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    do you know what mod?

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    I was playing on my creative world for mod testing. I was testing a bunch of drug mods, just because :P I installed binnie's mods, forestry, psychedelicraft, the weed mod (i think thats what its called), growthcraft, and narcotics+. Along with those i also installed codechickencore, NEI, waila, and wawla. I saw this weird vortex thing, it looked like the death animation of the ender dragon, but with green binary inside. I went close to it and my screen went crazy. Binary was everywhere. I dont know what type of mod this is from, i know its not vanilla! Please help! Waila didnt detect it as a block

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    Now i do not know how to code. I would love to learn how, but i'm not sure what a good coding language is for minecraft mod development. For this post i am just sharing my ideas. I'm not really asking anyone to make this (although it would be cool). The addon will be called "Fiyaturgy" and it will focus around the "infernal arts". It will add many new fire based items. So far i have only brainstormed 3 items. There will be a new plant called a "cinderleaf" which spawns when a desert is 0-3 biomes away from a magical forest. They grow on sand and grass. I dont really know what they will do, but they will look like a retextured shimmerleaf (for now). The next plant is a sparkling. They can be found in the diamond layer underground. They are found more commonly around lava. They can be turned into a "infused sparkling" when thrown into a crucible with 3 victus and 3 praecantatio. Thats all i have for now, its really simple. I am going to think of some more things tonight, i just wanted to write this down so i wouldn't forget.

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    Now i know this might be hard to code, but with the new taint themed items, i think we should reintroduce the vis and taint piping system from thaumcraft 2. With the vis and the taint we can infuse items and turn them into cool new items. If there is too much taint in the pipes, they could leak and cause taint to spread. It should be dangerous or a taboo forbidden knowledge. I really miss the thaumcraft 2 things, and i think it would be awesome to see you reintroduce it. Your mod and thaumic tinkerer is by far my favourite thaumcraft addon.

    ~ shmendan

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    I am doing a project on trying to list every single thaumcraft addon. Not just addons, things that have integration with it, such as thermal expansion, which adds copper and silver into it. Here is my list below. This includes the api's for the mods also.

    • Thaumic tinkerer
    • forbidden magic
    • railcraft
    • thermal expansion
    • thaumic horizons
    • oresplus
    • witchery
    • thaumcraft mob aspects
    • thaumic upholstry
    • thaumic extras
    • thaumic additions
    • thaumcraft NEI plugin
    • thaumicNEI
    • Tinker's construct
    • industrialcraft 2
    • coppertools
    • twilight forest
    • magicaldecorations
    • thaumcraftgates
    • buildcraft
    • rotarycraft
    • another one bites the dust
    • enderio
    • essential thaumaturgy
    • warp theory
    • thaumic revelations
    • thaumic cookies
    • aether
    • aether aspects
    • illuminated bows
    • cofhcore
    • thermal foundation
    • animationapi
    • witching gadgets
    • symcalc
    • thaumic darkness
    • thaumic warden
    • thaumaturgical knowledge
    • soul tech
    • blood magic
    • ars magica 2
    • botania
    • baubles
    • player beacons
    • thaumic alchemy
    • transmute liquids
    • magic bees
    • forestry
    • thaumic integration (not availible for download)
    • thaumic energies (not released yet)
    • thaumic infusion
    • magical crops
    • B0bgary's growable ores!
    • talismans 2
    • technomancy
    • tainted magic
    • thaumic bases
    • thaumic bees (now magic bees)
    • magistics
    • mariculture
    • chisel 2
    • automagy
    • thaumic energistics
    • applied energistics
    • thaumcraft node tracker
    • nodal mechanics
    • wawla
    • waila
    • nether ores
    • mekanish
    • factorization
    • random additions
    • Gany's nether
    • magneticraft
    • modular systems
    • hydraulicraft
    • simpleoregrinder
    • electrical age
    • aura cascade
    • flaxbeard's steampower mod
    • special mobs
    • mo' creatures
    • lycanites mobs

    Thats all i can think of for now, ill try to think of more later. Put some in the comments and i will be sure to add them :D! Eventually i will try to add links.

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    posted a message on [TC4 Addon] Forbidden Magic - v0.575


    I really think spitefulfox should work on adding wand foci, there is a lot of possibilities of "dark" wand foci.

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    posted a message on [TC4 Addon] Forbidden Magic - v0.575

    Hey, this is my first post xD it might be udder crap, but who knows. I have some suggestions that you maybe could consider adding to the mod. You probably are not even gonna read this, but thats ok. Also, congrats on being added to many FTB packs now!


    Wand focus: Tainted slime (i don't know a good name, but feel free to help me think of one)

    This wand foci will use quite a bit of vis, about 25 of each primal aspect, and it will spawn a large-ish tainted slime that will fight for you, and when hit, will spawn smaller ones, which then split into even smaller ones. When the small ones are killed, there is a 10% chance it will drop 1-2 tainted goo. If in a tainted land, it will make the slimer bigger and stronger, and if you are using a tainted wand it will be big even outside of taint.

    Rowan wand core:

    This wand core will provide integration with witchery. The wand core has 125 space for vis to go into and when made into a wand, it will be able to be charged at an infernal circle by throwing in special new fumes for different aspects and the wand. It makes it a fast, easy way to charge your wand. If you have any type of witchery tree around you while using it, wand foci will do an extra 2 damage.

    Aspect Fumes:

    Throw in a jar of any of the essentias + a clay jar and 1 mutandis to get the fumes

    Infernal fume: 25 infernus or 25 ignis

    Earth fume: 25 terra or 25 herba

    Chaos fume: 25 Ira or 25 periditio

    Air fume: 25 aer

    Order fume: 25 ordo

    Well those are my suggestions, i know it would be hard to implement them, but i want your opinion on each of them

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