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I'm Shiro and i come from Switzerland.

Some people might know Dragon Cave, i was a spriter there. Dragons i done there was as example the Seasonals, Dorsal, Balloon and more. Thought back then, i pretty much was new in spriting, so they look pretty cartoony..he..hehe..

I also sprited for Project Nyoka, i have done there some Creatures: Disharos, Royal Ash Wyvern, Majestic Wolf and few more where i helped on.

I also have a DeviantArt account, you might wanna check it out: Click here

Thought, i'm not to active there, but sometimes when i got the mood for it, i throw some of my stuff in there, be sure to check it sometimes ;D

So yeah, that's all for now.

BTW: I am interested in making a mod for Minecraft, but i don't have any experience in coding Java, so i wanna for sure learn it so i can code a mod 83

Update: My finally started my first Youtube Channel! If you are interested in Minecraft Lets Plays, check out the link.


My interests? I can tell you! *takes deep breath*

Minecraft, MegaMan, YT, Drawing, Arts, Spriting, Pokemon, listening to Music, MegaMan, watching YT, Yandere, FNAF, Undertale, Digimon, Yo-kai Watch, Okami.....oh did i mention MegaMan? Yeah that too! Lot of it! XD

Yeah, so i sure have lot's i do, lots i love to do and yeah...gotta go back to my Recording i guess.

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