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    posted a message on What do you mostly do while playing MC?
    I like to sit at my computer, whilst playing Minecraft.
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    posted a message on What are some stupid ban/kick/jail reasons you have seen or experienced?
    I had been playing on a server for a week. Had some pretty good supplies and a good home. I found someone else's home and they had an iron door; I didn't have a pickaxe on me, and if I mined it I could of been banned, so I made a switch with what I had and I placed it in front of the door and opened it.

    Someone had loaded a room right under of the house with TNT, I was banned for griefing...
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    posted a message on Notch Teases a Secret Currently in Minecraft
    "While all the recipes have been discovered, Notch says there is still something secret in the game nobody has discovered yet"

    What I'm thinking so far:

    -It's not a secret recipe, Notch stated that.

    -The '-removed herobrine' could be a clue in each update. I know Herobrine is a legend made up by someone on the forum then turned into a mod, but maybe Notch did add a little secret linked to him, knowing that because of all of the 'he's not real!' going along on the forums and in the game he could of slipped him in (or something linked to him, more likely) without anyone knowing. The '-removed herobrine' could be a major clue.

    -A secret seed? A seed that Notch implemented in the code right under our noses that spawns in a weird world or something.

    -Thinking through all of the un-used items, maybe it has something to do with the dragon egg, or sponge or something?

    -He could be trollin' us.

    Edit: Found something interesting. Posted by a player named bluestorm96 on another thread.

    Quote from bluestorm96

    Title anyone?

    Caused by flipping the less than symbol in the if statement (

    *Returns to lurking in the shadows*

    Could be something, It's actually in the code?
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    posted a message on Top 10 things
    1. Diamonds
    2. TNT
    3. Silk Touch
    4. Dragons
    5. Baby Animals
    6. Mycellium
    7. Mooshroom Cows
    8. Ocelots
    9. Jungles
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    posted a message on The Ultimate Guide in Factions
    Quote from Tjakka5

    Want to become the most untrustworthy faction ever?
    Read this:

    1. Join a server
    2. Join a faction
    3. Gain trust
    4. Steal stuff
    5. Leave faction
    6. Repeat step 2-5 a few times.
    7. Start your own faction.
    8. Gain members.
    9. Follow tips above.

    Extra tip:

    New members mostly just wander around, and can see your faction, and might grief it,
    Instead, build your faction underground, you are also closer to ores there.

    Watch out for the monsters however!

    I've been playing Minecraft for a long time, only in smp, and only in fraction raiding servers, and this is the most pathetic way to create a faction. It will never been successful, I've seen literally hundreds of these types of factions and they don't go far.

    1. Build your base 3 blocks from height limit in the sky, or at layer 6 underground.
    2. Have 7+ blocks ceiling above your base (easy to do underground) to stop people from down hacking into your base.
    3. Do not invite anyone you have the slightest suspicion about. Trust and quality over ranks quantity.
    4. Set up proper rules in the faction, anyone with minus power gets kicked and re-invited once their power is at the max again. Make it as strict as possible but not so strict that it starts to turns members to leave.
    5. There are three proper ranks. Member/Recruit as default, Moderator, and Admin which is the owner. Members can only build in public land or land set for them by the admin, moderators have bypass to everything - only mod people you really trust, it's next to admin rank literally overpowered, and admin which can do everything including de-ranking mods and ranking mods. I suggest not using these as the only ranks. Set up a system with ranks such as: Member, Senior, Veteran, *Moderator, **Owner. ** = Admin * = Mod. Member has default permissions for public lands and certain areas. Senior as ownership to more land. Veteran has ownership for even more land. Moderator has ownership for all land and Admin has power over everything. Use the /f title command and the /f owner command.
    6. Do not be a douche to your members. You're not the supreme overlord, treat your members as equals and make sure they're happy to reduce the amount of betrayal by a huge chunk. Also make sure your members get on well together. If there is a conflict between members kick both of them until they sort it out, in past experience one trusted member betrayed because he got pissed off by another member.
    7. Make sure you have everything you need, a grinder, an obsidian converter, etc. with easy access for all members.
    8. Protect your base with water and obsidian, protecting it with lava does not work as tnt still does not reduce all of a tnt's damage. Make sure there are no caves nearby or under.
    9. Use two doors to use as an air-lock (but a player-lock), so if you open a door an enemy can't quickly run through it because they'll be another. Open the door, close it behind you, make sure no enemy is between the doors and open the second door and close it once through.

