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    Main Challenges:

    1. Find the Hidden Nether Portal
    2. Go to the Nether
    3. Enter the End Chamber
    4. Go to the End
    5. Kill the Enderdragon
    6. End the Game!
    7. Decipher a Wakan Language Sign
    8. Find King Waka
    9. Collect the Enderdragon Egg
    10. Complete King Waka’s Quest
    11. Find the 3 Hidden Wither Skulls
    12. Make the Wither Boss
    13. Kill the Wither Boss
    14. Get a Nether Star
    15. Find all of the Artifacts
    16. Complete all of the Quests
    17. Find all of the Wakan God Shrines
    18. Mine a Diamond!
    19. Find both Dungeons


    1. Never ever use peaceful. Play on at least easy all of the time.
    2. No cheating or mods that give advantages.
    3. Do not fall off the island to replenish hunger or health.
    4. Don’t open to LAN to use cheats (Unless randomly teleported)
    5. Don’t break any Command Blocks!
    6. Don’t kill king waka!!!
    7. Don’t jump off of the islands to regenerate hunger or health!
    8. No Third Party Mods that will help you reach goals faster or cheat in any way!


    If you are randomly teleported, you may cheat back unless you have the materials to get back.

    Multiplayer: Make sure command blocks are enabled


    SheriffBenny: Porting To PE/Bedrock

    Xenoncorpse: Original Maker https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/maps/1504505-surv-waka-islands-v1-1-5-450-000-downloads-1-8

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/15uzsb7nm8s58yd/Waka_Island_Survival.zip/file

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