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    posted a message on [OLD THREAD] The Sanctuary SMP

    Hello! I'm giving a multi-person application, as I'm the only one of us that has a forums account.

    IGN: DustyScrolls, HarmonyKey, Pokemom25

    Age: 27, 28, 50-something?

    Country: United States (Specifically California)

    How did you find out about The Sanctuary?: Minecraft Forums

    Are you familiar with Discord?: Yes
    What drew you to The Sanctuary and why are you excited to join?: Our best Minecraft times have been on whitelisted, 18+ servers. We're looking for a friendly, tightly-knit server where we can play with others, build a town, and make some friends.
    Tell us a little about yourself: There's three of us, so:

    DustyScrolls: I'm a physics teacher. I'm quite laid back most of the time, but I can be a bit of a perfectionist when it really counts. I mostly enjoy building and caving on Minecraft, and I enjoy planning and building towns and cities. I'm very social in Minecraft and Discord, but much more shy in person. I can be a little hard to get to know, but I really enjoy the company of those who take the time.

    Harmonykey: She's my wife, and an office clerk. She's far more high-strung than I am, so we kind of balance each other out. She enjoys caving, strip mining, excavating, and chopping trees to supply me with materials for my builds. She's very social in real life, but much more shy when it comes to Minecraft and Discord and often ends up speaking through me. Once you get past her shyness, she's the sweetest, kindest person you'll ever meet.

    Pokemom25: She's a middle school science teacher. She is so similar to me in so many ways that it is kind of scary sometimes. She enjoys farming and animal husbandry, and she sometimes builds small houses. She's nice enough, but forgets to read the in-game chat. She's silly and sarcastic, but doesn't talk much in discord- she's not used to communicating with strangers over the internet.

    Hopefully I hear back from you soon!

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    posted a message on SMP [1.13.2] - SimpleMP

    Correction- we might not be getting on. Minecraft Forum isn't letting me access my messages, so I can't get the IP.

    If the server is Whitelisted, is there a reason you can't post the IP?

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    posted a message on SMP [1.13.2] - SimpleMP

    Day-ANG that was quick. We'll be on shortly.

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    posted a message on SMP [1.13.2] - SimpleMP


    I'm submitting a double application, as my wife doesn't have a MC forums account.


    IGN: DustyScrolls

    Age: 27

    Why I want to join: I'm looking for a new server to call home, and make some friends. I like the waysmaller, whitelisted servers feel.

    Timezone: PST

    Activity: Around two hours a night, 3+ nights a week.


    IGN: HarmonyKey

    Age: 28

    Why she wants to join: Same reasons as me- we like small, white listed servers. She likes playing online with friends.

    Timezone: PST

    Activity: If I'm on, she'll be on.

    Hope to get on soon!

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    posted a message on . ★ : Miner's Glory : ★ . ⤷ Enhanced Survival Experience | Quests / RPG / Custom Features / Economy/ Mature [1.13.2] ⤶


    I just applied to be whitelisted (Ign: DustyScrolls) and was hoping to check out the server while Greylisted, but the server doesn't seem to be reachable. is it currently down, or am I doing something wrong/missing something?



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    posted a message on The Nugget Mine | Survival | Semi-Vanilla | Greylisted | Economy | Custom Terrain | McMMO | Jobs | MythicMobs | Active

    Hello! I'm going to do a triple application (Of the three of us, only I have a forum account)

    IGN: DustyScrolls (The one writing this post)

    Age: 26, as of tomorrow.

    Where did I hear about the server: I saw it while browsing the forums for a new server.

    Why am I interested in this server: I'm very fond of tightly-knit whitelisted servers where I can play and feel safe. The mods seem interesting, too. After playing a lot of vanilla MC, they seem like a nice change of pace.

    What is my favorite part of Minecraft: Planning and building towns and cities

    My preferred building style: I like sprawling towns instead of single, large structures. I usually build with a Japanese style.

    Introduce myself: Hi, I'm a 26-year-old Physics teacher in California. I've been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.7, and come back to it once or twice a year. I enjoy video games (probably a bit too much), especially open-world RPGs. I also enjoy Tabletop RPGs and I'm a novice Magic: The Gathering player and run my school's TCG club.

    IGN: HarmonyKey (Fiancee of the poster)

    Age: 26

    What is her favorite part of Minecraft: She likes digging, strip-mining, chopping trees, and other simple, relaxing activities in the game.

    Her preferred building style: Does giving me materials to build with count?

    Introduce Her: She is a 26-year-old office... person. She lives with me in California, and has many of the same hobbies I do. She enjoys playing games with me, reading, watching anime, and making no-sew blankets. She's really shy online, and probably won't talk much (or will talk through me), at least until she gets to know everyone better.

    IGN: Pokemom256 (Friend of the poster)

    Age: Uhh... She has one.

    What is her favorite part of Minecraft: She likes farming and building quaint little homes in hillsides. She also often helps Harmony and I with our towns.

    Her preferred building style: She likes carving out hillsides and cliff faces and making hobbit-esque homes.

    Introduce Her: She is a middle-school life science teacher. She enjoys reading, cats, reading with cats, hiking, and making jewelry. She's not much of an action-game person, so Minecraft's slower pace suits her. She's not shy, but she forgets to read the chat then wonders why nobody is talking.

    Whew! Sorry for the block of text. Hope to hear from you soon! ^_^

    Edit: I just noticed that my account says my Minecraft name is Llesmis- it isn't anymore, now it's DustyScrolls.

    Edited Edit: Nevermind, I fixed it.

