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    posted a message on Harder than the original sky block!!!
    Harder then original I thought having a tree made upside down under the island...
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    posted a message on PvP=Mess
    Quote from Consequence6

    Minecraft isn't supposed to be a game about pvp.

    What is Minecraft meant to be about then?

    Minecraft is Minecraft, the main focus of the game could be anything it depends on the player and what that player likes. For some it may be the exploring, adventuring, travelling through caves and fighting off mobs in your way. For some it may be sandbox, building, creating anything you like. For some it could be the redstone aspect which is what they may find the main focus of the game for them, and for some - player verses player combat is one, gearing up in armour, stashing up on potions, pearls, lava and water buckets and heading out to fight other players for fun.

    Although, you cannot just suggest ways for some people to help them with player verses player combat, dropdragon obviously knows all of these tactics but that is not the point at all.

    At the moment pvp is just a slapping contest - whoever can hit the most accurately wins, there is no dodging, you just keep hitting each other clicking as fast as possible until the other person is dead, that's all there is to pvp in most cases. This happens the majourity of the time.
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    posted a message on max xp?
    After you get over to hundreds of thousands or something it dissipears and I think it's reset until you reload the world/server.
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    posted a message on efficient smp mob xp farms...a myth
    Mobs jump up one block when they are pushed off a ledge with water. Make water push the mobs, but just before the fall make the water stop for one block where all the mobs will be. The mobs will fall of very quickly either walking off or getting pushed by more.
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    posted a message on PvP=Mess
    Good point.

    People usually just rely on lag. I owned a pvp on one server and that got closed, went onto another server which is a bit more laggy and it sucks.

    Either way the diamond armour is weird for me. It seems that it doesn't absorb any hits and I get killed in less then like 3 hits. Whilst my enemy in the same I hit tons of times and doesn't want to die...
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    posted a message on Minecraft Book of World Records
    Quote from RedstoneGuy1

    Fastest time to find diamonds: Two minutes. Here.

    That video is fake. -.- Look at 0:13 and you'll see he switches the world to a pre-generated one just when it finishes generating. I suggest removing it.
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    posted a message on Minecraft SUCKS
    The game is what you make it to be. You can customize any part of it to fit the type of game you want. If you want it a pure sandbox game look for a mod or create a mod that removes the rpg aspects and leave/add the sandbox features. Minecraft does not 'suck', not all of it's features can fit everyones needs - if you don't like it then change it, or leave it.
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    posted a message on Splash Discovery!
    Yeah, I've seen em all. You can make your own too like XvKarnage said.
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    posted a message on when did this game get nerfed?
    The combat changes were mainly changed for player verses player combat as with even diamond armour it would be so easy to kill someone in a few hits. Mobs are getting an AI improvement when Jeb releases the next update so that might be interesting.

    If you want a challenge try looking into some mods that change mob spawning rates and AI. It's a sandbox game you can do whatever you want to change the game to what you want it to be like. :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on PVP guide for noobs
    Nice guide.

    You should also mention what combat logging is and how to prevent it (such as placing lava in the area they logged out).

    For inventory set up I suggest from left -> right: Weapons first, consumables second, additional after the consumables (lava bucket, water bucket, flint and steel).

    These are my two main inventory set ups. There just the general layout, I usually carry a bit more extra or something less depending on the circumstances. Feel free to use them in the original post.

    Potion Tank:
    Generally what I use to go head on with people, use the two potions, you could use one but two is a good number to have if you miss. The bow is to attract players whilst they're out of melee range.

    Surprise Attack:
    Enderpearl to immediately teleport to the opponent without them suspecting very quickly flint and steel to light them on fire quickly for a quick surprise attack.

    Another tip (you can see in the pictures) is when you don't have enough space in your current inventory and have to stock up in your backup inventory whereas you need to open up an interface (which may not be a very good decision in pvp) is to place any items you need close to shift-click them into your main inventory quickly.

    Hope this helps people with pvp.
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    posted a message on Natural Disasters
    Maybe have it as a world creation option [tick]Natural Disasters :biggrin.gif:

    It would be horrible if it were on creative worlds etc.
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    posted a message on Describe Who You Are
    All of the above - except Lumberjack I guess. It seems to turn night quickly when I go to collect wood, and it's kinda hard to light up the whole area compared to caves.
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    posted a message on Is there any tool or program that records minecraft?
    Fraps fans?

    Nope. This is not what the OP is looking for.

    Here it is:

    You can set a target of where the camera to aim at, set where the player walks, either in a straight line or smoothly between points. Only thing missing is you can't set multiple targets.

    Either way you could try F8 or view smoothing mods to help with recording.

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    posted a message on New object to make explorer easy
    Quote from Glett

    First off all, there's not really any way to do that. Minecraft doesn't know when you're 'in combat'. Plus, people would still use it as a way to get out of situations where they're about to die because of a stupid mistake. If I was going to grief someone's house online, it would be 10x easier to just light it on fire and teleport away.

    Erm, it can tell if you are taking damage or you are knocked. And it probably would work the same way /home works on servers so. And for servers that don't use /home and don't want an item that does anything similar they can just blacklist that item.

    And the same thing you've described could be done with a enderpearl.

    Either way it should take damage every teleport so it only has a certain amount of uses so it isn't overpowered.
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    posted a message on TNT Cannons - OP much?
    It's explosives... of course it's OP.
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