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    [b][color=#8B0000]Minecraft... Through Time![/color]


    [color=#000000]McNostalgia - To Downgrade
    McEdit - To Complete Some Of The Challenges

    [color=#000000]Download a very early(indev to infdev) version of McEdit. Then download McNostalgia. Use McNostalgia to turn your MineCraft into indev. Once this is complete, follow the goals listed here.

    When all the goals are completed, you may move on to the next version of minecraft(Notice: 1.1_01 etc, aka bug patch updates do not need goals. You can skip to the latest bugfix)

    You can skip the goals and create your own, use the goals and add your own, etc. Whatever you prefer. But here's what I'm thinking!

    AriochIsVengence's Let's Play of this challenge![/color]


    [color=#8B0000]-The Beginning Of Time-[/color]
    [color=#000000]Indev - Clear out all your islands cave.[/color]

    [color=#8B0000]-The Times Of Mercy And Simpleness-[/color]
    [color=#000000]Alpha 1.0.4 - Make a small minecart system. Find 64 redstone dust Make a vault in your house using a iron door and a lever. [/color]
    [color=#000000]Combine this world with your indev world. Build a bridge between both the worlds(Aka, build a bridge from your indev island, to your alpha world)[/color]

    [color=#000000]Alpha 1.0.5 - Update.

    Alpha 1.0.6 - Find cactus and create a cactus farm. Make a boat and sail around a bit.

    Alpha 1.0.8 - Get 64 leather. Get three buckets o' milk. Make a full set of leather armor.

    Alpha 1.0.9 - Build a floating castle.

    Alpha 1.0.10 - Update

    Alpha 1.0.11 - Make a large reedfarm, with the interior being made out of bricks. Make a large library on the floating castle. Make a panic room with some emergency supplies.

    Alpha 1.0.14 - Kill 64 chickens. Gather 64 eggs. Make a jukebox. Make a bedroom in your floating castle. Make a bedroom in your panic room. Must have a jukebox in each bedroom. Have both music discs.

    Alpha 1.0.15 - Update. (Optional, almost impossible to complete: Find a SMP server and JOIN!)

    Alpha 1.0.17 - Make a floating farm on a seperate floating island. Make a farm on your indev island. Make a farm on your infdev island. All farms must be surrounded by fences. Make your cactus farm(if it isn't already) outside, and fence it.

    Alpha 1.1.10 - Make a compass and travel all the way back to your indev world. Smelt 100 iron using a lava bucket. Make a infinite water pool if you don't have one already. Make a cobblestone generator. Add another floating island full of lava for burning stuff. And make it have 12 furnaces to smelt.

    Alpha 1.2.0 - Make 16 watches. Travel to The Nether and gather two stacks of EVERY material there. Kill 64 ghasts. Kill 64 zombie pigmen. Replace most torches in your house with glowstone. Replace only a FEW lights with jack-o-lanterns. Have 2 normal pumpkins. Wear a pumpkin during this whole phase. Expand out your floating island to find new biomes using a large bridge. Put up ALL paintings in Minecraft in the panic room bedroom, and your bedroom. Make a obstacle course on a seperate floating island to test out sneaking. Make a seperate floating island for fishing.

    Alpha 1.2.2 - Find and use a no-longer-supported texture pack for the precise version. [/color]

    [color=#8B0000]-Times Of Renovation And Technology-[/color]
    [color=#000000]Beta 1.0 - Make a larger cobblestone generator that produces 20 cobble at once. Make a Minecart that spans your whole world. Visit your indev world for a whole day, and check out the caves. Build a large flying nether castle. Make a farm in The Nether. Expand your panic room in anyway. Add diamonds to your panic room. Add a diamond sword to your panic room.

    Beta 1.2 - Make five stacks of charcoal. Make a tree farm if you don't have one already. Make a noteblock song on a floating nether island, make every wool dye and style all your rooms with every color, even if its just one block. Collect 64 ink sack. Collect 64 of every new log type. Make a dispenser trap for mobs. Make a cake.

