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    IGN: slaaoo
    Character Name: Alister Thorn
    Age: 32
    Race: Driftarian
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Guild Leader, Minor farmer, Alchemist

    Paragraph or two about your character:
    Alister was a born a son of a impoverished Driftarian farmer whose lands were far from the cities. His childhood was normal at best. He went hungry daily, almost never having a full stomach except on special events He also grew strong from the hard work around the farm and quick on his feet chasing animals that ran away. When he reached the age of 15 he was growing too big for their household. Alister could barely survive with the meager meals that they could afford.

    So at the age of 18, Alister joined a group of Driftarian monks that passed through his village one day. He knew it was for the best, his parents could not afford to care for him anymore. With a little sadness within himself Alister left the only place that he had ever known. They brought him to a monastery leagues away from his former home in a land known as Ironica. The monks taught him the importance of peace and living with as little violence as possible. They taught him how to protect himself, pray, and even brew potions. His training was completed and he was allowed to leave, but what will Alister do now? This monastery is the only thing he knows...

    Years passed, and Alister still had no idea what to do. He did odd jobs for people in the villages that he passed. He asked not for money, but for food and a place to rest as payment. During his travel, in almost every village and town he heard about the people's anger with the Emporian. Grand parents and parents telling their children and grandchildren how thier lives were almost ruined by the cruel tyrant. He thought of how to make the people of Ironica happier and came up with only one solution. Vengeance. Seeing this as his only option Alister forsaked his previous teachings of peace and founded Inertiat a guild devoted to brining justice to the Emporian oppresors.

    What experience do you have with RP? : Plenty, I've Rped on many MC servers (Last Horizon, Book of Halegron, Kamkazie craft, Faclhion BOH, and more.) I play a lot of RPGs and read tons of Fantasy novels.

    Rp terms:
    IC: In Character
    OOC: Out of character
    Meta gaming: Using outside knowledge that your character would not know from conversation or any other IC communication.

    Any additional infomation/questions? : I really hope to join your server and help with the building/rping.

    What experience do you have with building? : Tons. creation of towns/cities, castles, regular medieval homes and such. I'm also part of Creative Node which make some awesome stuff on PMC. I'm fairly good with terraforming and custom terrain building using worldpainter/worldedit.
    Show some work of your builds :
    most of these are pretty old and not as good as they should could be, but they are okay.
    Any other info? : I love building and Rp. That's it I guess.
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    Quote from Travisdark

    Have you read and accepted the rules: deddicatus?

    Did you read the lore:Yes

    Name at least 5 races on the
    :I dont have that good of a memory O.o

    Use a descriptive word to describe the 5 races you chose:
    Show us a screenshot of your skin: I dont have any sort of screen recorder to do that

    Character occupation
    :Past: Small house on a hill/Present: An Underground Fortress/Future: A Dark Castle.

    Firstly, I can see you at least skimmed through the rules that's good, but you seem to be lacking everywhere else. You lack a backstory and you do not need a screen recorder to get a pic of your skin. it's a simple F2 . You are missing a description and the name of 5 races. Also by occupation they mean a job.

    Either you have never filled an RP app before or you are a genuine troll.
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    I'll be beating the **** out of things with my fists, but same ^
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