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    Just posting here to say this is the legit MCME thread, and the ones I put up previously are not being used anymore. If you posted to be whitelisted in the old threads, you need to rejoin through the new system, no exceptions.

    I will be gone about a week so please direct any PMs or questions to AeroBlitz or one of the other staff.

    Also in regards to Duncan's post. If you're going to hack or be an all around ass, please don't join. However, if you want to be part of a good community that wants to recreate Middle Earth, then join up.

    Cheers, and have fun all.
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    http://www.minecraftmiddleearth.com (YOU HAVE TO USE THE PORT)

    Please read below so you know what is going on! You will not be able to just throw the port in and join

    Ventrilo is needed, a mic is not:
    Host Name:bismuth.typefrag.com
    Port Number:45484
    Ask someone on the Minecraft server for password, or PM me or another member for it.

    Download ventrilo here: http://www.ventrilo.com/download.php

    This server is an attempt to make a slightly scaled down distance wise (Not architecturally though) accurate representation of Middle-Earth(Which many are familiar with from the Lord of the Rings series) from JRR Tolkien's books inside Minecraft. We are using the books he wrote as well as maps and an atlas that I will mention further down.

    Keep in mind that this IS NOT a freebuild server. There are free-build opportunities, but even they are done within lots and with certain restrictions. The idea of the server is to create very large creations using teamwork. You may be able to build one or two things to your liking but they will be within a lot assigned by an admin and will have to follow the architecture of the lore.

    There will be people telling you what to do on this server. It's just how it has to be because to bring things like Bree Hill, Weathertop, or the Misty Mountains to architectural life we have to have someone with the idea in their head to design it and lay it out and everyone else builds off what they are doing. This is the best system we can use, and it gets things done quickly and maintains accuracy.

    To get onto the server you must make a post in the thread with the following format.
    Why you want to be whitelisted:
    Any notable achievements in Minecraft:
    What would you bring to the server:

    With that said there are a few ranks that must be noted on the server. Know what they are both for your own good, and to make sure you're not being bossed around by the wrong rank.


    Droogies - This is just what I like to call standard players (I like the movie A Clockwork Orange). They have no actual rank so don't expect a title saying Droog or something. They are simply people who have not attained any kind of title or job on the server. No benefits and no authority, workforce of the server.

    Members - Members are players who have been on the server for quite some time and who have shown their trustworthiness and willingness to help, and who have also shown their dedication to the server. To qualify for the Member rank, you MUST have played on the server for at least two weeks, be registered on the website and forum, be active on the forums, have contributed to the server or community in at least one way (Recruitment, videos, advertisement, skin making, etc), actively use Ventrilo (Even if you have no mic), and do not cause any disruption on the server. This rank carries the title of Member, gets the member first pick over normal players in free build opportunities such as picking lots, and also carries the general respect of the community. Members may also qualify for other special events in the community, but I am still figuring out where I want to go with this sort of thing.

    Veteran - Veterans are players who have the utmost respect of the community. Even administrators and officers do not carry this title without earning it. Veterans are players must have met the same requirements of the rank of Member and have carried at lest one rank during their time on the server, Member included. To qualify for Veteran you must also have done multiple things for the community, have referred through whatever method at least 10 players to the server, have made considerable contributions to the community and the server, and are highly active both server-side and in the community. To attain the rank you must message an admin proving that you qualify asking for permission to attempt the rank. Then you must create a thread on the forum (We will have an area for this shortly) that details why you deserve the rank. Then 25 players must vouch (Including why they vouch) for you saying that you are deserving, including 10 players of the member rank or higher. This title brings major respect from the community, is the only way to qualify for the rank of King without special circumstances, and brings with it first pick in freebuild opportunities. These players, depending on the level of their contributions may also have monuments or statues built in their honor on the server.


    Foreman - Foremen are the backbone of the server. Not only do they supply players with building materials, they organize the populace to work on projects and keep everything going to plan. They do have authority so listen to what they say. These are handpicked, you cannot knowledgeably influence getting this role. They may kick and ban players.

    Architect - Architects are building and structure designers. They may lay out the framework or outline of something and then Foremen direct the players to build the more manpower-intense stuff. They have very little authority, but if they say you are messing something up, what they say goes. Players who have made very elaborate structures or very accurate reconstructions before have a much better chance of getting this role, make sure you have proof if you're interested.

    Surveyor - Surveyors are players with a descent knowledge of the atlas and who know the basics of Cartography and Geography. They lay out everything from Hills and mountains to roads and rivers. They have almost no authority, must give orders through a Foreman. If you're a Cartography Major or GIS Specialist you may have a guaranteed shot at this job. Bring it to my attention.

    Quartermaster - Quartermasters are simply trustworthy members who have rights to the /give command to supply items to players. They have 0 authority, but are very important to the server. This job is handpicked as the Foreman is. Showing we can trust you and not lying or doing anything you shouldn't will help you become a candidate for this job.

    Officer - Officers are handpicked members who are very trustworthy and are extremely active in the community. They have a lot of authority, and are able to kick and ban people as well as use other admin commands. Officers police the forum and the community, and make sure things don't get out of hand between players. It's like COPS: Middle-Earth.

    Loremaster - Loremasters are players who carry most of the abilities of an Officer, with one major difference. They can use the world editing plug-ins. Loremasters have a very very good knowledge of the lore and the atlas. To obtain this rank you must prove that you have a very large knowledge of the books and the general lore of Middle-Earth. I also want Loremasters to own a hard copy of the Atlas, but there may be special circumstances. To get the rank you must ask an admin if you may attempt it, when okay'd you must make a thread proving your merit on the subject and have at least 10 players vouch for you, including 5 members, as well as all other Loremasters.

    King - Kings are the admins of the server. They have the absolute authority, and have access to all admins tools and abilities. They can modify the user-registry and collectively make major decisions about the server. To qualify for King (Except in certain circumstances I designate) you must hold the title of veteran, have been with the server a considerable length of time, be highly active on the website, forums, server, and community in general. Have shown good knowledge of the lore. Must have 50 players vouch for them to even qualify, and even then it is up to a vote between the existing Kings of the server.

    Here is a map of the world in case you don't know what Middle Earth looks like: (It's quite large so warning about opening it to view with a slow connection.


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