    As for raiding, first see if you can glitch up into it from a cave below, it works most of the time. Tnt cannons are the main way people do it but you can cobble lava/water over their base if it's wrapped with water up the top to tnt down. If there is a base 10 layers of water behind sea level it is possible to cannon by making the cobble and blasting through each layer through the water, it works. Use mobs, items, any of the Minecraft physics to get in.
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    posted a message on PvP=Mess
    Quote from Consequence6

    Minecraft isn't supposed to be a game about pvp.

    What is Minecraft meant to be about then?

    Minecraft is Minecraft, the main focus of the game could be anything it depends on the player and what that player likes. For some it may be the exploring, adventuring, travelling through caves and fighting off mobs in your way. For some it may be sandbox, building, creating anything you like. For some it could be the redstone aspect which is what they may find the main focus of the game for them, and for some - player verses player combat is one, gearing up in armour, stashing up on potions, pearls, lava and water buckets and heading out to fight other players for fun.

    Although, you cannot just suggest ways for some people to help them with player verses player combat, dropdragon obviously knows all of these tactics but that is not the point at all.

    At the moment pvp is just a slapping contest - whoever can hit the most accurately wins, there is no dodging, you just keep hitting each other clicking as fast as possible until the other person is dead, that's all there is to pvp in most cases. This happens the majourity of the time.
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    posted a message on when did this game get nerfed?
    The combat changes were mainly changed for player verses player combat as with even diamond armour it would be so easy to kill someone in a few hits. Mobs are getting an AI improvement when Jeb releases the next update so that might be interesting.

    If you want a challenge try looking into some mods that change mob spawning rates and AI. It's a sandbox game you can do whatever you want to change the game to what you want it to be like. :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on Camera Studio [V2.18] (standalone - MODLOADER - FORGE) (VIDEO RECORDER)
    Quote from Sushen

    No, the only way to turn it off is to edit the configuration file.
    But that's pretty simple :wink.gif:
    Why do you need a command to do that ?

    Oh, I don't think I quite read the thread properly, I can turn it off now. Thanks, it's a great mod.
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    posted a message on Spawner Eggs - They have a LOT more uses then you think...
    I was testing out spawner eggs I found they were very useful when I needed a mob in one place, but they have a lot more uses then you may think. I searched the Minecraft wiki to look up on details about the eggs, I found out the Snow Golems, Giants, Enderdragons, and the Spider Jockey don't have their spawner eggs.

    So I searched the page and found that you can spawn spawner eggs for them (except for the Spider Jockey as it is 2 separate entities) by using the /give or /item, /i command for example. As an example I typed /i 383 1 53 it will give you the giant spawner egg, thus allowing you to spawn giants with the right click. 383 being the code for the egg, the 1 being the amount, and the 53 being the mob entity id.

    I got an idea, I searched up for an entity list for mobs and found something incredible.

    Using 20 as the entity ID spawns you a primed tnt spawning egg.
    Using 10 as the entity ID spawns you an arrow egg.
    Using 41 as the entity ID spawns you a minecart egg.
    You can even spawn an endercrystal egg using 200 as the number!
    A full list is at . Down near entity IDs.
    Be careful through as some of them may crash your game.

    There is only one thing I think Jeb should add to them, being able to use them in dispensers, it would be great for adventure maps etc.
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    posted a message on 1.1 Eggs
    Spawning mobs in a click.. on survival mode? Heck no.
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