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    Quote from Comply_cat_Ed

    Any suggestions for the upcoming underwater patch?

    Well, the Guardians don't look like anything I can imagine from a post apocalyptic setting, but the underwater dungeon is very well designed. You could make the Guardians into fish that are mutated with machines considering guardians have a ranged attack.

    As for the other additions:
    - Endermites could be data parasites (mental or physical, as the end never made much sense to me with the resource pack. I always though the end was some sort of digital/electrical representation created when you step through the pre-war technology).
    - Rabbits can be normal.
    - Barrier blocks could be something like "Warning: Uninhabitable Area Ahead."
    - Sea Lanterns could be alien lighting technology.
    - Diorite, Andesite, and Granite can be things like industrial filtering, oxidized metal, and even piles of rusty piping. Polished versions include reclaimed/repaired versions of the block. For example, repaired filtering, fixed metal, and re-aligned piping.
    - Coarse dirt could be cracked/dry/irradiated soil.
    - Wet sponge can be a "full" version of whatever it already is.
    - Slime Block could be pile of flesh and gore.
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    Ever since the addition of some of the most popular PvP and server plugins that we know today, Minecraft servers have become, in a sense, more enjoyable and interactive. However, when we talk about Minecraft servers, the most common and traditional are known as survival servers. In these servers, you have to gather resources for yourself and defend your property. In recent popularity, many servers have adapted a "Secure" world policy, as in there is a world for resources (commonly referred to as the Wild) and there is a world for building. Plugins like Towny and Plotme are able to perform this in orderly ways.

    However, when you have come across a multiplayer server that allows PvP and grief, much like a factions server, you have to take certain precautions to ensure that you and your builds are safe from harm. Now you might be thinking "Why would I play on a server where I have to defend my creations when I can just join a Plotme or Towny server?" Well, you're right - but what fun is that if you want a challenge? This thread, a guide if you will, is going to explain how to play efficiently.

    === There may be threads like this, but this will focus on PvP, the integration of defense, and the art of trust and all out war. Please familiarize yourself with factions before reading on. In a brief version, Factions is a type of server where you must claim land, protect it from other factions, and expand your power through PvP in a randomly generated world with borders at about 13,000 blocks from center. ===

    Connecting to Server...

    When you join a factions server or any of the prerequisite survival servers for the first time, familiarize yourself with rules. Factions servers will allow grief and PvP but some survival servers may make those acts illegal. With the rights to PvP and grief, this is a server in which you must be prepared to risk it all - your buildings, resources, land, and maybe your interest in the server. Most servers allow a /sethome and /home command, allowing you to set a specific spot to teleport back to incase you get lost.

    Starting your Journey

    The spawnpoint of the server will usually be located at the very center of the explorable world, in which case you can travel in any direction from the spawn. However, this is where the first part of decision making comes into place; do you want to risk it all in the badlands or be safe and secure at the edge of the world limits? In this case, I'd advise you to make your way to the very edge of the server's world where you can build your headquarters with an unlikely chance of someone finding you. The Journey may take up to several hours depending on the world size and your patience.

    These are the types of locations you will encounter in populated factions servers:

    • The Badlands: This area is identified by its close proximity to the world spawn. The reason it is named "The Badlands" is because most players squeeze this area dry of resources and litter the land with cobblestone huts. As well as the lack of important resources, the land is also claimed left and right by many small factions. Few factions are able to maintain a strong presence in these parts, usually taking the form of large, walled keeps, castles, or courtyards. Luckily for you, this area only extends about 800 blocks from spawn, where you can finally see trees.
    • The Rangelands: By definition, Rangelands are vast landscapes composed of prairies, shrublands, wetlands, woodlands, and deserts. Although all of these biomes may not be present in a servers world, Rangelands are vast areas of nothingness. The terrain is not destroyed and there are not many structures dotting the landscape. You may find a raided Village, for example. I suggest this is where to harvest wood and build boats, because the next phase of landscape is probably the most numerous.
    • The Seas: This type of land is usually encountered about 2,000 blocks from spawn, and may last anywhere from 2,000 to even 9,000 blocks before you find stable land. Although this is a biome, it is large enough that it affects a large part of the gameplay. My only advice is to craft five boats and head in a certain direction and hopefully you may find land. The Seas make a good location for underwater bases, but we wary of grief.
    • The Distant Lands: These lands are located about 3,000 blocks away from the world border in any direction. However, note that Ocean biomes may cause the only land to take form of small islands before hitting the world boundary. Furthermore, the Distant Lands are the most secure areas for building your base because of the isolation from other players. Be wary of boundary patroling players as they traverse the world limit looking for bases to raid.

