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    Quote from Charles_Belmont

    This is a nice server. I'm hoping to show my friend(s) about this server. I only have one problem. I don't think I can follow the fourth rule.

    I hope the server grows fast! :iapprove:

    (P.S. I'm just joking about that rule business, in case that wasn't obvious enough. :) )

    I don't think any of us can follow the 4th rule.

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    Connecting as soon as I can.
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    IGN: ShinyVictini

    I'm in.
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    Looks like fun. I'll try it out.
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    I would like to be a moderator. My username is ShinyVictini.
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    Quote from Gatling_Tech

    #7 the only people who don't like McBans are griefers :cool.gif:

    You're ignorant for posting that.

    The sole reason I don't like MC Bans is because idiots abuse it. My friend was framed and he can't even go on certain servers because of the jerks who run them. I don't grief. I'm strictly against it.

    ~Small children jump to conclusions.~
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    Quote from RLS0812

    I was watching some videos released by a notorious griefing group known as aVo to see how they do it.
    I have learned a lot on common and not-so common mistakes made by server owners / OP / Mods.

    Good defenses to have:

    *1 - Lockable and undestroyable chests are a must. Griefers use special xray mods to see chests regardless of were they are, and go after them first.
    *2 - Anti fly detection in survival mode
    *3 - Anti " fast mining " detection
    *4 - Limit player actions to 2 per second. ( placing blocks & destroying blocks ). Advanced griefers use mass destruction / mass placement programs.
    *5 - Good block logging - Being able to undo one person's actions is a must. There are ways around roll backs.
    *6 - Disallow new folks to a server ( 60 days ) from using fire, lava, water, tnt, nd destroying other peoples blocks
    *7 - Mcban - those that are serial griefers have many accounts, banning one just makes them log in using another one. The more accounts they are not allowed to use, the better.
    *8 - White listing - griefing teams are very common, logging in and doing as much damage as possible in a short amount of time.
    *9 - De-white listing - griefing teams are known to sign up to a white listed server long in advance of when they plan on attacking. Removing folks from a white list if they do not sign in at least once a week is recommended.
    *10 - Zoning - Folks under x amount of days are not allowed to do anything outside of a certain area.
    *11 - Update as often as possible. In one video aVo posted, they used a known exploit to gain mod rights, ruining the entire map, and crashing the server.

    1. Ever heard of plugins?

    2. Disable zombes mods. And wouldn't that screw up the sprinting feature?

    3. This rule is so stupid. If you use a fast pickaxe, such as gold or diamond, you'll be banned/kicked for no reason. Think before you post.

    4. Limit player actions to two per second? "OMGOMG I NEED TO FINISH MY HOUSE SOON! THE SUN IS SETTING!" *places three blocks of wood very quickly* *Kicked!*

    5. Big Brother works fine. And it allows you to log everything. The only thing I don't think you can rollback is water damage.

    6. Ever heard of a whitelist? And keeping new people away from that stuff for over a month is waaaay to long. Try two weeks or something.

    7. My friend has been framed by idiots who abuse MCBans. They thought he was griefing, and now he has a bad rep. I don't recommend this plugin at all.

    8. Only keep people you trust on your whitelist. This will keep people from griefing your server.

    9. The only reason you would need to do this is to ban someone.

    10. This idea is OK. I don't support it for servers, though. If newer users are restricted for a while, they might get discouraged and leave.

    11. I don't like aVO for that reason. I banned their group from my server.


    I would probably give your list two Pegasus winged stars out of ten. It has way too many flaws that you could have worked out, and you obviously didn't think when you were banging your head on your keyboard. It restricts players from a lot of things, especially building and mining.
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    Quote from celo753

    Less 2 minutes.
    I spawned near a ravine with iron and diamond in. i punched a tree, mined some stone, then some iron, and then mined the diamond.

    I laughed so hard.

    Unless you can provide proof that you spawned "in a ravine with iron AND DIAMOND", your argument is invalid. Please supply someone with the seed to test it.
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    Digging holes are for cowards.

    Tree houses and huts, for the win!
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    Go to the top of the dungeon, dig out a hole in the roof, and pour lava in.

    Problem solved.
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