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    posted a message on Command block Teleportation Help
    Quote from gussywussy

    But it doesn't work.
    I tried /tp @a 7 5,000 1 And it didn't work

    Well, for you, make sure you're not putting comma in your numbers. For example, your "5,000" should be "5000".

    Also, note this post:

    Quote from XDaWNeDX

    Problem solved.
    tp @a[x,y,z,r] x y z

    In your case:

    tp @a[1,1,1,1] 4 4 4

    The numbers in the brackets are the source radius and the search radius, and the numbers after the brackets are the destination. So that can be read as "Teleport any player within a 1-block radius of 1,1,1 to 4,4,4."

    I, personally, prefer to use a slightly larger search radius and @p to target the nearest player to account for players not standing exactly where I want them to. So, if I were using the same coordinates as the above example, I'd type:

    tp @p[1,1,1,2] 4 4 4

    Finally, don't forget to use a redstone signal to activate the command block. If you want an automatic activation, you should use a clock signal.
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    posted a message on Automatic Smelter, small and compact!
    I like it. I had a similiar idea, but had yet to implement it.
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    posted a message on [Jul.08] Rei's Minimap v3.4_01
    Quote from Cozar

    If you would like the latest version of REI's Minimap, it is available on this page here


    You're welcome

    I checked that page. Despite Google Translate's best effort to translate the page for me, I saw no 1.7 version of the Minimap on there. I suppose if the latest release of the Minimap is 1.6ish, then you're technically correct. If you meant 1.7, though, would you mind pointing it out to me?
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    posted a message on Do you play with mods or pure vanilla?
    I use Rei's minimap, but only to keep track of other people's stuff. (Though I admit the death marker is awfully handy). My excuse is that I'd be using F3 and a notepad if I wasn't using it (like now).

    Other than that, I'm pretty Vanilla.
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    posted a message on How do you guys do it? (Vanilla)
    I handle Vanilla by abusing the [nether] out of F3, and educating myself about the game's nuances. I also play on servers, mostly, and try to get involved in the community. This way, when I'm finished with my projects (or don't feel like working on it), there are other people I can help out/bug.
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    posted a message on i started playing minecraft again. question about the new biomes
    If you have cheats enabled, you can use "/gamemode 1", and fly around looking for them. Make sure you record your starting coordinates so you can return to them, if need be.

    I, however, would just recommend making a new world. You certainly don't have to delete your old one if you have builds you want to save.
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    posted a message on What is the first thing you do on a survival server
    Quote from AzuraLowbeam

    Well first I check the spawn area; a lot of servers have rules and/or a message board there for useful info. It's also not uncommon for spawn areas to have freely accessible farms or a chest with goodies for newcomers; if those are there I make use of them to last me for a while. Dependiing on the info at spawn or what I can see from that location, I might go sightseeing to see what others have built. Then I go exploring, get some basic resources and find a nice area to live in.

    While this is all going on I say hello and introduce myself to other people online. Chat a bit about various topics, about other people's current projects and any tangible ideas I have about my own.

    I like you. I can't count how many people I've seen just ignore the posted rules at spawn, and then wonder why they've gotten tossed in jail. :/

    As for me (on other servers), after I've done the stuff above, I wander around and look at the builds, either to admire or draw inspiration. I also take the time to scout out a good build location.
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    posted a message on If you could forget everything about Minecraft, would you?
    Quote from Snear

    When I first saw this image, I thought, "Wow. That's an awesome image. I hope I have a chance to use it."

    Who would have guessed it would be for the same thread?
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    posted a message on What Are the Tree Growth Requirements?

    Look here:


    The new trees have been added :)

    Oh thanks! Well, now I know the height requirement. What about around the tree? Can trees be grown right next to each other? To a building? Or do they require space?
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    posted a message on What Are the Tree Growth Requirements?
    What is the room required to grow each type of tree? I thought it was listed on the Wiki somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it again. I'm especially interested in the requirement for the new Acacia and Dark Oak trees.
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    posted a message on Tips and Tricks
    Bring a bucket of water with you as often as you can, and keep it on your hot bar. It's almost as important as your towel*.

    Buckets of Water:
    - Can help you go down a cliff. Put down the water, jump in the waterfall, and pick up the water again and you go with the flow
    - Can save you from a ****ed off Enderman. Endermen are damaged by water, and will flee.
    - Can help keep melee mobs at bay.
    - Can save you from burning to death in lava, as it will cool lava, turning lava source blocks into obsidian, and flowing lava into cobblestone.
    - Can save you from burning to death, period.
    - Can save your structures from burning if caught on fire.
    - Can help you pick up a field of torches, flowers, sapplings, and othe such things.

    * H2G2 joke. There are (sadly) no towels in Minecraft, unless you count the rare cape.
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    posted a message on 1.7 - Custom "AI" via Leashes
    That is too F'ing cool.
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    posted a message on Infinite dropper syntax without numeric id's
    Question: Could one use a comparator and a redstone torch to send a signal to the block-setting command block when the dropper is (near) empty? I imagine this would "reset" the dropper whenever it empties.
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    posted a message on Rooms to build in survival minecraft
    Nice list. I was expecting a purely functional set of rooms, but you've got some aesthetic stuff on there too.
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    posted a message on Redstone AI
    Quote from alex199020

    Could you not get around this by making it a turn based game?

    It's kinda cheap, but it would work. You'd still have to get the AI to work, though. I suppose something as simple as "use the attack that hurts more" could work, as long as command blocks can detect player health.
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