    Beta 1.3 - Add beds to all your bedrooms. Use the new redstone repeaters to make anything. Make all new slabs.

    Beta 1.4 - Tame two wolves. Make cookies.

    Beta 1.5 - Have a floating island for EVERY weather condition. This means you must have a floating islands capable of receiving all weather. So, one rain island, One thunder island, etc. Kill a electric creeper. Kill a overworld zombie pigman. Get all achievements. Expand your tree farm to have all new saplings. Expand your minecart system to have boosters. Make some kind of system to use the detector rails. Get 3 porkchops from burning pigs. Must be cooked.

    Beta 1.6 - Get enough maps to cover your entire world. Make a whole new mineshaft, that enters using a trapdoor system. Make another floating island, dedicated to having flowers and tall grass. Make a large mushroom farm on a floating island.

    Beta 1.7 - Get ready for intense adventure. You must make sticky pistons work in your panic room, using a redstone system of a password that you have to solve. Shear 64 sheep. Make a new floating island full of leaf blocks collected by shears. Make a new mineshaft using 64 TnT activated from a floating island using redstone. Make a redstone piston doorways in your house, some of them using passwords using redstone. Make a cobble+brick building designated for adventure. Make 64 TnT. Make 3 stacks of arrows. Make a new diamond sword. Make a Nether adventure station using pistons. Make your nether portal be guarded by both sticky and normal pistons. Make a mob grinder using a dungeon. Make a mob grinder WITHOUT a dungeon, it must collect atleast 6 string a minute.

    Beta 1.8 - Find a ravine and light it completely. Make a ravine into a house. Find a abandoned mineshaft and explore it completely. Find a stronghold, and completely explore it. Kill 12 silverfish. Kill 64 Endermen. Have 64 Enderpearls. Make a stronghold into a house. Make a floating stone brick castle, complete with all possible farms, a large cobble farm, and a mob grinder. Have two chests full of food. Stacked. Eat 64 rotten flesh. Make a pumpkin farm spanning 64 blocks on its own floating island. Make a melon farm spanning 64 blocks on a seperate floating island. [/color]

    [color=#8B0000]-Times Of Change And Delusion-[/color]
    [color=#000000]Beta 1.9 PR 1 - Go to the Nether, kill 64 blaze, 64 magma cubes. Make a Nether panic room using sticky pistons, pistons, redstone, make it have diamond sword inside, and some diamonds. Also a flint and steel. Expand any kind of Nether house to have Nether Brick and Nether Fence. Add snow golems to your indev island, so they defend your house! They must be encased in fences so they're security. Gather 64 lily pads. Build a floating island on the new swamp biome. Shear a mooshroom.

    Beta 1.9 PR 2 - Make the world hardcore for 7 ingame days using a editor of your choice. After this, switch it back to normal. Get a fermented spider eye. Get 64 spider eyes. Get 2 magma cream. Make 64 glass bottles. Make a floating island that can lift up mobs using a piston staircase dedicated to being a mob farm.

    Beta 1.9 PR 3 - Make a enchanting table in your library. Make 64 potions. Enchant all of your diamond tools. Enchant all of your armor. In the panic roo myou made for the nether, and overworld, and your bedroom. Add in FULL enchantment and potion making sets. Make a Eye of Ender.

    Beta 1.9 PR 4 - Make 64 glistering melons. Use a 32x texture pack made just for this release. Make a stone, iron, and diamond pickaxe have silk touch. Stash away most of your gear. Pack some stone tools, stuff for a cobble generator. Stuff for all kinds of farms. Four buckets of water, a enchanted diamond sword, and pack away all crucial supplies. And survive in The End for as long as you can. Once you die, go back to normal playing. No need to go back.

