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    posted a message on [1.8+] SkargnessRPG [GreyListed] || Player Owned Shops|| Mature || Economy || 24/7 [Daily-Jobs] - Open
    Minecraft IGN: shunterthegreat
    Age: (I'm only going to be accepting applicants who are over the age of 14.) 14
    What has your experience been on Minecraft: (How long have you been playing, what servers, etc) Have been playing for around 3 years now, but I haven't seriously played for around a year and a half now.
    Why do you want to join this server?: Vanilla is by far my favorite way to play this game, but I get bored quickly playing by myself. I recently built myself an upgraded PC, so I won't be discouraged by low framerates and lag spikes that plagued my last computer. I'm hoping to get back into this wonderful and vast game =]
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    posted a message on (BLANK)[NEW 1.8 SMP] [Mindcrack Inspired] [Fully Vanilla] [Matured Community]
    IGN: shunterthegreat
    Age: 14
    Country: USA
    Mic yes/no?: yep
    Why would you like to join this server?: Playing on servers like this with a nice,small community is my favorite way to play in this game.
    What can you give to the server others can't?: I'm a mature, decently creative person who loves working with redstone. I'm really good with it and once I have a good enough supply I can build fantastic projects for all to use like a huge automated store.
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    posted a message on SMP Server [Whitelisted] [Mature] [Vanilla] [Legit]
    1. What you will do on the server. (Recording, entertainment, etc.)
    The main thing I want to do is set up a cool shop in spawn with an underground house beneath it.

    2. Why you want to join. I haven't played Minecraft in around 6 months, so I think the best way to get back into it is a whitelisted server with a good community.

    3. IGN (Username) shunterthegreat

    4. Age (Not necessary) 14

    5. Skills (Redstone, building, shops.) My main skills are in redstone, I'd consider myself good with it and can set up many automatic farms and such for a good economy at spawn.
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    posted a message on NEW WHITELISTED SURVIVAL SERVER- Zexo Survival
    the huge wood tower and the place with all the sheep were the most fun to grief :)
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    posted a message on NEW WHITELISTED SURVIVAL SERVER- Zexo Survival
    I'd still like to play on the server :)
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    posted a message on Mindcrack Style Vanilla Minecraft Server
    Name: Hunter

    IGN: shunterthegreat

    Skype Username: shunterthegreat (don't have a mic though, but I'm working on getting one soon!)

    Location(Country): USA

    Minecraft Experience: Playing since the 1.3 release, so about two years. I started off playing minigame servers for a year or so, but I've recently getting into the vanilla experience and I like it a lot.

    Playing Style(builder, miner, redstoner, ect.): I'm a decent builder (if I get accepted, I have some plans for what I want to build) but my real skill lies in redstone. I love making automated farms and the likes. I'd like to experiment with survival contraptions on this server, like a smaller, more compact cow farm.

    Why do you want to join the server?: I want a mature community where I can make some cool builds and have others appreciate it. My builds will be a practice for a YouTube channel I'd like to start soon, that focuses on redstone and Let's Plays, and a MindCrack-esque server would be perfect for practice. Also, I haven't played with others in vanilla for a while, and I'd love to make some friends on here :)

    Tell in a detail about you: Finding creative ways to prank people is the thing I love doing with my friends :P but it's never destructive, don't worry.

    Any previous bans? If so, please tell me why you were banned in the first place. (If you're banned for x-ray, and greifing, you better have a good application.): Nope!
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    posted a message on NEW WHITELISTED SURVIVAL SERVER- Zexo Survival
    What is your in game name?: shunterthegreat

    How old are you?(this wont affect your chances): 16

    How creative are you?: My builds are original enough.

    How many hours a day will you be on this server?: Probably 1-2, maybe more when I finish my list of TV shows :P

    How good are you at building?: About a 6 or 7/10, my main Minecraft knowledge lies in redstone.

    Do you have skype? (I will ask for the name if you get accepted): Yea, but my mic isn't working.

