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    I’m a bit late to watching Minecraft live but that’s ok, I now see the new update will be the “Wild update” and the first thing that popped into my head was more weather variants for different biomes. Rn all we really have is the switching between rain and snow when you go into a snowy. I propose more of these variants, examples would be:

    Fog - something that could form in many different areas but mostly on mountain ranges but could also give the swamp biome a little more life, so maybe instead of rain in the swamp and mountain ranges there could be fog. Fog is formed when water while in gas form condenses instead of floating up into the atmosphere, and only really happens when it’s humid. So that also means the super hot biomes that don’t get enough water like the badlands or dessert can’t have fog, but it also means that places that can make snow can’t have fog either. Although mountains do have snowy like tops. The bottoms can have water and it can get humid which inturn can create fog

    Hail - this would be very interesting and would only ever happen when a snowy biome is close to a warm body of water like a warm ocean, atleast 1-2 biomes away (or chunks). This is because hail forms when rain drops freeze in the sky and ball up so there has to be a small chance of it happening but still possible. Hail should also be able to hurt the player but not enough to kill them, unless they stay in the the hail of coarse.

    Sand/snow storms - these can make traveling certain areas much harder to traverse. In the dessert if your traveling there could be a sand storm. They are formed due to high winds, which can then pick up grains of sand. When it happens in Minecraft all it really could do to you is cover your house in sand or cover your vision and since Minecraft doesn’t have the largest of biomes, this one may not be a good idea but it still works. Snow storms can happen on a random chance while in snowy areas like snowy peeks or snowy plains and can block the players vision and give them the cold effect that’s given when inside of powdered snow.

    thats all I could think of rn but I’m sure there’s more, I don’t think we should add things like hurricanes or tornadoes cause that doesn’t seem like a Minecraft like that thing

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