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I am Shreaders, I am 24 years old and a dedicated gamer! I have been gaming since I was 9 years old and have always been interested in development and designing of video games! I have yet to start learning such awesome skills as I have, unfortunately, not had the opportunity to look into such things.

I have been playing Minecraft since a little after classic (Not sure if it's beta, alpha, pre-post-mid whatever nonsense .. I have no idea .. I just know I've been playing a heck of a long time!) I enjoy running Minecraft servers. I like toying with plugins and love learning new things about Minecraft.

I am an open minded, and carefree type of person. I don't let much bother me, but when I am dedicated to something, I am persistent until the end. Meaning if I think something is correct - I may be wrong but you'll have a fun time trying to prove it But I also know when to admit that I am wrong. I may be persistent but I'm not irritating or idiotic

If you have any questions for me for any reason - you may contact me on here via private message or I have multiple forms of communication below in the Contact Information panel

Minecraft, Diablo (Not Blizzard - I'm Anti-WoW :P), Server-hosting, Craftbukkit plugins, Movies, 3D Graphic designing, and my wife! ;) - And not necessarily in that order!

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