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    Quote from Cosmology27

    I've been trying to find a sigil for hours and hours now. I've gone through mineshafts, "roguelike dungeons", and ran through a lot of looting of chests in the twilight forest. Is it limited to showing up in a specific type of dungeon loot chest? Does anyone have a good method to recommend to me for finding one?
    Thanks for the help!

    Kill the wither
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    Quote from YG_Redstone

    Hello Minecraft Forum,
    I've been playing around with bees, that are introduced in the Forestry mod, and automating my apiaries with Applied Energistics. I am running FTB Ultimate by the way. So, here is the system:

    So, the bees get piped out of the Ender chest (that is connected to my Bee Base, where all my bees are stored), and into a regular chest. That chest is connected to an ME Import Bus, so my ME Network sucks out all the bees piped into the chest.

    My ME Network is then connected to some ME Export Buses that are connected to the apiaries.

    So, in theory, bees that come into my ME system will be exported into the bees respective apiaries (decided by the labels I have given to the Export buses, right? No, and that is the problem I need a solution to. :) It seems like the only bees that get exported into the apiaries are the exact ones I used to label the Export Buses.

    This apiary is connected to the same Export Bus as above, but has no bees in it, even though the same species of bees are in my ME Network.

    Thanks for your help guys! I now we'll think of something. :)


    It seems like a couple of people may have hit it before i did, but they are all correct. The bees change with each generation so you need to do anything you can to generalize those busses, or use the fuzzy bus.
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    Quote from Kaivian

    I'm trying to find mods that add interesting structures and places. I want to hear about anything that you have to unearth, dig down to find, or explore above ground!

    Ive got you fellow minecrafter! Look out for thaumcraft, better dungeons, moreender, and in general look for mods that involve the word "cave" or "worldgen" and youll find what youre looking for.
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    Quote from Geforce132

    Im sorry, i havent logged into the server for a few days, been trying to get this SMP compatible xD. :Diamond:

    Hey, it is very rare to see a good mod with an involved author now a days, good job! However when you add the config, can you make mine terrain destruction / damage configurable? They arent very feasible in survival mode as they stand, but if they could be set to 20 hearts of damage with no terrain destruction (via config only of course) i would use these little bastards like no tommorow. Good job on the mod by the way :)
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    Quote from IX iTzRogue XI

    The amount of quality mods I see are few and sparse between. Whatever happened to mods like Creeps and Weirdos and NetherCraft?

    The recent Pax, and of course the summer ending, or even the summer itself, brought a huge slow in production of both large and minor updates. Mods like IC2 and Redpower lost their original support, as well as PowerCrystals mods, even atomic stryker isint updating too much. Thaumcraft and EE3 are pending updates, with a guarantee on an EE3, possible EE2 update.
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    NEI isint updated for the new IC2 API, nor the Rail Craft API, look for Mistaqur NEI plugins, should fix all of NEI's problems with Thaumcraft / Natura / EXBiomesXL / IC2 / Railcraft.
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    -----EDIT----- I have made a topic in the suggestion forum, to anyone interested, after you have finished with this thread you can check out the suggestion thread and leave a bump for support :) -----/EDIT----I was wondering, has anything been done like this before? Connecting two houses in a village, or even all the houses in a village
    to create a safe walkway through the village? I even enclosed the water fountain pretty effectively, only stopped by the pesky farm plot that spawned
    . What would you guys think if this were to be, say, implemented into vanilla spawning? This could be placed between houses spawned in positions good for it, then added onto by the player for houses too off center or too far away, to create a safer village. I like the way it makes the connected homes look as well, although lack of privacy might be a problem for the villagers :Notch:

    -If you read this far, thanks for reading! Leave your opinions please =)
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    Tries to post pictures directly from his own folder. its always funny to see that.
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