    How long have you played minecraft?: Since 1.3 official release.

    Can you take a joke/prank?: Yup!

    How long will you play on this server?: As long as the server's up.

    I'm looking forward to playing on this server :)
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    posted a message on Brand New Small Community Vanilla Survival Server 16+
    IGN: shunterthegreat

    AGE: 16

    SKYPE: shunterthegreat (no mic)



    STRENGTHS (Please list at least 2 Strength you have): Redstone, Farming.

    WEAKNESSES (Please list at least 1 Weakness you have): Some of my builds that I haven't planned out can look pretty ugly :P I'm not spectacular at building.

    WHY WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN (The more in depth you go here, the better): I'm looking for a close community and a vanilla world where I can try to improve my building skill. A 16+, mature community is perfect for this.

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    posted a message on 500x500 World Survival
    bump. Also, I've been considering changing the server to pure hardcore instead of a day ban on death. If we get enough people supporting this change, I'll implement it.
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    posted a message on 500x500 World Survival
    Signups close on July 25th.

    1. Matthewchawk
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    posted a message on 500x500 World Survival
    Awhile ago on the forums, I saw an experiment where players were placed in a small, enclosed world and the overseer posted what happened in a long and detailed post. I was extremely interested in this, however, forgot about it until recently. I have decided I'd like to recreate a world like this with the addition of a day ban on death, making the stakes even higher. Each day, I will post a summary of what happened in the world with a photo of the day to show the change. 16 players is the maximum amount for this server, as it's enough to cause conflict for resources, but they won't all be gone after day one. The server will most likely be run on a Hamachi network, so make sure you have that.


    1. This server will last for 14 days (July 26th - August 8th). It will only be up for two hours a day at a set time (most likely 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST, don't apply if you can't play often at those hours) so everyone has a fair chance.

    2. All players must stay inside the enclosed 500x500 area; anyone who attempts to leave is disqualified.

    3. PVP is enabled and griefing is allowed. If you are killed in PVP, you will be sent to the jail for the rest of the day, in order to give death a little more meaning.

    4. Players all age are allowed to join, so keep the server's chat PG. Joking around is acceptable, but insulting and swearing are punishable (by death).


    In-Game Name:


    Will you be able to play most of the time 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST?:

    Favorite thing about Minecraft?:

    Do you get along with others? This doesn't affect your application, I just want to see how many serial killers I'll have on the server >:) :

    Have you read the rules and do you intend to follow them?:
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    Name : Hunter
    IGN : shunterthegreat
    Age : 14
    Country (TImezone) : GMT -5
    Why Do You Want To Join The Server?: I'm looking for a good community on a new vanilla world.
    Who Is Your Favourite Mindcrack Members (or Hermitcraft): Etho and Mumbo Jumbo
    How Long Have You Played Minecraft : Since 1.2
    Redstone Skill (1-10) : 9
    Building Skill (1-10) : 5
    Skype (optional but it will be nice) : n/a
    YouTube (REALLY OPTIONAL) : n/a

    Please consider me, I'd love to be a part of a server like this :)
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    posted a message on Hardcore Vanilla Server [1.7.9]
    I literally fell off of spawn and died.


    EDIT: I was unbanned and given a starter kit, server looks good so far :) already had a couple near-death experiences, though.

    EDIT 2: wow i suk at this stuff, dead again haha.
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    posted a message on ~ 1.7.2 Vanilla Survival Server ~
    Very fun server. I'm glad to play on one with a 1.7.2 world and so far, it's a great experience.
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    posted a message on A Decaying World - Superflat survival challenge!
    Two of my friends and I have been playing this for many hours at a time (on hardcore, and we removed abandoned mineshafts/strongholds) and it has been a very fun challenge. We are working on building an iron farm in our village right now after the villagers have bred. This has been a really interesting challenge; much more fun than skyblock (which is what our base looks like right now). Tip: Stop leaves from decaying by placing down oak logs.
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