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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]

    Where can I find the crash report? The thing the error directs me to is far too long to paste here, or even in Hastebin. I'm also digging around, I may have found another lead, I'll let you know if that works out.

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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]


    I'm having an issue while trying to load Thaumcraft 5, though I never got to play Thaumcraft 4 because I was still having this issue.

    When I load Thaumcraft (I use MultiMC), my Minecraft window comes up, Forge starts working, and I get the error:

    "Forge Mod Loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation

    The Mods and versions listed below could not be found

    Baubles: mininum version required is 1.1.1"

    I was under the impression baubles came built-in, but I followed this piece of information and downloaded the needed version of baubles, which just causes minecraft to crash in a much more spectacular fashion.

    I've been having this issue whenever I get the urge to play Thaumcraft (off and on for almost a year), and have yet to find a solution. Hopefully this hasn't been posted before, I didn't find it after some searching.

    Thanks for helping!

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    posted a message on 100% VANILLA 1.8.8 | ADULTS | NEW SERVER | WHITELISTED SMP | 18+

    Hello! I will be applying for my girlfriend and I, and have a small group of minecraft friends who may follow.

    For me:

    IGN: Llesmis

    Age: 24

    Skype Name: Lledroc_Smis

    Time Zone: Pacific

    Time/Week: Several hours per session, three or four times a week.

    Experience with Minecraft: I started upmid-beta, have played on many servers and have moderated two. I enjoy building towns.

    Additional Info: I am very chatty and outgoing in a server setting. I enjoy many games in addition to Minecraft. I'm coming here to build and hoping to make friends!

    For her:

    IGN: Kotokochan

    Age: 24

    Skype Name: Kotoko_Chan

    Time Zone: Pacific

    Time/Week: If I'm on, she's on.

    Experience with Minecraft: Started late beta, followed me from server to server.

    Additional Info: She'll likely be a bit timid at first. She'll need to meet people before she talks much.

    Also, if I may ask, are you still working toward your reserve, or is the server up?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Edit: Appologies, I missed the post about applications being closed. Sorry,

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    posted a message on Cube-A-Holics Server!
    Welcome to Cube-A-Holics!

    We are a quiet, close-knit community looking for a few more players. Those looking for these qualities in a server should apply!

    We offer:
    -A quiet, mature community
    -A reasonably sized worldborder granting plenty of space to build
    -A community skype chat for all our idle chitchat needs
    -A nether hub for fast travel
    -An Ender-Ender
    -A variety of building styles and interests
    -Plans for pvp events

    Take a look:


    Note the majestic melon.


    Small Homes!

    Apply today! We're looking for new members of the ages 18+. Simply post a application:

    What you like to do in Minecraft:
    What you bring to the server:

    And our leader, iFuzzyDuck, or one of our OPs will consider you!
    Happy crafting!
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    posted a message on The Village Square
    This is a -very- attractive 16X16!
    Dark without being creepy, and shiny without being flashy. I really like it.
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    posted a message on DustyCraft v2 [Updated July 8th, 2017 for v1.12!]
    Quote from OldSoldier2003

    Hey Dusty, so i have your texture pack and ran into a problem... here is a screenshot of it.

    and this is the only problem i have run into i am using latest optifine HD and on another note... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this texture pack! on a scale of 1 - 10 i give it 1 million, seeing as how i find it very hard for me to find a texture pack that i actually like, well done sir, very well done indeed!

    I had this problem too. It was worse with other packs, but still bad here.
    However, there is a simple solution:

    Turn off connected textures.

    Something about the 1.5 update broke connected textures for most texture packs. Simply turning it off (I hadn't even realized it was ON) fixed that issue instantly.
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    posted a message on DustyCraft v2 [Updated July 8th, 2017 for v1.12!]
    Hello again, Dusty!

    I, too, have that line bug, but it only seems to manifest itself in the default texture pack. I'm using Derivation and Dandelion until your pack updates, but I don't seem to have the issue there. Does it only happen in certain texture packs?

    Also, in my default, it isn't half as extreme as your image. It only happens 1-3 lines at a time, and only while very close (I can see bits of lava while mining, for example)

    Anyway, I'm continuing to love your pack- always have, always will. I'll be helping to run a small server now, so I'll recommend this pack to everyone- I always do.
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    posted a message on 1.4.5 - SwiftBee's Survival Server ~ Now with Epic walking action! ★|No-Whitelist|100%Legit|Active Community & Staff|★
    -Sigh- Well, that's a shame. I quite enjoyed this server. Well, I'll check back on this thread periodically so I can see if it goes back up. Best of luck in your mining and crafting, swift, and everyone else!
    Quote from Talon56

    Could you send me the schematic for the world i would like to implament into one of my worlds

    Actually, this would be great! I'd settle for just Jade Valley though. I'd hate to lose something I put so much time in on.
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    posted a message on The BigTrees Mod
    Quote from SheenaTiger

    okay... for some reason the mod is not working for me, even after cutting all mods down to following (in named order):

    - Forge
    - BWG3
    - BT-Patch
    - Optifine

    Switching loadorder between BWG3 and BT is not working either...

    back in 1.3.2 BT was working fine even with a lot of mods, now 1.4.5 it is not working for me oddly, even using newest available version of each.

    Chances are, your answer will be in either of the previous two pages. Make sure you're not loading the whole zip, as the downloaded actually contains four more zips, for the solo and multiplayer versions of normal and BWG patch.
    If you're using MCpatcher to do it, we're having some issues there too. Karob has acknowledged them and will fix it in time. In the meantime, I think you have to dig one file directory deeper than you would normally.
    Hope this helps!
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