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    ...oh, there it is.

    False alarm, sorry. I just hadn't noticed the extra tabs waaaaay over on the far right of my screen.

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    Quote from Leonelf»
    i dont have "official" changelogs, but thread hints to just look on github, the commits have good names^^

    I hate to be the one to say this, but I really don't get ANY value out of either Github OR the build server. Github doesn't have any recent commits (not since the start of the month - latest I see right now is 23 Oct), and also isn't clearly linked from the OP anyway. Even once at Github, their interface is cryptic for those who don't already know it; it took me five full minutes of staring at it before I even FOUND how to get the commit history. (Emphasis on "clearly". Its only link that I can see is to the Wiki for recipes.)

    As for the build server, also mentioned in the OP, for RV1 it shows exactly one change: the most recent. This is not a useful changelog either.
    Quote from Leonelf»
    EC 2.2.4:

    fixed Formationplane not saving config

    Thanks for that, though. For a Botania setup which is reliant on fluids being in-world, needing to go around to four different formation planes and tell them to export lava, each and every time I loaded the game, was a continual nuisance.
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    Seriously, it's not as though a cow farm doesn't give you infinite milk already, as was rightly stated. Balancing for the mods that make it more tedious is not something your default options should do. Let the people who don't want it, turn it off.


    I added in Thaumic Exploration (and Forbidden Magic) after already being well along in my world, and it seems I thereby don't have access to a number of things in the mod. No chest/jar seals, and significantly, no everfull urn, which is kind of the big thing that led me back to the mod in the first place, so... yeah. Do I have any way to get that research short of completing EVERYTHING ELSE and spamming research fragments?
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    Quote from MatrexsVigil»
    So, what's some more stuff you guys want config options for?

    - Turning on/off garden spreading

    - Changing garden spread rate

    Other things I know folks want:

    - Shearing gardens and fruits

    - Bonemealing ground to get gardens and saplings

    I honestly just want to reiterate my request to section the config file. It's hard to navigate as it is.
    Quote from felinoel»

    I think all salt should have the same oredictionary.
    Even food salt and other mods' salt like saltpeter.

    Sure they are definitely not at all the same but meh they are close enough to not warrant both salt ore and saltpeter ore all over the place.

    As has been stated, they're not even CLOSE to the same. Rock salt, the edible kind, is sodium chloride, while saltpeter is potassium nitrate. While I think saltpeter might be useful in fertilizer (and is definitely useful in gunpowder...), it's not good people-food at all. All they have in common is both being, technically, salts.
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    Quote from 3oW2Me

    Recently i started playing with this mod and i really love it. I want to start automating my farm by using the MFR harvester and planter and connect it to my AE system. So lets say that when my iron drops below 1000 ingots then i want the farm to activate and keep me nicely stocked. The only issue i have is how to auto craft the essences into the ores, like what is the best way to do that. Something along the line of the auto-crafter of buildcraft but that is bloody slow! xD
    As already mentioned, cyclic assemblers from Thermal Expansion are one option; though they can only handle one recipe apiece (like the BC autocrafters) and need power (unlike them), they are VERY fast at what they do.

    A small molecular assembler chamber would be another option if you can spare the resources for it on an AE subnet. You could probably get away with a single ME chest for storage, and the smallest size of MAC with a pattern provider in it, as well as the controller (and maybe a power relay so you don't need to run power independently to it). Program the assembler with the recipes using each essence. Export all of those essences to an interface on the subnet, and the products from the subnet back to your main ME net. The initial setup cost of this is massive in comparison to other autocrafting options, but a single pattern provider will, I'm pretty sure, cover all the Magical Crops essences, so it's more compact in the long run.

    You may not want to do this for things like nether essence that can make several products; just store the essence in your main net and have recipes to autocraft the different things you can get from it in your main MAC.
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    Quote from Z0Z0aA9

    1.7.2 plz
    And how, exactly, do you expect that to happen when Forge isn't out for 1.7.x?

