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    posted a message on 13+ Guys To Hang out with playing MC

    Hi I'm Josh and I'm wanting to hang out with somebody 13+, I'm 14 so it'd be nice to be around that age I will play Pc if you do have that platform but Xbox Is what I'm asking for, I will do about anything on MC just ask, I do not have a mic But I do have skype for my phone so we make chat on that If your intrested to talk and Enjoy the Game Msg me on my Xbox Silentdeath116 Have a Nice Day!

    P.s If you Would like me to join your worlds and Just play without talking you may Friend Me just let me know talking not an option as I did :)

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    posted a message on Demon's Tribe- Whitelisted Modpack Server

    Hi I'm Josh and I want to invite you to My Whitelisted Custom Modpack called Demon's Tribe. This Pack is gonna be on a 20 Slot whitelisted Server. Id love to see new people wanting to play the pack as well as youtubers making an Impact, as we have potential to get popular people I've decided were gonna be more than people exploring the pack, Were a community.To Be part Our Community Pack Here is the Application.

    Application- 1.Age-

    2. Where you from (Country/State)

    3.What can you Bring to the Server?

    4.What are you good at?

    5.What your Building Style?

    6.What do you want us to know?

    7. What you IGN(In game name)?

    8.What your Email Address?

    We will get back to you if your application was accepted,as if yours wasn't I'm sorry to say yours wasn't. If you have any questions please ask me at [email protected]. The Rules are simple.

    Rules- 1.No Stealing

    2.Please Rebuild accidents(Creeper explosions ect.)

    3.Pranking is cool but don't take it too far!

    4.Be Fun as well mature.

    The Modlist is below we are accepting mod request as well, let me know if you don't like the mods installed or are any of them too cheaty for you? Please Let me know of any bugs found, Thanks!

    I'm in a co leadership with firebreath120.


    1. ArmorStatusHUD
    2. StatueEffectHUD
    3. Battlegear2
    4. AdvancedMachines
    5. AdvancedSolarPanels
    6. AgriCraft
    7. AOBD
    8. AppliedEnergistics2
    9. Aroma1997Core
    10. Armoma1997 Dimensional Worlds
    11. autofood
    12. BetterChests
    13. Better Furnaces
    14. Better Loading Screen
    15. BetterTitleScreen
    16. BiblioCraft
    17. BigReactors
    18. binnieMods
    19. BloodMagic
    20. BloodUtils
    21. Botania
    22. BrewCraft
    23. BuildCraft
    24. Carpenter's Blocks
    25. ChickenChunks
    26. Chisel 2
    27. CodeChickenCore
    28. CoFHCore
    29. CoFHlib
    30. CompactSolars
    31. ComputerCraft
    32. connectedglass
    33. DecoCraft
    34. Dense Ores
    35. dimensional Anchor
    36. Dungeon Pack
    37. EnderIO
    38. EnderStorage
    39. EnderTech
    40. EnderZoo
    41. ExtraBiomesXL
    42. ExtraCells
    43. ExtraTIC
    44. Extra Utils
    45. FastCraft
    46. FastLeafDecay
    47. FlatSigns
    48. Forestry
    49. GlacticCraft
    50. GlacticCraft Planets
    51. IC2 Nuclear Control
    52. immibisCore
    53. immibisMicroBlocks
    54. immibis Peripherals
    55. IndustrialCraft
    56. InfiniBows
    57. InventoryTweaks
    58. iridiummod
    59. IronChests
    60. JABBA
    61. JourneyMaps
    62. Mantle
    63. MetallurgyCore
    64. MicdoodleCore
    65. MineFactoryReloaded
    66. MobiusCore
    67. MoCreatures
    68. More Planets
    69. Mo Villages
    70. Neiaddons
    71. NEIIntegration
    72. NeatherOres
    73. NotEnoughItems
    74. NotEnoughKeys
    75. ObsidPlates
    76. OpenBlocks
    77. OpenModLib
    78. OpenPeripheral
    79. Placeable Items
    80. ProjectRed
    81. QuantumFlux
    82. RedstoneArsenal
    83. Reliquary
    84. RFTools
    85. SecretRoomsMod
    86. SimplyJetPacks
    87. SouldShards
    88. TContruct
    89. ThaumCraft
    90. All ThaumCraft Addons
    91. ThermalDynamics
    92. ThermalExpansion
    93. ThermalFoundation
    94. TMechworks
    95. Translocator
    96. UseFulCarrotsMod
    97. Waila
    98. WaslieCore
    99. WawlaCore
    100. WRCBE
    101. BspkrsCore
    102. Baubles
    103. CodeChickenLib
    104. ForgeMultipart
    105. LibSandStone
    106. MrTJPCore
    107. RedGearCore

    The Official Launcher is the Technic Launcher Well give you the IP if your accepted!

