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    Well, I met the requirements to advance to stage 2 yesterday, but I wanted to do some detailing. I started in an Ice Plains Biome, and had to go far and wide to get some materials. (I did get lucky and found a village with a furnace, allowing me to make some torches.)

    Here's what my small village looks like at the end of Stage 1



    - You must own at least 3 dwellings to live in, made from any material allowed and it must be safe to sleep in. CHECK
    - Each dwelling must contain:
    - A front door CHECK
    - A living area CHECK
    - 1 Bedroom with at least 1 bed, must be a seperate room with a door or on a separate floor. CHECK
    - A bed for each player participating, which must be in a dwelling (I'm the only one participating) CHECK
    - A fenced off (or otherwise protected), working wheat farm that must have at least 20 wheat (total) growing (1.9 or higher) CHECK


    - 4 stack of 64 planks (or 1 stack of 64 wood) per person participating CHECK
    - 10 items of edible food per person (e.g. 10 porkchops, 10 mushroom stews, 8 mushroom stews and 2 porkchop etc.) CHECK

    EDIT2: Only died twice during the first stage, and both were due to AFK's. :P

    EDIT3: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

    Stage 2 complete! Kinda lollygagged on this one, but it went well. I died several times more than with Stage 1, including an amusing accidental suicide where I tried to /kill a server member who said, "Kill me" in chat, only to forget that in Vanilla, /kill isn't targettable. I plan to build a graveyard in stage 3 to clean up all these rotting corpses.

    But I digress.

    Requirements to advance:

    - All building requirements from previous stages. CHECK (Of course :P)


    Farming District

    - At least 3 watchtowers/sentries must be constructed outside of the town. CHECK (Kinda. They were well outside of town when I started on this stage. >>;)
    - A total of 5 houses constructed (according to stage 1 specification) CHECK (I assume this means total from all stages. I have 6, though)
    - Animal pens must be constructed for chickens, cows, pigs and sheep, where each contains at least 2 of the same animal (1.9 or higher only, unless you want to do it anyway) CHECK
    - A town hall must be constructed, which must contain: CHECK
    - A front door CHECK
    - A meeting room CHECK
    - A town treasury CHECK
    - At least 1 other room (can be empty) CHECK (Library/Archive Room!)
    - At least 2 community structures must be constructed (excluding town hall, watchtowers/sentries and stage 1 structures) e.g. library, inn, baths/pool house etc. CHECK (Bathhouse and Jail!)
    - Paths must be created linking the town hall to each Farming District structure. (excluding watchtowers/sentries) CHECK


    Treasury must contain: CHECK
    - 3 stacks of cobble/stone per player
    - 10 items of 2 (or more) different edible foods per person (totalling 20 items of food per person) e.g. 10 porkchops and 10 mushroom stews or 10 porkchops, 7 fish, 3 mushroom stews.
    - At least 1 of each:
    - Stone Sword
    - Stone Pickaxe
    - Stone Shovel
    - Stone Axe
    - Stone Hoe
    - Stack of 64 torches
    - Leather helmet
    - Leather Chest Plate (1.9 or higher)
    - Leather Leggings (1.9 or higher)
    - Leather Boots (1.9 or higher)


    A screenshot from the top of the Town Hall, mostly because it's from the same angle as the screenshot from stage one!

    I'm captioning these without looking at them, but I think this is from the east guard tower.

    And this is from the south guard tower.

    The bath house!

    The jail! Notice the bars are made of wood. They'll be replaced with iron later. For now, we're hoping the prisoners won't, like, lean on them too hard.

    And that's it. ONWARD AND UPWARD!

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    posted a message on An April Apology
    Sirius Black approves of this call to siriusness

    See? He's almost smiling.

    Quote from Adelwulf
    I have a great sense of humor, thank you...[snip]

    Anyone else waiting for the "April Fools!" on this?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Gets New Developer, Sells to EA
    I approve of this news post.

    Bravo, good sirs.
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    posted a message on Chest Teleportation System / Teleport GUI
    Very cool. Could also be used to flag/catch potential griefers on servers.
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    posted a message on Nether Star Powered Block Breaker
    TLDR: I'd like to see a block - likely utilizing a nether star in it's recipe - that, when powered by a red stone pulse, breaks the block in front of it like a player with an appropriate tool. This either drops the block as an item, or sucks the block up into an internal inventory.

    I've been wandering around the forums and Youtube, admiring the clever things people do for automation. Some of these designs utilize Withers to break blocks. Personally, I think this is very neat, and it reminds me of a block I once saw on a Tekkit server. This block, when given a red stone pulse, would break the block in front of it just as a player with the appropriate tool could. It would then put the dropped item into a pipe network to be shipped off somewhere.

    So I got to thinking: Since people are using Withers to break blocks, why not have the nether stars they drop be used in a "block breaker" recipe? My original thought was a recipe similar to the piston, except replacing the wood planks with picks, and the red stone dust with a nether star, but I'd be happy just to see a block breaker in Vanilla.


    EDIT: If you like this idea, please up-vote this post.
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    When I summon an Enderdragon using command blocks, how do I do so in such a way that when killed, it won't drop an end portal? As a bonus, can I make it drop the egg without also dropping the portal?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Quote from d »

    Hey Mojang. Do you intend for dogs to be stupid enough to walk off cliffs, or are you just inept at programming their behavior?

    Maybe I'm just a weird person, but I find that when someone suggests that *I* don't know how to do my job, I typically don't care to help them at all.
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    Bring a bucket of water with you as often as you can, and keep it on your hot bar. It's almost as important as your towel*.

    Buckets of Water:
    - Can help you go down a cliff. Put down the water, jump in the waterfall, and pick up the water again and you go with the flow
    - Can save you from a ****ed off Enderman. Endermen are damaged by water, and will flee.
    - Can help keep melee mobs at bay.
    - Can save you from burning to death in lava, as it will cool lava, turning lava source blocks into obsidian, and flowing lava into cobblestone.
    - Can save you from burning to death, period.
    - Can save your structures from burning if caught on fire.
    - Can help you pick up a field of torches, flowers, sapplings, and othe such things.

    * H2G2 joke. There are (sadly) no towels in Minecraft, unless you count the rare cape.
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    The fact that I get people on my server who grief not because they're cruel or malicious, but because they think that's how survival servers work. I've had several people who started out stealing from others, and when I told them that was against the rules (I did it in a way where they didn't know I was watching), they turned around, put the stuff back, and carried on as a "normal" player.

    I suppose that basically what bothers me is the idea that a lot of survival servers either are or are perceived as PvP/griefing servers. I just don't see Minecraft that way.
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    You could always build something underground, or build something in the sky.
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