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    posted a message on Request New Block Types.

    I feel as though I am late to the game asking for things like this but building is so much fun I figured I would ask anyway.

    I feel like the following two block types would be amazing to have.

    Currently we have a Horizontal Slab.
    ** - A Vertical Slab would be so useful. I have tried to come up with reasons this does not exist and not being a developer or someone who plays on pvp servers I just cant come up with one.

    This one I am sure will never happen.
    ** - A "Nugget" The ability to break a Wood Planks, Stone and (Cut Stone), Copper blocks... in to quarter blocks.
    I know some of the same functionality can come from walls and fences but I think this would bring more to the game for builders without the need for mods.

    If these are something that will just never happen please feel free to reply. I would love to hear from a developer.

    Thanks for the endless entertainment.

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