    Beta 1.9 PR 5 - Find a slime. Achieve ALL new achievements.[/color]

    [color=#8B0000]-Times of Settlement-[/color]

    [color=#000000]1.0.0 - Slay the EnderDragon.
    1.1.0 - Enchant five bows. Enchant a bow with infinity. Make a golden apple.[/color]

    [color=#000000]1.2.5 - Get all types of kitties, make a large tree-house in the jungle, add jungle trees to your tree farm, build a mob farm with different type of woods for each animal. Light up your houses with redstone lamps![/color]
    [color=#000000]1.3 - Find a desert village. Find a temple! Setup a mob trap using tripwires. Trade with the desert villagers and get 10 emeralds in the process. Build a enderchest and store a written book in it! Build a log cabin using sideways wood. Find cocoa beans in a jungle.

    [color=#FF0000]Each Time Minecraft Is Updated, This Challenge Will Be To. New Challenges To Each Patch! So Stay Tuned For More Challenges & Epicness![/color]


    [color=#000000]1. No Hacking
    2. No Mods, Unless The HD Texture Pack Fixer
    3. Don't ***** About It Being To Hard, Go Back To Your Hello Kitty Online Character![/color]


    [color=#8B0000]Champions Of Minecraftia[/color]



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    Dear Shin,
    Your anger and rage is doing nothing. I already said that we do have rude humor but to be honest we all do. Our difference is that we are not rude and difficult to people we don't know. Unfortunately you do sound like a buffoon due to the fact you're so offended and upset about the fact I said text talk is the buffoon. We would rather look somewhat probational because we were learned our English skills. And thank you for the wish of a "Super duper nice day".
    We hope you have a nice day as well,
    The Crew of Creeper Craft

    We would rather look somewhat probational because we were learned our English skills. And thank you for the wish of a "Super duper nice day".
    We hope you have a nice day as well,
    The Crew of Creeper Craft

    probational because we were learned our English skills. And thank you for the wish of a "Super duper nice day".
    We hope you have a nice day as well,
    The Crew of Creeper Craft

    we were learned our English skills

    lol. delicious, delicious, irony.
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    To install it, you need to head to your C drive, windows, and delete everything you can in there, proceed to restart.

    Please do this.
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    One of the things I always felt missed out of Minecraft? Ambience. Sure, it has a great feel with the textures, but it could be so much more. Minecraft could always use ambient sounds, a nice new texture pack, maybe some new fancier lighting, better sound effects, maybe new water?

    I'm not a coder, or much of a artist. The least I could do, is get my friend Arioch to help me put this all together, The Ambience Guide. The goal is to help users..
    • Improve the sounds of Minecraft
    • Put in a nice lovely soft texture pack with vibrant colors
    • Have smooth nice sounds fitting the area's the users are exploring, with MAtmos
    • Have bright and beautiful lighting in their Minecraft worlds, with the amazing shader mod.
    • And perhaps, at some point, make the water pretty with the water shader mod.
    This guide will have links to the mods and texture packs deeply recommended to help Minecraft feel more ambient, and "pretty".

    Me and Arioch are going to be putting together a MAtmos custom sound library to help Minecraft have great ambient sound effects, we are as well going to put in a very nice soundpack, that sounds more realistic.

    So, me and Arioch present to you, The Ambience Guide. With this guide, in the 3 simple steps, you're Minecraft will look better, and sound better, hopefully.

    Step 1 - Making Minecraft Look Pretty

    This part will have nothing made by me or Arioch, credit goes out to everyone who made these great mods/texture packs!

    The first thing needed to help Minecraft look pretty, is a texture pack. I'm going to be giving out options to everyone with different machines.

    The most recommended pack for the full experience, may be a little CPU-hungry.. It's Aza's Arid Pack! This beautiful and vibrant texture pack is full of rich colors that look great no matter what you do, this will ofcourse require McPATCHER by Kahr, which you can get here. http://www.minecraft...-hd-fix-236-03/

    Aza's Arid Pack is a 128x128, please use it if you know your computer can handle it, get it here.


    Is your computer unable to run a 128x128? Why not try out a 32x32?

    Summerfields is a beautiful texture pack by lithiumsound, it is 32x32.

