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    posted a message on UltimateUnion! Big Hub Server Project! Factions, and Prison! Need TONS of staff!
    IGN: BlockstheBlocks (Long story)
    Age: 12 but mature
    List skillset: Medieval Buildings, Fantasy, Modern
    Position that you're applying for ( Rank and Server ): Factions Builder
    Expierence as Staff: As staff, I've been an admin on one server, since I don't like having positions higher than normal players when it is a survival server. As a builder, I have quite a lot of experience.
    Hours you can provide a day: Around 9 hours or so.
    Your Timezone: GMT + 8 or 9
    Skype: None ._.
    Reason for wanting this position: I like to build for other people, and doing this would give me firsthand experience of building for a whole server, and not just for a rank up on Creative Servers
    Extrahttp://imgur.com/a/RICaZ (Go through the whole thing please, the first picture was just an experiment at Rustic)
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    posted a message on ✷ ✷ Legion Heroes is back! | Major Upcoming TIME TRAVEL RPG Server | Dragons AND spaceships? | NO DATES CONFIRMED YET ✷ ✷
    1. Age: 12 (Yet mature, don't worry about it.)
    2. Building Experience: (/10) 8/10,
    3. Experience with World Edit: (/10) 6/10
    4. imgur.com/a/RICaZ Note: Go down the whole list of pictures, please.
    5. How long have you been playing Minecraft? I have been playing Minecraft for around 2 years.
    6. Sadly, I have no skype.
    7. Castles (Depends on what kind of castle), Houses.
    8. No, I don't have much experience with coding.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Gets New Developer, Sells to EA
    Aaaapril fooools! ^_^

    @^^, It's April 1st for me
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    posted a message on [3+ years open] BeastsMC Creative || Free WorldEdit || Freebuild || 115x115 Plots Optional || No Whitelist || Best Anti-Grief
    IGN: BlockstheBlocks (long story)
    Building history(optional): I build exceptionally in the field of Medieval, and currently attempting to build Modern. (Quite hard since Medieval and Modern are 2 completely new fields with their own nuances and such.)
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    Oh dear.. Okay then. My timezone is GMT + 8, therefore I can come on at 10 o' clock GMT + 8 - 12, 3 - 6 and 9 afterwards, as long as it is GMT + 8.

    I am quite good with teamwork, so don't worry. Large builds are fine, I am currently working on Equilibrium, a Space Station I am building.

    BTW, is the server up right now?

    Edit: I just saw your post count, and I see why your title is now the meaning. I get that reference.
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    IGN: BlockstheBlocks (Long Story)
    Age: 12 yet mature enough.
    Skype: I don't have one. If this is a problem, I don't mind being rejected.
    Experience(How many years of playing Minecraft, etc): About 2 years.
    Skill/Specialty(Modern/Futuristic/Medieval/BIG Arenas/Interior/Outdoor): Medieval
    How many hours can you play a day?: Quite an amount, however it is the summer break, and that could change.
    Are you with or used to be with FyreUK?: No.
    How committed will you be to the server? Quite committed if I enjoy the company of you guys, which I probably will.
    Proof of work(Screenshot/Link to screenshot): http://imgur.com/a/RICaZ (Go through the whole thing, please.)
    Comments on experience/skill/other: I have some experience in Medieval architecture. Wood + Stone and all.
    Questions?: Not many, I like to keep quiet with my questions.
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    posted a message on ★★LavaCraft PvP Server★Needs Staff★Factions & Skyblock★★
    IGN: BlockstheBlocks (Long story, very late (It was my birthday) so on so forth ^_^)
    Age: 12 (Unlike most people my age, I am very helpful, and kind. Sadly, restrictions on playing limit me to my weekends.
    No Skype.
    How long have you been playing on servers?: I have been playing on servers for over 2 years now, and I have been playing on servers that have been biased (OP factions, flying for donators and so on), and played on relatively not-well know servers. I have also played on Mithrintia's server, got up to Member, then was intermittent in logging in for a long time. Currently still member. :P
    I would like to be a builder, and if not, just a small position such as Mod. I want to be a builder so that I may improve in building medieval buildings that look pleasing for other people, and not just me. I can take criticism, and I would like helpful criticism when it comes to my work/moderation. ^_^
    Experience: I have experienced being an Admin for a server on the UK, which led to me lagging a lot. I was still able to help players, so I know what to do in a stealing/griefing situation (Different rules and plugins apply, though.)
    Contact Info: Well, just PM me here. My email has my real name in it, and I don't want to expose THAT.
    Dedicated time: My weekends, which are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (Unless you are in the US, wherein it's Thurs, Fri, Sat.)
    What I can bring to the server: I can build sort of well, detailed exteriors. I will need help on the interior (Seeing as I'm used to exterior work.)
    Proof of Work: I don't neccessarily want to add any proof, I have a W.I.P. Build, though it's not that good. Very much work in progress, very much work in progress....
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    posted a message on W.I.P: Medieval Structure Pack
    A building pack, just for the community! I am (Work in Progress) making a building pack. So far, I have only constructed one building, but don't fret, I am going to update this everytime I finish 2 buildings. I hope to be useful to the different players who want to use this in their builds, so I allow that, for as long as you include credit. I am quite the newbie on the forums, but not a newbie to Minecraft. Feel free to comment down below for suggestions....

    https://www.curse.co...g-pack-ver-0-50 <------ Download link!

    Get the zipped up file, and extract the folder within (The world folder).
    Hop into your .minecraft folder (Windows 7, XP, Vista, run %appdata%. For Mac users, I am not quite sure.)
    Open up the saves folder, and drag and drop the world folder in.
    Run Minecraft, choose the map, and rock and roll!

    Credits to Mithrintia and Gazamo, whom through their group's server (Mith) and building shorts and tutorials, (Gazamo) I have come to learn how to build today.
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    posted a message on The GRID [No Whitelist] [No Wipes] [Up 4+ Years] [Friendly & Mature] [Anti-Grief] [WorldEdit] [VoxelSniper] [Live Map]
    Ahem... This server has all of the above plugins, and mods. It does have a friendly community, and the server moderators and admins are friendly, and everyone has a good time building and checking out each-other and giving information to help each-other. All in all a great server, fun and enjoyable for all, and best if your looking for a fun creative server.
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