    Building your Headquarters

    Now that you have an understanding of the composition of typical server worlds, you are ready to be introduced to building your base. If you are, by any means, a builder who usually builds decoratively for Creative worlds, this style will only lead to your downfall in survival servers. Instead of wasting blocks to make your base more fancy, use them to add extra provisions such as auto-armory rooms and armories.

    First, you will need to /sethome in your desired spot. This will allow you to return later with /home. Next, plan your design. In my opinion, I like underground strongholds/bunkers for their security, extensiveness, and overall lack of public notice. However, if staying underground mining out square rooms isn't your mindset, then you have to be even more creative and prepared for life on the surface.

    Remember, always plan your buildings first. I've started projects unplanned before and just ended up with a mess of blocks everywhere. If you want to build a castle, plan your buildings first, then your walls. This gives you the ability to be flexible with your ideas. If you want a mansion or small house, be sure to add foliage to the surroundings to make it less noticeable. However, most importantly, don't build anything just for decoration! Everything you build should serve a purpose. Build armories, potion laboratories, enchanting rooms and even a map room. Now, I advise going to spawn and travelling until you find trees, as you don't want to waste your own resources when you can easily take them from the Rangelands. When you have enough resources and have finished planning your structure, proceed with building it.

    This part, I'll leave to you. I won't tell you how or what to build, as that is your own decision. I can give you tips though:

    • Build in the center of large land masses. This will hide you from players passing by the coast.
    • Always add a basement to your building; It can serve as storage.
    • Make your structure wide and not tall. This will keep it less noticeable.
    • If you're building a castle, make walls three layers thick. You don't necessarily have to fill in the middle layer, but you can use it as an escape route or hidden path.
    • If possible, build small structures on top of tall, extreme hills. Players are less likely to scale tall mountains if they're on the move or looking for resources.
    • If possible, you can build an air fortress. Although more players will notice your base, it is hard to get to. I suggest building it over water.
    • If plausible, add wings to your house/basement.
    Now that you have your base setup and have a good location for gathering reosurces, you will want members to increase your power. This is one of the most dangerous tasks though, as picking the wrong people could give away your location and lead to future attacks on your property.

    Integrating Players into your Force

    Pick players who are not aligned with any faction, but who also seem trustworthy. Do not pick players who have just joined the server, as they may be looking for an easy teleport kill and run off with your loot. I suggest studying or watching the people you decide on picking - try to see if they are good at PvP and are self-sufficient. If they meet your prerequisites, ask them if they would like an invitation. If they decline, don't pester them. If they accept, you can: teleport them to a secluded location to see if they attack you or teleport them to your base and risk it.

    Before continuing, accumulate about two or three other players to increase your power or strength as a force, be it a factions server or survival server.

    Making Allies and Enemies

    It will eventually happen that you will run into another group of players who want what you have. Now, it is time to make allies. See if you can negotiate with other players or groups for their alliance. By negotiate, I mean verbally or with the use of resources/goods to show your power. It is likely that another group will accept your alliance if you seem more powerful than they are. However, be wary of betrayal, traitors, and spies. Another group may secretly despise you and accept your alliance just to get closer to you. When they see your weak points, they will break your alliance out of nowhere and strike. This is a possibility in all scenarios, as you can't trust anyone more than yourself.

    Have you ever heard the saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend?" Well, that is particularly true in our case. If you do make an enemy in a server, try to find out who their enemies are. You both could make an alliance. United, you can take down your common enemy. That gives me an idea, actually. What kinds of enemies can you encounter? What tactics can you employ to counter them?

    Types of Foes

    You can come across many groups of players who have their own way of surviving. Whether it be by deception, stealth, or brute force, there are many varieties of foes who will stop at nothing until you are vanquished.