    Note: You will be determined on email.

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    posted a message on Custom Modpack- Survival Minecraft Server Needed
    • Hi, I'm looking for a modpack that changes often( but with base mods like AE ) that i can join and contribute to a great server that never looses interest because new mods are added and old crappy mods are taken out.Id love to Join your Server and the Community that comes with it. if you want any help creating it comment below


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    posted a message on FTB INFINITY whitelist 20 slots NO BANNED ITEMS (Small community)
    ign: SIlentDeath116
    AGE: must be 15 or older-15
    why you want to join: I would like to join your FTB infinity Server because I had it with grieifers and out of the way with hate, I would like a fun Friendly Community as I can make a base with detail instead of hiding it. I do feel I can build.
    Modded minecraft experiences played modded for about 2 years started in the end of unleashed and went to Monster, Modsause. and now Infinity
    What mod do you specialize: I can work Tinker Construct really easily as well as a little in Blood Magic, I usually do know mods, if I do not I look it up the old fashion way.
    What timezone: (Est)

    I would love to to show off my modded builds as well as automating Thanks and have a Great Day!
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    posted a message on Wanna play a HG invite me
    I'm 13 and I will only play with people 13 or above ( annoying issues ) My GT is Silentdeath116 Invite me I'm a competitor !!!!
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    posted a message on Need Peeps who would want to continue my Maps- Keep Reading
    I'm a Fellow Xbox Minecrafter and I'm too Busy to Continue These Maps I'm 18 and I'm too busy,

    Please Help me out I will give to Sept 30 2014 to release the Map to the Winner, So therefor Put Down if you want one of these maps my Given Date.

    The Winner will recieve the Map through Horizon and a USB, You can do whatever you want to giving the Maps to other People, I'm from a Popular Build Team called MC atttics and we create maps to Insane Terrain to Castles I Created this Map awhile ago back in Aug 1st and youll be amazed

    Hurry and enter to recieve the Maps or they will be LOST !?

    Here is the Map its a Unfinished Adventure Map Called Dungeon Hunters and a Modded Nazi Minecraft Zombie War With 2 Levels of awesomeness Good Luck and May Minecraft be with you.

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    posted a message on Custom Terrain Map- Need People Who can Build/ Is Great at Redstone
    Ok I just wanted to let you know I Hired a Pro to do the map and He said it shouldnt be Later than Saturday So By then Ill Friend you and we can get Started, I Would Love to get More Helper it Just means more the Fun Right !
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    posted a message on Custom Terrain Map- Need People Who can Build/ Is Great at Redstone
    * This map have Custom Biomes

    * This Map has Custom Trees

    * This Map has Custom Terrain

    I Need you to Help me Finish this Map, I Need Builders who can make Custom Dungeons If your Interested Then Reply and I will get in Contact with you ASAP But you Must be a Series as this will be for YouTube and I need this to be good Thanks.
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    posted a message on HUNGER GAMES Tournament!!!!!!
    What do we get if we win Bro
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    posted a message on Xbox version of The Realm of Mianite
    Friend me on Xbox Silentdeath116
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    posted a message on [Under Construction] Falconworth [Medieval] [Quests] [RPG] [PvP] [PvE] [Survival] [JOBS] [Economy] [Bank] +Screenshots!
    Name: [/b]Josh
    Age:[/b] 14
    Timezone:[/b] Ohio, Us
    Gamertag:[/b] Silentdeath116
    Mic: yes
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    posted a message on Looking for talented builders/redstone to start on projects like minigames
    im in Progress with a Minigame World I need help Msg me to check it out,

    GT Silentdeath116
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    posted a message on Does anyone have/know how to read Minecraft 360 ( C++ )
    Modding for Xbox would be simple if two things happen

    1. People could read C++

    2. People could get in to Minecraft Xbox's Files through a Program or app on Xbox,

    If you can do any of these ( 1or 2 or Both ) Comment/Reply to this Topic !!!

    Info about PC mods- People got to modding PC as a Bussiness of Coders got to uncode Forge and make it easy to read/ make Tuts for it

    How many Likes For trying
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    posted a message on anybody wanna let me join their world?
    Dont use this as a trick to grief people
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    posted a message on Experienced minecraft buddy needed
    got skype ?
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