gi-OH, and currently also playing Leauge of Legends. Mainly just playing in general :)

    Quote from lifedeather»

    I submitted an application for Admin a while ago, is it still being considered or are all the spots filled and now just builders?

    I'm happy to see your dedication, i am the current staff manager, i can not say you will get admin, but i can say i am willing to let you be a moderator to start off, if you show dedication, and a strong work ethic, i will consult the owners on possibly promoting you.

    Now the main reason for this is yes you are under the age of 16, but making one exception (no matter how remarkable their experience is) will lead to younger more immature minds to think that means they have a chance, which will end up with their app rejected, for their age, and us looking like the bad guys.

    If you do not mind these conditions, and still want to be a staff member, please PM your discord, and i will discuss you app, and position as mod with zacx.
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    posted a message on OmegaByte - Prison Server - Looking for Builder
    Quote from BoomDragonBoom»

    What are you Applying for?

    I am currently applying for the position of Builder on the OmegaByte Server.

    Age? ◘

    I am 16 years of age, turning 17 in December.

    IGN? ◘

    You can easily identify my unique In-Game name of Cthridiac

    Your Work ◘

    Available time to put in?◘

    Currently, I have 9 weeks Holiday from school. Which i can use this time to make the server look fancier and allow the players to be content with their overall experience playing on OmegaByte, At the moment I can play between 5pm (BST / GMT +1) and 8am, where I would be either building for the server or playing.

    Experience with Prison Servers?

    Personally even though I find building on prison servers really enjoyable, it can be a bit of time-wasting. This is because some prison servers shut down whilst I am building, which I do not want to happen. In that case, I would be more willing to build on a prison server that has the potential to be a popular prison that provides great content to the prisoners of OmegaByte. For a few months, I worked in a popular Build team of a popular network of Mineheroes under the name of AirAware and Crunchology. This is where we and the other builders would build the mines and the spawn required for the satisfaction of the players. We found it both intriguing and exciting to tackle such a immense time project.

    Accepted. Ill message a little more details.
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    posted a message on OmegaByte - Prison Server - Looking for Builder

    Really need some builders

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