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    posted a message on Thoughts on new ocean generation?
    Personally, although this change doesn't bother me too much, I did somewhat enjoy larger, more expansive oceans. I mean, yes, larger oceans =/= fun oceans. But sometimes, games aren't just about the "fun" or "things to do" part of the game. Tedious parts make games as well.

    Take Papers, please. It's tedious. It's repetitive. It's stressful. How can that game ever be fun or rewarding? But it is. People love that game.

    I almost feel the same about minecraft oceans, just in a different way. Oceans gave a lot to the sense of exploration. However boring it may have been, it gave the right FEELING, if you get what I mean. It felt right. You would sit in your boat for what seemed like hours, pondering whether or not this direction was the right way to go, when you would see land. Then, you would presumebly jump for joy and get off your stale little boat and go exploring. Smaller oceans just don't give the same feeling. You know you're gonna hit land in a small amount of time. There's no searching. There's no anticipation. There's no feeling of joy when you finally set foot on land.

    Also, persuasive writing is fun.
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    posted a message on Minecraft doesn't need horses
    I don't need to build this giant castle - I could just build a dirt hut. I don't need to make everything pretty. I don't need to build large redstone contraptions just to lock my front door. Minecraft doesn't need lapis, or colored wool, or chickens, or different trees. You know, minecraft doesn't need a lot of things.

    Edit: God, now the word "need" sounds so stupid to me. Whenever I say it, I begin to think of "knees" and "bees."
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    posted a message on Anyone else think that the Witch could have had more effort?
    Mojang really needs to step their game up. Obviously, the zombie is the worst mob in the game and needs a MAJOR overhaul. All it does is groan and walk towards you! It has a melee attack, but no swinging animation! WTF? Stop being lazy mojang! Give zombies more then two animations! In fact, zombies are just simple re-skinned steves! With all the complaining that's been going on over the lack of effort in zombies, you guys should have fixed it AGES ago!

    Not only that, but skeletons are coded badly too! They don't even have pull-back animations on their bows! Spiders literally float across the floor while wiggling their legs! Everybody's been complaining about all of these badly made mobs for AGES, and mojang still hasn't fixed any of them! Stop being lazy mojang!
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    posted a message on What's wrong with dubstep?
    I've been noticing lately that dubstep gets tons of hate for what seems like rather trivial reasons. It can certainly get repetitive, and it's quite easy to make, yes. But those reasons don't exactly make dubstep the devil like everyone else says it is. So exactly why does everyone hate dubstep, even in relatively small amounts such as the Halo 4 weapons trailer?

    Edit: Wow, I didn't even know there was an arts section. Sorry mods.
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    I disagree.

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    posted a message on New and improved item sprites!
    It's... It's an outline change on a sprite, guys. Seriously. If this is what you're complaining about in the newest snapshot, jeb is doing a good job.
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    posted a message on Why do people hate Obama as a president?
    Trickle-down economics doesn't really work very well in the real world. Rich people just don't create more jobs like the theory says they should.

    My thoughts on the election? You don't have to like Obama to hate Romney.
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    posted a message on 12w32a Snapshot Npc's Spawn in the Nether?
    But shouldn't they fix it either way? It's good that they are informed of the bug now instead of later.
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    posted a message on Firefox and Chrome help?
    Try opening your CMD prompt and type in this: ipconfig /flushdns
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    posted a message on Why Minecraft is a Bad Game
    And man, are you gonna get flamed. You have to think about where you're posting this. The name of this forum is "Minecraft Forum." I know you want to get your opinions out there, but do you really think it will convince any of us to stop playing minecraft?
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