    • Deceiving: These foes act friendly or neutral on the outside, but on the inside they have their own secretive goals. They can use spies, players disguised as neutral players, to infiltrate your base. All they have to do is seem basic enough for you to pick them, then they relay information on your group to their base. When they have enough information, they know exactly how to defeat you. Altough unlikely, the only way to counter them is to trust no one.
    • Scouts: These are similar to deceiving players, but once they figure out where you reside, they will constantly watch and observe you. They may not want to attack you, but their allies will surely know how to defeat you if you decide to attack. I suggest patrolling the areas around your base at least once a week. Try to take note of destroyed trees or mined blocks. Scouts may have hideouts hidden near your base, so be sure to check unusual block placement or even suspecting caves.
    • Assassins: Experts in stealth, assassins observe you much like Scouts, but they may try to kill you when you least expect it. Assassins are commonly hired by other players who may have a grudge against you. Their pay can range from raw materials like iron and wood to even Diamonds. Expert assassins can be found in hermit-like dwellings. Rarely will you encounter an order of assassins, most likely trying to gain a large power throughout the entire server. To defeat an assassin, locate and destroy their property. This will likely cause them to disappear further into the servers world.
    • Rogues: Rogues are players without factions or groups (for all we know) and live by their own laws. Don't expect to see them often, as if you have nothing to do with them, you probably won't be able to locate them. Be wary though, as there is no definitive type of rogue. They can become any other type of enemy depending on their goals in mind.
    • Kingdoms: The largest group of players that can be encountered. These consist of very expansive castles supported by up to 15 players or more, hence the name. These take quite long to fully create. However, once declared as an enemy to a kingdom, expect to see frequent attacks supported by an unusually large amount of resources. The key to defeating kingdoms is likely another kingdom, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall. What I mean is that once a kingdom fails, it is very unlikely for it to be resurrected once again. Although a kingdom vs. kingdom scenario may tear a portion of a server to pieces, the most successful and easiest way to defeat a kingdom is to cause an unrest within the kingdom itself. Try to infiltrate it and secretly destroy farms or loot chests. You can even gather an amount of supporters to rise up against the leader of the faction, in which case you can sit back and watch the fireworks as the kingdom is destroyed from the inside.

    All Out War

    In the case that no single group or faction in a server is neutral, but either an ally or an enemy to you, is the point where war can be declared on a large scale. Although rarely seen, it is always good to prepare for something like this. In the case of all out war though, you will need to dispense resources left and right to aid the war efforts. Attack smaller enemies first, and push the larger ones into a corner. Send in spies, assassins, scouts, and even send out armies to defend your front lines. Keep your resource gatherers in the heart of your lands and always listen to your builders/architect advisers as they can come up with inventions to turn the tides of war. In any case, be willing to accept defeat, because after a war of this magnitude, there will likely be little amounts of survivors. In a sense, the survivors are the ones who didn't leave the server until after the hostilities have come to an end.


    If you have continued reading to this point, I hope you have learned a bit about factions and PvP survival. I hope you find that I have explained this well. I will release a guide to general PvP (like the many others out there) to help with any of those matters. May you find this guide useful in your travels throughout Minecraft and its plentiful amount of servers.

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    Well, if you want something that is hard to find, can only be bought from villagers (or scavenged from mobs) and offers a low endurance, I have some ideas.

    - Torn or worn police gear. Basically some normal cop/police force clothing with a touch of padded protection like knee pads, elbow pads, and maybe a strong pair of boots.

    - Scavenged Armor. Although it is, I am talking about something that a scavenger could build. Maybe some makeshift armor made out of metal plates, spare strips of leather, and maybe even some patchwork clothing.

    - Camping Equipment. It seems like "camping" could be a recurrent theme in this resource pack, with several things relating to the subject like the bed texture. Anyway, I was thinking of just a normal jacket, some rough jeans, maybe a buff and some hiking boots. Camping would seem reliable in the world this resource pack depicts (you would get away from major population centers and move towards the outskirts or even to the wilderness to avoid infection).

