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    looking for a build partner/s. i enjoy doing themed builds and some of you that may have seen some of my youtube videos which mostly revolve around star wars builds i have done such as the millennium falcon as well as a copy of the town of mos eisley and a few other things i have made.

    lookin for one possibly 2 others to take on projects with. not really looking for anyone looking to put hours each day into something but some considerable work.

    im not really looking to take on a second job of modding out a survival server to suit the needs of a build project unless someone who is interested already has this accomplished so chances are the server will be classic.

    more than likely i will want to do a couple theme builds to get started then possibly move onto original stuff. i dont do sprites/pixel art, i respect everyone who does but it just bores me to do. im a huge science fiction and sci-fi fantasy fan so thats definately a genre ill be lookin into to build, but im willing to get into the minecraft cliche of castles and things of the sort as long as they are unique enough.

    thanks for your interest
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    NOTE: though the videos you see are all done in MCedit nearly all of the work you see done to the ship itself was all done in classic. i use MCedit for the videos as it is much easier to show you the ship in its entirety in a timely manner and to delete massive sections of ground/add massive sections of ground to make workin on the Falcon much easier!

    also if you have not seen any of the videos i would start with the most recently uploaded

    NEW!!!! THE FINAL VIDEO!!! enjoy!

    Video 1: no commentary on Video 1 however there is on all the videos following.

    Video 2:

    Video 3:

    Video 4:

    Video 5 is here:

    Video 6:

    Final ship dimensions are 86x130x42

    Enjoy! any questions/comments/suggestions are welcome.

    here are some screen shots

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