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    Works great again for 1.2.4 thank you very much!
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    Quote from valorguy

    Is it possible for you to get an updated version for 1.2.4??

    I'm sure it will get updated, just have to wait. 1.2.4 is only a day old.
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    After seeing so many stronghold's this one is by far the most complete and perfect stronghold i have ever seen, and i've seen a lot of stronghold's this one is utterly MASSIVE! all around the stronghold outside walls and underneath are abandoned mines that go all the way down to bedrock level and a huge underground ravine on one side.

    I would say that this stronghold is 98% complete, it has a huge library with complete chandelier, fountain, cells, stairways, light tower room, a double storage room adjoined the second room is not quite complete which is why i say 98% but have a look for yourself.

    So for those of you who are still looking for a stronghold or just want to check out an absolutely amazing stronghold here you are, there is no better example of a stronghold than this one. Have fun and Enjoy!

    Seed: 500752375570891329
    Coordinates are on the screenshots.

    Library X: -348 Y: 33 Z: 1036
    Double Storage Room X: -372 Y: 28 Z: 966
    Light Tower X: -355 Y: 28.6 Z: 1013
    Fountain X: -351 Y: 28 Z: 1021

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