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    Greetings everyone!

    I would like to ask some modder, if he/she is willing to make mods on older (legacy 1.7.10) version for the licence of the idea, the mod and payment.
    Since I am dump in coding, know nothing (like John Snow), and have zero knowledge on Java programming.
    Would someone accept this proposal?
    Discord if someone would like to contact me : Sharyna#2468

    Draco Sharyna

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    Quote from modsbyblast»

    If I have time, I will share a full-fledged mod description about these survival-oriented ideas, if you would listen to it.

    And your welcome ^^ I'm glad you liked my ideas.

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    Greetings everyone!

    I would like to ask for about something like the old' Massive Trees mod can be created in modern minecraft?
    The mod existed on 1.5.2 and 1.6.4 and it was a heart attack to accept it has no other versions of it (ex.: 1.7.10, 1.12.2, and so on).

    So I would like to ask this community, is it possible to someone to recreate that fantastic mod?
    It basicly didn't add more to the world just a bunch of random giant trees that was enough to live for a pack of people comfortably.

    Only thing I know (but no sure if its correct) that the original creator's name was Yggdrasil.
    I add a few picture what I mean about its generations.

    Someone could re-create the mod?

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    Quote from modsbyblast»

    I like the idea since this doesnt exist I think but wouldnt it make it really hard to get to friendly animals? You have to chase a sheep for example just to get some mutton.

    Actually you need to sneak up on it and then to beat to death before its run away or using bow and arrows.
    But yes, it'd give a harder time to the players. But the values for friendly, hostile and neutral mobs can be different. I just described it with some examples.

    Also, another mod idea came to my mind, which is also similar to this noise.
    A mod about stamina.

    It describes what should do it. The players gain a stamina bar that depleted by actions, such as running, swimming, mining, fighting, etc.
    But it would have a kind of state of it with 3 different phase.

    1st phase : The player can do anything and recover fast.
    2nd phase : The player get a state of "Fatigued" which prohibid him/her to do harder task as running, fast swimming, mining and reduce the natural recovery ...
    3rd phase : The Exhausted phase when the player gain negative effects due to its state like slowness, mining fatigue, temporal nausea. And the natural recovery also goes to the lowest value. Recovery potions and similar stuff effects are halved.

    What depletes the stamina the most is : Mining, Sprinting, Fighting, Blocking attacks, Digging, Swimming
    What depletes the stamina in a modest way : Farming, Sailing (boat), Chopping, Fishing, Wearing Armors, Holding Items in your hand
    What do not decrease nor recover : Crafting, Walking,
    What recover stamina : Eating, Standing Idle, Drinking

    While the sleeping recover your stamina after waking up and giving a status as (Well Rested) which is reduce your stamina consumption by 30% for 2-3 minutes (for example. If you eat food with a lot of saturation value also gives a similar effect as (Well Fed) that reduce the stamina consumption by 10% for 30 seconds.

    Also if the player don't sleep, the maximum stamina it can recover continously decrease as the days goes.
    Example :
    After 1 day, only up to 70%
    After 2 days, only up to 40%
    After 3 days, the Fatigued effect are permanent 'till the player sleep.
    But the player needs to sleep as many days to reach the 100% stamina as it's skipped previously. So if a player skipped 2 days, it needs to sleep in the next 2 following days to "unlock" its max stamina.

    The stamina would go with a bar with a value of 100.
    And also there will be some potion to decrease the stamina depletion or recover in an instant, also an echantment for the armors that reduce the consumptions (Fitness or something like that) or increase the regenerations (Refreshment)(both can not exist on the same armor). Also for the items an enchantment like (Lightweight 1-2-3) that decrease the stamina consumption if you use that item.

    What do you think about?

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    If the chance is given, I would describe one, even if I don't like the newest versions of the game, the modding community goes with it.

    So the mod idea is actually a "noise". A noise value with 10 means a radius of 320 blocks, while the 1 just 32 blocks and the lowest with 0.1 only 3 blocks range.
    It means the player would cause noise with each action and those noise would attract or scare mobs.
    For example :
    - Casually walking would cause a constant noise with a value of 3 (from 0.1 to 10),
    - Running/sprinting value would be 7, while running with jumping goes up to 10,
    - Standing idle with "shifting", means sneak, would be the lower as 0.1
    And every action the player do would cause noise, mining, chopping trees, destroy leaves, digging dirt, harvest crops, wearing armor that "tinkles" (like metal), etc.
    And the nose would spread around the player within a radius, the higher the noise its caused, the wider the range.

    The monsters are attracted to these noise, while the animals as the sheep, cow, pig will be scared and run away.
    For example a zombie would detect your running within a 224 block radius and if you can't leave it, it would chase you until you or the monster die.
    Also there would be a poiton that would reduce the noise you cause with some percent, and the enhanced one do this with a higher percent.

    Not too detailed but the rough outlines of the idea are served. I don't know is it a good idea and description or not, but I hope at least understandable since my native language is not english.

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    I just wonder is there anyone who still works on the old 1.7.10.
    I am a legacy version lover so I only play below 1.12.2, mostly on the called 1.7.10 version. And now I planned to create a new modpack for myself and some friends but I stood idle on some missing parts.
    I searched a lot but I didn't find anything that could fill up these small parts or can work properly ...

    I would like to make the modpack incredibly hard with features the 1.12.2 already have.
    Anyone who would willingly could help to create a mod for me/us, it would be a blessing.
    The mod should be small, it only need actually 3, maybe 4 functions with a little "true/false" config settings.
    It'd do the following things :
    - Don't drop wood log (options #1) and wooden planks and stairs (option #2) if the player destroyed it without an axe (a little mod compatibility or something would be good the register the modded logs, planks, stairs and axes)
    - Destroy the leaves would drop sticks in a chance (20% by default)

    - Remove the vanilla ore generation from the world

    I know it's a really, really, REALLY old version by now, but I still enjoy it the most and would like to in the future. And with this mod, it would be (as much as I can say) the most enjoyable one.
    Could anyone help me out with these points?

    Have a nice day to everyone who read this!

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