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    It depends...

    I started playing Minecraft all the way back to 1.8, though 1.7.10 was the real version I played first but soon after there was the upgrade. And I / we kept playing but if you really want to enjoy something you should also take breaks. Though... the introduction of copper and the decrease of iron had a negative effect on the both of us and we kinda stopped playing for a long(er) time.

    Before last December I think neither of us have played Minecraft intensively for well over 2 years!

    Yet here we are... Last Holliday season I finally took a check off my bucket list and set up a (private) Forge LAN server, allowing my gf and me to both play modded Minecraft. As I hoped the modded part seriously refueled our interest in the game; we even expanded our custom collection of mods with a few more "modern" ones.

    And we're still playing :P

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    Worst case scenario a repeating commandblock...

    /execute if @e[type=minecraft:spider,distance=..20] run kill @s

    Of course this may cause you some other issues such as drops now appearing around the structure. Well, that can be fixed as well if need to:

    /execute if @e[type=minecraft:spider,distance=..20] run data merge entity @s {DeathLootTable:"minecraft/vex"}

    Maybe this is a bit overkill but... it works. Oh: you need to use the second command before the first one, obviously. Hope this can help too!

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