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    Heiyeong Village is cradled between the sea and the southern mountain range, situated just west of the river dividing the lands of Zhul and Enarion.

    Upon their first arrival to Enarion, the people of Heiyeong Village made quick work creating a home for themselves, forming an environment not unlike the home from which they left behind. Primarily as an agricultural and fishing peoples, it was the perfect place to settle, a peaceful life which the people had searched for upon their return from their own Refuge Realm.

    With years passed, the people of Heiyeong installed further institutions of Eldership and businesses. The village resettled, boasting a new sea port home to festivities and diligent craftsmen, while a vibrant center square contrasts the quiet, idyllic atmospheres in the countryside that evoke the times of old along with the sifting reeds and idle herons.

    Heiyeong Village is based on pan-Asian culture and history. It boasts a distinct culture from that of its more European-esque neighbors, drawing inspiration from ancient Asia. There is also a distinct language, though rather fragmented now due to time spent in Enarion, it has largely devolved into short phrases, rather than a native language truly used in day to day life. [Language is featured at the bottom of the culture document.] They also follow the Shenlu: The way of the gods, a model largely based off of Shinto, and gods inspired by the Chinese folk pantheon.

    Governed by the Three Ministries which oversee day to day affairs, the people are largely unaffected by external strife, as in their history war and conflict was constant. They seek a peaceful life, as a majority of its residents are artisans, craftsmen, farmers, and fishers.

    Heiyeong bears several outlets for roleplay distinct to the nation’s culture and time era. From martial, to business, to a ‘cottage-core’ slice-of-life setting, militiamen practice vigilance and defend the peace, families seek clanship, and craftsmen push the boundaries of development. You can pick up fishing or farming to provide for the nation, join the militia in defense of the people, or even be the head of your own clan, solidifying a place for your family in Heiyeong!

    Our activities take place on a Minecraft Java server, running between versions 1.12 - 1.18. Come join our village Discord today, and we can help you get
    set up in the nation!

    Below are some images of our town!

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