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    posted a message on [Gallery] Blizow's skins [Closed requests forever]
    Quote from biz02

    Shizeni skin is done:

    ThatDotAGuy: Sure.

    Pulp: Refer to my OP. Read it.

    Aw snap, that looks great.
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    posted a message on [Gallery] Blizow's skins [Closed requests forever]
    What do you want:A set of armor from Dark Souls, pictures of front and back. Back picture may be a bit hard, sorry cant find a good backside picture. Front side, I believe it's symmetrical like the other side since the shield is blocking the other half.
    When do you want it done:Anytime.
    Reference picture [if available]:
    Additional Comments:
    Thanks in advance.
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer - THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010)! - [Heroes-Townships-PVP/PVE-RPG]
    In-game name:Shizeni
    Location & Age:VA, 14
    Previous Bans (Includes other servers):None at all.
    Referral(s):N/a. Found it just by browsing the servers on the forums.
    Reason you should be accepted:I ran my own server before, know what to do, and what not to do. Server seems unique and I would love to try it. Can actually follow rules.
    Have you voted for Herocraft (No? -> http://tiny.cc/voteHC :Done.
    Special Key: HCS7
    Additional Info:Just looking for a good server that has good limits. Like the no "hand holding" of admins/mods. Find the rules fair (able to take rare blocks if it's publicly displayed? Pretty neat)
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    posted a message on MCAdmin revision 109
    Quote from System »
    Hey, Today i randomly hosted a server and Toxicated came in. If you dont know who he is . Hes a DEV of MCAdmin
    Wanna see a screenie ?

    I was having my server up a 2 days ago and Doridan came.

    Anyways, does anybody think they can solve my problem? Yesterday when I attempted to start my server up, MCadmin gave me this error message.
    10/26/2010 3:21:48 PM [MCAdmin] Critical error in StdErr reading: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: The requested address is not valid in its context
    at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.DoBind(EndPoint endPointSnapshot, SocketAddress socketAddress)
    at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Bind(EndPoint localEP)
    at System.Net.Sockets.TcpListener.Start(Int32 backlog)
    at MCAdmin.MCFirewall..ctor()
    at MCAdmin.Program.minecraftServer_ErrorDataReceived(Object sender, DataReceivedEventArgs e)

    it's still happening.
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    posted a message on Redstone and TNT
    Basically, it's capture the flag with of course, tnt.
    By day, 2 teams will stick within their "territory", decide where to place their redstone torch flag, and place tnt with rock pressure plates to make land mines and by night, attempt to reach the other side and take the enemy redstone and get back to their base without getting blown up by enemy tnt and their own team tnt
    If you get hit by 3 tnt, you are considered dead and cannot move but you can still place tnt traps, if health becomes better and you can actually die, if you die you are placed outside of the arena and watch.
    Pretty much creative CTF except on multiplayer and this time with lighting.
    Would be more fun once health is unlimited.

    Also maps you could play this on would be.
    The inside of a destroyed mountain with that team instead attempting to defend and not attack.
    2 bases with forest or just flat land.
    A plain flat map of rock.

    Pretty much something I randomly decided to do after remembering a youtube comment about a person using landmines to grief on smp.
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    posted a message on MCAdmin revision 109
    Best thing ever.
    Really like the interface and how easy it is to use.
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    posted a message on League of Legends
    After having my ass kicked all over the floor around the launch of the game I finally decide to play.
    Yesterday get an awesome score of 17 kills, 1 death, and 2 assists and another good game.

    Today get nuked bad by a hero called vergil who loves to kill me

    I was playing as heimerhemaer whatever.
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    posted a message on Vindictus
    It's pretty fun.
    Camera does go to an angle and you can't move it so it gets annoying.
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    posted a message on Player "age" needs to be a moderation tool.
    Quote from adm.melonhead »
    I think we can thwart greifing without screwing us over, thank you very much.

    Dunno how this will screw you over.
    It states that mods can also give the player tools, and if this feature ever comes out, Im thinking there will be an option to keep age but allow mods to give player tools regardless.
    It's a valid way to stop griefers.
    Plus, most of the items in there don't need to be used much, I barely use water buckets, lava buckets are even rarer, TNT I don't even use, and flint and steel and one of the only things I use to combat mobs.
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    posted a message on Clay Is Superfluous.
    Pretty weird.
    I spawned a new world for fun one day, after a while I decided to go make a cactus farm where there was cactus growing.
    Dug a little deep, whats that I see under water? Something blue? It was clay.
    I found clay at my spawn, found them while expanding my underwater base, found them while digging for some stone.
    But I somewhat agree there should be a bit more.
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    posted a message on It's not just creepers that ask for Sugar at your door.
    Haha, that was great how it nodded its head and shaked its head no.
    Too bad it wasnt eating the seeds before you decided to kill it.
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    posted a message on Silent Minecraft
    I would like to see it when its finished.
    Make creepers kamikaze pyramid heads?

    Also why not name this Silent mine? it's like a silent hill except its silent mining area
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    posted a message on How to be a proper internet gentlemen.
    Also whenever somebody calls you out always scream LOL I TRUL U.
    People will be astounded at how you expertly you stringed them.
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    posted a message on Does anyone else Google themselves?
    Friend pointed out that somebody had the name Shizeni on some game a month ago or something.
    Friend asked how he found the name Shizeni and he said I had it and the guy went "OH HES NOT SHIZENI AS I AM SHIZENI"
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    posted a message on Hidden: Source 4b
    I played it, it's quite fun.
    Also tried the gmod version where you could have multiple "skills' like telekinesis, healing, disorentation, forgot last one.
    It's fun just to make sounds everywhere making people go OH GOD WHERE and then slash em.
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