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    posted a message on Suggestion: Please ban the use of adfly.

    Just had a friend trying to download optifine and she clicked something wrong on adfly and got a virus. She did not know about the "Skip ad" button.

    My antivirus blocks the entire adfly site so I cannot even access it.

    So please ban the use of adfly on these forums.

    Thank you!

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    posted a message on Named mobs shouldn't despawn in peaceful.

    Named mobs don't despawn even in peaceful.

    Just a small simple suggestion. After every season huge youtuber servers make their worlds available for download and even hermitcraft makes it visit-able on xisumavoids public server. But it doesn't matter who explores it where everyone explores it in peaceful mode so they don't have to deal with mob spawning. But this has the affect of despawning the named mobs placed by players.

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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)

    I think he's waiting for 1.14.1

    I don't think even optifine can save 1.14. It clearly was not ready for it's full release in it's current state. Mojang didn't just drop the ball on this one they also popped it so it couldn't be played with anymore.

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    posted a message on Fix Block Lag On Realms.

    This has been a issue on realms servers for a long time. Blocks come back when you mine / Block vanish if you place blocks too fast and yesterday the realms servers were so unstable that players on all platforms were disconnecting within 5 seconds after joining. I saw a youtube video about a year ago about how realms servers were so much more stable than rented out servers from places like creeper host. And now that I have access to a bedrock eddition realm all i see is problems. You have better luck hosting the game your self. But your friends cannot join after you close your game or turn off your xbox / device. And they are wanting to replace the java eddition with this mess??? Bedrock has come a long way but is still YEARS behind java. You can have servers that have 1000's players w/o problems. But realms cannot support more than 10 players w/o lagging and crashing.

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    posted a message on Need better Spawn Protection "Bedrock Edition" "Realms"

    A friend of mine has a public realm so we decided to have a spawn area with rules and information. Since bedrock edition has no spawn protection like java has by default we decided to use some command blocks. The idea was that if a player was in 75 blocks of spawn center they would automatically get put in adventure mode so they cannot break / place blocks. When they get into the area of 76 - 100 blocks out they get placed into survival mode. We used a youtube tutorial that showed how this is done.

    Command block 1

    gamemode a @a[r=75,m=s]

    Set to = repeat and needs redstone with a lever flipped on. This was done so the command blocks can be switched off since you cannot change anything in them when they are set to always active w/o having to destroy the command block it's self.

    Commandblock 2

    gamemode s @a[r=100,m=a]

    Set to = repeat and needs redstone with another lever flipped on. The origional tut required the command block to be set to impulse and chain. the reason for this change is because every tutorial i find about this subject is done using the java edition of minecraft and redstone / command blocks function differently in bedrock edition. So the 2nd command block would not function at all and we were needing to set player gamemode manually every time a new player enters the realm.

    The problem that we still have is that 1. Players still may not be placed into survival. 2. Everyone at spawn gets spammed with your game mode has been changed messages to the point that chat at spawn is impossible.

    Is there a way to fix the issues for the spam and get the game mode change to work 100%?

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    posted a message on Minecon Earth was an Epic Fail

    I do think it was a fail in a way. The past minecon events were in a physical place and you could meet your favorite youtubers in person. Go to pannels ran by youtubers / mojang. You could ask questions and get answers on the spot. See new things like the next version of minecraft that has not been released yet "including snapshots" You could try out 3d / vr with minecraft. ETC.

    To me minecon earth is just too small and it feels like that they don't want to interact with anyone anymore hints why it's only a 60 - 90 minute live stream.

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    posted a message on Resetting the Nether.

    Nether fortress placement is dependent on your world seed. Resetting the nether will not help you. You can start a new world on a different seed and hope you get a nether fortress closer.

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    posted a message on minecraft multiplayer servers are down

    Yeah this needs fixed a.s.a.p.

    In my opinion this is inexcusable. With us being in 2018 we have way too many computer problems that should be a thing of the past. I could accept this if we were in the 1990's when this tech was still new and untested.

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    posted a message on need some goals for my survival world

    > Collect 1 double chest of every item in the game.

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    posted a message on Can a user bypass an IP Ban by using a VPN and changing their IP address?

    Yes this can be bypassed. If the user has more than 1 minecraft account. This is why most minecraft servers don't bother with ip bans. But If they only have 1 minecraft account they can change their ip all they want they cannot get back on since that account is also banned.

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