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    Quote from Villanelo

    The luckiest thing?

    Having a girlfriend who loves videogames even more than I do, and being able to play with her (Minecraft, and a few other games) almost everyday (that we have a free day together... which is not that often, but hey...)

    Of course, everytime we play Minecraft together, we start arguing about everything in the end, but still, I consider myself very lucky :P

    She's watching you now isn't she? ;)
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    From the pictures it looks like you may not have included an FTP server, I would suggest adding this and putting it into the same menu as the drop down for bukkit, tekkit, webserver as well so people could easily configure it.

    It may also be worth having the browser come with default bookmarks to the various minecraft sites, like http://bukkit.org/ for super simple use.
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