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I am Comet. Leader of the Shining Comets. We specialize in redstone, redstone circuitry, redstone mining, redstone weaponry, redstone traps, and, most important, redstone! We fight against the evil Skeletonians who wish to turn all of Minecraftia into a dead wasteland, and they plan on using redstone to do it. Redstone is very powerful, very awesome gem dust. It must NEVER land in the wrong hands, or the Skeletonians' plans may arise! It is up to us to thin out their numbers until their wretched leader, the Wither, comes out and fights me one to one! As we look forward to that day, we continue to slay every Skeletonian we see! We could also use some help. 5 is a very small number, so we'd appreciate some support! what are you waiting for? Do your part and aid in our quest to kick their bony butts! ...wait... do Skeletonians even have butts...?


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