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    I've recently dipped my head into the resource pack box, looking for "hyper realistic" resource packs to pair with my shaders (I'm mainly doing this on 1.12.2) I've found a great one, and at the moment I'm using a 1024 pack, but the problem is, when I try to run a 1024 pack (Laacis2's Natural 1024) it can take up to 10 MINUTES just to load into the game at all, which is confusing, due to my high spec, custom built PC. I tried using a 2048 pack, but the game refused to run at all and completely crashed my PC for around half an hour due to the amount of strain. I'm not sure on what is wrong with this, any information and or help would be greatly appreciated.

    At the moment, I have:

    RTX 2080Ti ZOTAC Gaming graphics card

    Core I7 9700k Processor

    16Gb of DDR4 RAM (10Gb Allocated to minecraft)

    Any information needed I can give!

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