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    Well yeah , i also feel that the end is not really based on minecraft , but on something bigger, not just minecraft , every game , even real life, but that is just my opinion xD.

    That's kinda the problem for me; the ending just feels too similar to one of those "moral of the day" tropes from the late 80's cartoon shows of yesteryear. "I don't need no lecture from a fictional cartoon character; I just wanna watch them beat the crap outta each other". And, in the case of Minecraft, "I don't wanna hear your existential ranting; I just wanna play".
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    Completely disregarding the flame of the week...

    I felt the ending was a bit... anti-thematic. Now, mind you , I'm not saying it was bad; the ending poem was a bit winded and gets too existential for my tastes, but it wasn't bad. It was just ill-fitting and inappropriate to a goofy, childish game like Minecraft.

    EDIT: I'd say it's comparable to finding Michelangelo's David plopped in a Super Mario stage.

    Or better yet, the Grand Odalisque as a boss fight in Street Fighter.
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    Hmmm.... I'm not sure what to say. I always thought that beds were fine just the way they were, minus that bug where mobs would spawn in a sun-bright room. I really don't know what purpose this change serves...
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    Quote from bk201soren

    But we do have to take into account that mobtraps have already been dampened somewhat. Mobs spawn more rarely it seems, they also drop fewer items in my opinion(not sure if that is 100% correct), and they also have to be killed by hand(which I do dislike the weakening traps that get around this for the most part). So I can't say with 100% certainty that mobtraps are still unbalanced. Mobspawners in my opinion could use some sort of programming to give out less than the average mob(in both items and exp), but that's about all I think needs to be done at this point.

    Mob traps are still more efficient than running around and killing things. Safer too.

    Though I feel nerfing traps will be unnecessary unless they plan on balancing enchantments at all. It's just too much of a gamble to spend time (lot's of time) and hard-earned diamonds on something that is not guaranteed.
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    Quote from trizzet

    Not if you listen to the person who started the thread.

    To be fair, the OP's barely comprehensible. A quick summary would have done fine:

    "Gaining EXP levels is too tedious and mindless. Worse, the enchantment table, the only means of using XP, is random, unbalanced, and simply unfair."

    Quote from -Freshmeat

    I think the xp reqs might be a bit overdone, but OTOH it gives you a long term goal. I think of the levels as a great motivator to redesign a mob grinder to supply me badly wounded mobs instead of drops, so I'll have something new to do. The randomness might be a bit to broad, but then again it is nothing compared to Mf in Diablo II. I play SMP without PvP, so I dont need magic armour nor swords, but I think that admins might want to restrict their use in a PvP environment.

    Long-term goal? What? Even with a mob grinder, it takes hours to approach level 20. Hours spent mindlessly slapping the ankles of nearly-dead mobs. That's not a goal; that's a chore.
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    Even regarding glitched explosions, some of the strategies people are posting here either requires some time or aren't full-proof.

    "Just run-and-hit on reaction". Doesn't work if there's a wall behind the creeper.

    "Just stand still and hack away". Unlikely when there's more than one mob around. Worse when it's a creeper + creeper or creeper + skellie combo.

    "Just use a bow". Requires space and a good amount of arrows.

    "Use a knockback sword". Not guaranteed. At all.

    "Build a trench or a trap". Not if there's already one in front of you. Nor if you're planning to mine at all.

    "Run away". After you slipped your inputs and fell into a ditch?

    Always remember, you only need to make one mistake at an inopportune time to get killed by a creeper now. I doubt most of you can start a new game in hardcore and survive every time you do without getting asploded.
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    Hardly makes a difference for me. I've been conditioning myself to play Minecraft as if it were in hardcore mode since day 1.
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    This is a ridiculous topic. Testificates are less like people and more like Muppets.

    Quote from Zosima

    Same place as wherever this guy is from:

    I think you meant this guy:

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    Can't. Notch promised us Mod support, and instead he gave us some code update to help make moding easier. That's not mod support. That's being a lazy ass.


    I'm thinking it would have been better for the devs to skip the, as of now, disappointing Adventure update entirely and just focus on that damned modding sdk they've been promising for a while. It's already a given that Mojang themselves is getting outpaced by the modding community in their own game, so why not just make it easier for everyone and give out some of those source files already?
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    "Uh oh! Do I smell soiled baby diaper?"
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