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    posted a message on [1.2.4] More Building Blocks Mod v1.1.7
    Wow they look amazing you should make a 1.2.5 version. D=
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    posted a message on Mod help D;
    Oh so its patcher and forge? o.o they worked fine til I tried to add more blocks, decorative mod, better than villagers, smart move. Programs are odd.o. o thank you so much. ^.^
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    posted a message on Mod help D;
    I need a little help with mods I have
    Mo' creatures
    Johnsmith texture pack
    jammy furniture
    too many items
    decorative mod
    more blocks
    better than villagers
    smart move
    with the MCPatcher which mkes things so much easier to install and fixes the graphics itself.
    when I do this all it crashes at start up id what I'm doing wrong other things I have to make thing things work are:
    Custom Mod Spawner
    spawner gui
    gui ap
    and minecraft forge
    I've read the forge thing can mess up mods but I also need it to make some work like mo creatures and jammy D=
    (I'm a noob by the way so idk what I'm fully doing v.v)
    Any help would be appreciated! :D ty.
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