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    posted a message on [Idea] Time travel back to the beginning!
    From what I have read, and my understanding of coding(Not a lot, but enough to see how basic stuff is coded.) Implementation of this would require the mod to be installed from the moment you started your save, and it would massively increase the CPU usage. It's a cool idea tho, and I basicly said the same thing ("It's Impossible, but cool.") about the Aether mod.

    Suggestions: (Ima divide these into paragraphs to avoid wall-of-textiness.)

    Also, after past self travels to watch past PAST self it should be possible to follow past self, (Maybe the TSD makes a "Rift" using shaders and the memory of that location at the time you travel to) thus making it possible to follow past self into the past if you are quick.

    It should also be possible to configure how far into the past you go. So you can go back to the very beginning, watch yourself build your awesome base, or recapping the events of last night and how you totally pwned all those monsters following you.
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    posted a message on What's the first(MATURE) thing you would do if you woke up as the opposite gender?
    Well, first of I'd have a buttload of Profile pages to edit o_O
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    posted a message on Goodbye Computer
    Give it to charity. That way you can feel good about yourself to help some less fortunate people.

    If you need to destroy your computer to counter an addiction you lack all and any kinds of willpower whatsoever. Just don't play Minecraft. Change your wallpaper to a giant "NO!" or something.
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    posted a message on TreeCrafters SMP - [1.0] [24/7] [Survival] [RP Allowed] [Whitelist] [No-PVP]
    IGN: SigurdZS
    How long have you been playing Minecraft? - Since Alpha 1.1_02 I think. I came just after the Halloween update and just before beta.

    How old are you? - 14 years.

    Have you ever been banned or kicked from another server? Why? - Banned once for stealing some coal. Long time ago.

    Do you agree to follow The Tree Challenge rules? - YUSH!

    Do you agree to NEVER GRIEF or PVP EVER AT ALL? - YUSH!
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    posted a message on Challenge - The Tree Spirit
    This looks very interesting. Very interesting indeed. I'll playtest on a singleplayer ave and then possible hop onto a server. I wonder how long it'll take to get potion ingredients and a brewing stand, and how the heck I'm suposed to obtain Blaze rods without lighting my tree on fire. Somehow I suspect that i will love waterbuckets very soon.
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    posted a message on 1.0 New Features! OFFICIAL Report on New Features! MINECRAFT IS RELEASED!
    This might be from 1.8, but i found 2 Diamonds in chest in an abandoned mineshaft. I haven't found diamonds in chests before, so i thought I'd post it.
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    posted a message on The Twilight Forest (v2.3.5: Wrecking Block)
    It's like an infinite version of Vechs' "Canopy Carnage" Map! :laugh.gif:

    Mucho :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: for you!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Zeppelin [0.31] [WIP]
    When this goes multiplayer, will it be bukkit-compatible?
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    posted a message on graylists... yes or no?
    What is a graylist? Is it a "Free trial" thing?
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    posted a message on Bethesda, Mojang & "Scrolls"
    Quote from Whitepride

    Well, in some points, it depends on who has more money. And honestly, its a big matter of opinion. Zenimax has a really good chance of winning considering how huge they are.

    "Might makes right." in the legal system. Oh, the irony!
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    posted a message on Bethesda, Mojang & "Scrolls"
    I think Notch's solution is fair, and judging from his first decision after getting married, EZ has an awesome effect on him :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on A hypothetical change to American government
    Well, i don't live in america, but to be in that comitee, you would have to quit your regular job, because politics is a fulltime job, and that would make you what? A politician!
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    posted a message on Snail Mail!

    Suggested Tweaks:
    1. The Mailbox. The recipe should be changed to
    [] :Red: []
    [] :chestfront: []
    [] :|: []

    Where :Red: is red dye.
    They should have an email-like interface with inbox, outbox and a place where you put the letter to send.

    2. The Letters. Letters should be opened with a right-click(to write them), and placed in the mailbox as mentioned above.

    3. Solution for singleplayer. Remove the limited-to-one-mailbox thing. Now you can send stuff between your houses. This would require each mailbox to have a unique ID to send the mail to, just as you need to have an address in real life. It also solves the problem with griefing, because you would have to tell the griefer your mailbox idea for the griefer to mailgrief you.
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    posted a message on Mental Disorder
    Mild depression, with a touch of Psychopathy. Also, i am pretty sadistic while playing strategy games :3
    Oh, and i have that Deja-vù thing Lucy97 mentioned. I actually sometimes have double, triple or rarely Quadruple Deja-vùs. It's actually pretty annoying.

    Quote from Dark »
    Not sure about me, but 80% of the people in my class seem to have ADHD.

    Same thing in my class.
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    posted a message on Why in the world do people talk like this?
    Before you have spent so much time on the computer that you have developed fast typing, you type like that becasue it is faster, and sometimes it just sticks. I used to type like that and i sometimes still do.
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