    Stop trolling.
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    Quote from GameGeek1998

    Are the crushers compatible with the vanilla hoppers?
    They've worked just fine together for me. I don't know about feeding them fuel, though - the only thing I put in the hopper (on top of the crusher) was ores; fuel I always added by hand because I didn't have that much to spare at the time.
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    Quote from Cooolaid


    For some odd reason your shears dont work with Thaumcraft's flowers or any flowers for that matter.
    I tried to shear the silverwood flowers because im in need of it to make Ethereal to contain tainted land.
    seems that its not shearing them,'

    Its turning them into quicksilver, instead of Shimmerleafs like they are suppose to..

    Along with this, I reported a while back that the Force Shears don't seem to work as shears on cobwebs - they dig through them very slowly, unlike the very quick clearing (and harvesting) one gets with standard shears. I think they're just not counting as Shears for some reason.
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    Quote from Sertas

    Thanks for the info Shurhaian. I know how to fix ID conflicts I just can't tell what block the conflict is pointing to. Hence me asking for assistance. Can you tell what block is conflicting and could you point that out to me so I'll at least have more knowledge in situations like this.
    Metallurgy's wealth of config files makes me take this one from the Applied Energistics side first. (There's another reason, which I'll touch on later.)

    java.lang.ClassCastException: rebelkeithy.mods.keithyutils.metablock.MetaBlock cannot be cast to appeng.common.base.AppEngMultiBlock

    In the AppliedEnergistics.cfg file, under the block section, there are three entries I look at here:


    I'd look first at blockMulti (with no number), as the error message doesn't say MultiBlock2 or MultiBlock3. (It's been too long since I fixed this on my install, sorry I can't say for sure where the conflict was.)

    For the next step, it helps to have a text editor that can search within files. I use Notepad++, which is free software for Windows, quite powerful and extensible. You can do it by hand, but it'll take more work.

    If you're using Notepad++, Ctrl+Shift+F will bring up the Find In Files dialog box (which is a tab of the Find/Replace dialog). If you're using something else with that function, I can't help you. But what I would do then is point it to your .minecraft\config directory, make sure it's set to search in subdirectories, and search for the block ID you got from AE's config. I usually start it with an = so that it only looks at the START of an ID entry, to keep it from getting hits that are actually buried deep in item IDs. For instance, my file reads: "I:appeng.blockMulti=800" (I'm pretty sure this is not default), so I would search for "=800". There may still be false hits, but only things like 8001 and 8009, not 2800 or 18007.

    If you don't have a find-in-files, you'll have to do it by hand. Noting those blockMulti ID's, look through the Metallurgy3 config files. Your most likely culprit, there being no prefixes to say it's e.g. fantasy or ender metal, is MetallurgyBase.cfg. Find the "block ids" section and start looking.

    Note that each of the different Metallurgy configs uses a single ID for many different blocks. In MetallurgyBase, for instance, there is one ID for ores and one for other blocks (metal block or brick). Everything else is separated by damage values. You're only interested in the first part of the number. My first entry there says:
    S:"Angmallen Block"=901:6

    ...which is block ID 901.

    This extensive use of damage values is also why I said I'd change the Applied Energistics ID. If you're setting up a new world, I strongly encourage doing so rather than going through and changing every ID in Metallurgy; but if you're adding Metallurgy to an existing world, a find-and-replace can work as long as you're careful about its pattern. For instance, if I wanted to use 1337 instead of 901, I would replace "=901:" with "=1337:" (note the = on one side and the : on the other).

    I'll usually search in files for the number I'm choosing, just to be sure it's not already taken by a THIRD mod somewhere.

    Hope this helps rather than just being confusing. I'm erring on the side of too much detail - you say you can fix block ID conflicts and I'm not meaning to insult your intelligence when you do, but between the different name formats (presumably what tripped you up so far) and the extensive use of metadata, I wanted to be on the safe side.
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    Would it be possible to have alembics remember, for a few seconds, what essentia they recently contained? If they ticked down to zero but still were reserved for a particular flavor of essentia, it'd be much less finicky to manage alembic stacks. As it stands, the largely-random behavior of alembics filling from the furnace makes for a lot of shuffling of warded jars. Having them stick to a particular aspect for, say, 5 seconds would greatly help.

    Sure, alchemy golems are wonderful things, but the current system seems more like an oversight than intentional difficulty.
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