About Me
-I am a Time Lord.
-I sport an iPhone, but can't stand Macs.
-I spend too much time on Xbox Live.
-I use Netflix much more often than I watch television.
-If I had an English accent, I would talk all the time just to hear myself.
-I can find the malice in anyone's heart.
-I have an extremely vast vocabulary, but I don't use most of it just so my friends can keep up.
-I hate idiots.
-People that abbreviate short words annoy me.
-I daydream in anime.
-I wear jeans that are comfortable, which sometimes includes skinnies.
-I text way more than I probably should.
-I laugh at inappropriate times.
-Music is my life.
-My self-esteem is questionable.
-I don't usually like blonde hair.
-Ppl dat tlk lyk dis mke me s1ck.
-I spell out absolutely everything, save for contractions.
-I don't like to talk about my own problems.
-I don't trust easily, but when it is earned, I'll never let you down.
-High school kids annoy me.
-I hate that people toss around "I love you."
-I hate when people say 'like' in a sentence fourteen times.
-I hate people that always try to one-up me.
-Linkin Park is my favorite band.
-If I was a doctor, I'd be like Perry Cox from Scrubs.
-If I was THE Doctor, I'd have magnificent adventures in my TARDIS.
-Zombies are awesome.
-Samurai are awesome.
-Vampires suck.
-Ninjas rock, but are over-rated.
-I love the colors green and purple.
-I can read you like a book.
-At the end of the day, I'm my own worst enemy.
-I play Call of Duty: Black Ops.
-I rock an Xbox 360.
-I can't stand when people laugh at jokes they don't understand.
-I can't stand when people follow trends but don't know why.
-People that can't see past their own opinions annoy me.
-I'm very tall.
-I listen to Rock, Rap and J-Rock.
-I'm a HUGE nerd.
-I hate Owl City.
-I hate what has become of Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.
-Facebook murders my productivity much too often.
-I want to write a best-selling book, but can never make myself sit down and write.
-You'll either love me or hate me. There's no in between.
Interests Music, Doctor Who, Video Games, Psychology, Women, Tattoos, Writing, Singing, Art, Literature, Graphic Design, Sarcasm, etc.

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