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    Well, I don't really know how I'm supposed to reply to this topic, but here I go:
    IGN: Tadfitz
    Location: USA, Cnetral Time Zone
    Why I want to join this server: Looking for legit Tekkit survival without transmuting everything
    Experience with tekkit: Lets just say I could automate an entire planet by myself if I needed to, be it buildcraft, redpower or railcraft and industrialcraft. Now I would like to do so with a team of new friends. Also I enjoy some bukkit plugins like Iconomy or Towny type stuff and just having an active community to play/talk to. My wolves and Golems don't talk much any more, I wanted a new challenge so I got Twilight Forest working with tekkit 3.1.1, but by myself...it almost seems...pointless...lol.
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