    I also have a good idea for the pack. You could work more on the GUI's of several things. I don't know if these were or are implemented (I can't remember) but here is a rundown of the idea: Stove GUI can depict a stove, Crafting GUI can depicts a workbench, inventory depicts some sort of backpack.
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    This is an amazing mod! Ever since the day I first plopped this down into the mods folder, I've been hooked! I really can't play without it; I just love the mythical features, creatures, structures, factions, and the amazing forests you've added in!

    I have some questions though:

    - I use 1.5.2 mods in my Hexxit (collaboration of mods) folder, is that okay with you?
    - How do you use the structure spawners?
    - Are you aware of the Minecraft Forge problems?
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    I think hes pointing at that random Sandstone Block that generated out of place (look at the bottom left of the Desert Temple).
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    Now, Ideal_Logic, whats more addicting than Minecraft!?!?
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    I've always wanted to enhance my Minecraft experience as much as I could; in survival and multiplayer. This mod is a great addition to the set. I've been waiting for this to update actually, I played with it in 1.5.2 and thought it was great. Also, are you aiming at just maintaining the mod, or are you going to add more features (I don't know what else to add to a mod like this but its worth a shot asking)?

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    Very cool mod! I remember playing Ars Magica version 1 a while back, and wondered when it would come out again. Anyway, this mod is a truly amazing aspect that is added to anyone's RPG worlds. I can't imagine another mod to replace this type of thing.

    You ever think it would get added to something like Hexxit? It would fit in for sure, but I'd go into Vanilla Minecraft just to play with this mod!

    Keep up the great work.
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    Glad you like the idea. But when I mentioned more 3D blocks I just meant like making current blocks into a 3D form. For example, maybe adding 3D features to existing blocks like a 3D TNT fuse or 3D ores.
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    Pretty cool mod!I've been looking for things just like this, and theres another mod that'll go perfectly with this one that I like as well, but I won't post it because I don't know your opinion on advertising.

    Anyway, I've always looked for 3D block mods, and this one fits the job! Keep developing it, maybe even being able to add other 3D blocks as well, maybe 3D breaking animations :0
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    The problem with NEI is it lets you grab the items.
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    Good mod!

    Negative Feedback to Help you Work:

    - Maybe tell us the Weapons are from the Fallout Series?
    - Definitely need 3D Models, its basically the basis of modding now-a-days with popular mods. You could try to find a Coder to help you with them, or use some videos to help you start. There's plenty on YouTube.
    - Since this is based off of the Fallout series, and since Fallout New Vegas adds Weapon Customization, you could add Weapon Mods, such as scopes or grips.

    Good Feedback:

    - I like the idea of the Mod.
    - Good sounds and effects.
    - Love small mods, not huge game-changing experiences.
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    Nice mod. I like the creativity you used in most of these structures, like the Spider Box.

    If you ever add more in the future, make sure you integrate them into the environment to make them fit. The Tree House just looks like someone built a square of wood and left a chest on the top of a tree. I suggest looking up images of the Ewok Houses in Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi on Endor. They're pretty nice, and are built with trees, but would probably require a specific tree to be built along. Maybe add a community?
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    Great continuation! I hope you retain this mod in the future, and I hope it receives more attention being the good mod that it is! This mod is really good, the models are perfect, and it really stays true to the fact that it scares you.

    Good luck!
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    This is a Mod Idea I have that I will very much appreciate if someone would take their time to consider and maybe even try to develop this mod! Now, lets get into the Mod!

    The "Guide Mod" is an idea for a Mod that would let the player open up a Guide Book (by a default selected key) and being Client-Side so the mod can be used on Multiplayer as well as Singleplayer without trouble! What the actual Guide Book does, is it opens up a Book-Like interface that allows the play to navigate countless tabs (in the form of pages) that explain information about a certain item or block or mob on each page! Each page would include an image of the selected topic and a paragraph explaining what it is, does, and how to obtain and use it.

    This is about it, it shouldn't be too hard to make, you don;t need in-game models, sounds, or item textures (aside from the new book interface).

    This mod will be very useful to Newer Players, and will help those all over Minecraft with different things they will need to know about!

    I hope this mod idea receives attention, I would like to see it develop into something very useful for everyone to use!
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