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    I have such a case, I am in a predicament as to where I am in the following situation (please help me on to what I can do): My parents got divorced in 2017. Parental divorce is quite difficult for a child. In college, we studied the topic of child abuse. I was amazed at how serious this topic is. If you are also studying this topic click for info here and learn more about it. After this the transaction id is also gone and cant be regained back due to me being on a completely different pc and email since 2017. In 2021, I tried contacting Mojang support on my Minecraft account from 2012 to see if I can get the account email changed, at the time Mojang didn't implement legacy account migration. Shortly after this, like start of 2022, I emailed Minecraft regarding my account and told them everything about the account that I know with the questions they peak:


    Account Username:
    Email Used to Create Account:
    Do you have access to this email:
    Any other emails you may have had on this account:
    City and Country of Account Registration:
    Transaction ID from Purchase:
    Month and Year of Account Registration:
    Date of birth:

    I put in all the information I know the account except from knowing the transaction Id of course, I mean it has been years since I had access to this information.

    Couple months later I am still going back and fourth with Mojang support system and had no recently accomplishment to finding the transaction id, recovering email (which would be IMPOSSIBLE).

    Please tell me what I can do to get my old account back, the account name is; Ashy247.

    Thank you for sharing!

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