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    I know not of any sources, or studies or things that act like life and reality can be contained within a labratory or written down with total accuracy.

    All I can do on this subject, is to teach history. The prohibition era. It was the introduction of an amendment that outlawed alcohol. The reasons were rather straightforward, it would have cut down on domestic abuse and incidents related to being intoxicated.


    What they failed to realize is that there was money to be made. Moonshine runners. Speakeasies. Al Capone. Criminal organizations started up and thrived on a business that was suddenly illegal. You know what ELSE these people did? Extortions, prostitute rings, and rigging matches. What funded this spike in criminal behavior? The cash they made hand over fist because of the demand for alcohol funded their other endeavors for violence and control over the underworld.

    Now, situations like the valentine day massacre occured because we banned a beverage that made us walk funny.

    I'd like you all to take the time to consider what happens if we outlaw items of business that are DESIGNED TO CAUSE DAMAGE AND KILL OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. You all have your reasons why we need to tone down the 2nd amendment, I get it. I'm not gonna fight against that. I'd just like to toss my penny in the well, is all. Please consider what effects might occur if groups like the russian mafia can suddenly capitalize on selling weapons, when there will be even MORE demand once people can't get it through legal means.

    Sure it might be harder for teens to get their hands on a weapon, but if people do plan on buying guns, they'll have to fill the pockets of people who make a lifestyle out of making people suffer, fattening up the wallets of those who like to dodge the law and solve problems with blood. Think about it, please.
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    Quote from Drury »
    Seriously. Minecraft is no WoW zone. If you want to do pro-WoW activities in Minecraft, please, keep it outside SMP and don't post any information about it, such as screenshots, videos or even world files. Thank you.

    Minecraft not a WoW zone? Are you saying this because you are under the impression that it cannot be done? But I digress...please explain why you don't like this.
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    I'm a big fan of Lord of the Rings, please add me.

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