    Summerfields, like Aza's Arid Pack, has beautiful colors and textures, whilst being less stressful on the computer by being 32x32, it still requires McPATCHER which can be gotten from above. Get Summerfields here - http://www.minecraft...-550k-download/

    Can't even run 32x32? You poor soul, don't worry. We thought of you too. We have a 16x16 texture pack ready for you.

    We just didn't think that long about you, sorry.

    blahblahblah by Gazzzah is a very nice texture pack that doesn't stary TOO far from the normal minecraft feeling, of-course, if you're sticking to 16x, you may as well stay to the basic texture pack. :) Get it here - http://www.minecraft...w-creative-gui/

    Once you have your chosen texture pack installed, and McPatched, it's time to move on. Let's improve Minecraft's "ambience" with some more.. aesthetic stuff!

    A basic mod I recommend is the 3D items mod, this is a small thing, but it is very nice to have.

    You can get this nice mod by Quintinity here - http://www.minecraft...tems-v12-forge/

    It's a personal thing, if you don't want it, don't get it.

    Sonic Ether's unbelievable shaders is one of the most core parts of this mod, this mod changes the shaders up, allowing DYNAMIC, SHADOWS in Minecraft. You can get it here - http://www.minecraft...c-shadows-more/

    ted80andModderkip's Better World Generation mod is one of my favorites of all time, it brings back some of the 1.7.3 generation, allowing better beaches, and epic mountains like it was from that version, while still keeping all the new biomes, etc. Why not have a better looking world too? Get it here - http://www.minecraft...rge-compatible/

    Advanced HUD TurboSlow allows you to change up the HUD to your liking, a very nice addition. Get it here - http://www.minecraft...ts-ooh-and-aha/

    Step 2 - Making Minecraft Sound Nice

    -coming soon-

    Step 3 - Posting Your Swag

    Once you have everything set up to your liking, post some pictures, videos, reviews, etc. We have a sound pack and a ambient sound pack coming soon. I have a video coming soon once we get the sound pack and the ambient sound pack completed.
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    *grabs a bag of popcorn*

    Let the flame wars begin, I'll sit here and watch.
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    This layout is awful. For one: The forum pages are terrible. Seriously. Everything is amazingly cluttered, I go to the mods section and I'm like. "Hey ne- no wait thats a announcement. HE- no wait.."

    The forums are no where near faster, they are actualyl slower, the images refuse to load osmetimes. The layout is god awful on all posts, most things are broken.

    I have about had it with Curse. I will seriously leave this forum if I do not see a revert or MAJOR improvements.

    I have seen ZERO improvements ever since Curse got involved.

    "Improving performance" is a dirty filthy lie.

    Edit: Why the **** is my profile photo my avatar?

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    Don't forget to write "YES! YES!" into the PDA!

    Damn. It didn't do anything.

    Quote from sportakus2

    write in PDA:"what is this place? and where i am ? how i escape?"

    Well. That genius plan didn't work.

    Quote from KuruKuruGuy

    Insert key into seemingly meaningless wall.

    That wall IS useless.

    Oh what am I saying?

    It has a use!

    Trapping you inside!

    Quote from Gameguy602

    Punt the pda at the wall.

    **** NO.

    That PDA could be important, and you don't want to break it!

    Quote from JnrDingo

    Use the PDA to call the army to detonate a hydrogen bomb at your location

    Are you serious? A hydrogen bomb would probably kill you too!
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    Quote from NinjaKAdv

    You revert time! LIKE A BOSS!!!!

    Quote from OpelSpeedster

    I second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, nineth, and tenth this.

    The only way to fix this issue of you being a skeleton is.. TO BEND TIME!


    ok your back in time now
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    Quote from magicalSlime

    Use your :iapprove: as a key, and if it does not work, then sit in a corner and play with your :iapprove:

    You unzip your pants, and attempt to fit your :iapprove: in the keyhole. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit. But you look below your :iapprove: and see your :Notch:'s. You attempt to fit them in as well, but with no luck.

    You consider touching your self in the corner. But you realize this is not the time to :steve_blushing: off.
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    Quote from Gameguy602

    Search "Honey Badgers"

    Quote from Shin

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