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    posted a message on my house just disappeared, twice

    happens all the time to everyone perfentyly normal

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    For the first time in a very long time, perhaps years, I felt the pang of loss. Thankfully, I didn't lose any equipment or anything, but it still felt like a punch in the gut. By a VERY strong 9-year-old.

    So, I wanted to see how well my gold farm produced pigmen for XP (I don't care about gold, but I'll keep what they drop, of course). I blocked myself into a little temporary holding platform and left my computer running. Unfortunately, I forgot to check the time so I'm not sure how long I let it run, but probably about three or four hours. This is how I left it:

    I don't know why I have a default skin; I was connected to the Internet. Anyways, this is how it looked when I got back after a few swipes:

    They were piled atop each other in a huge, writhing mount of rotten flesh. I have no idea how many there are. The 'E' says 479, which I think means 479 entities, but some of those are going to be villagers (in the villager farm), horses, and livestock. The bizarre grunts and snorts of hundreds of zombie pigmen to the overwhelming, seizure-inducing chorus of nine giant Nether portals was too much for me and I muted my speakers. It was crazy. Notcie my FPS was a crawling 11 at the lowest and only 28 at best!

    Every swing of my sword, Frost Fate, was hailed with a shower of gold (not like that, Mr. N_Derman, you sicko) and XP!

    Then, I got a little careless and took a single hit . . . but from who knows how many pigmen:

    Ouch. That hurt.

    Anyway, I survived, panting, and finished off the stranglers before cutting down the block wall around me and reaching for the lever to turn off the machine powered by nine massive gates to hell. That all went fine. Machine shut down. FPS jumped back up to triple digits. I've got 44 levels . . . Time to count my gold!

    As an aside, if you've never used a beacon with an Efficiency V diamond pickaxe, you have no idea how fast it mines stone. It's faster than a diamond shovel through dirt. A lot faster. "Instant" doesn't describe it. It can be difficult sometimes just to mine one block at a time—a single quick click of the mouse can easily take multiple blocks at once.

    What happened next happened all at once. As in, it all in one motion. Obviously, I don't have a picture of this, but I walked across the platform, swung my pick, knocking out the two stone brick blocks . . . but I also took out a cobble slab on the floor, though I didn't notice it. I was already in mid-jump when I saw that I was headed right for a hole—at a lethal height in the air. The walkway was suspended a perilous distance above the cold, hard floor far below.

    No problem. That's what elytra are for. Plus, I'm wearing max-enchant armor. I'll be fine.

    Except, none of that was true. I had taken all my equipment off before I went AFK. No matter how hard I jackhammered my space bar, there were no wings to save me . . .

    Well, there went 44 levels, not that I really care—what am I going to do with them—but like I say, it wasn't a pleasant surprise. I had just narrowly survived moments earlier, healed to full, then suddenly lost everything. What a bummer! That's what I get for hurrying!

    I appeared about 1,000 blocks to the west in another base, but I keep elytra and a stack of fireworks in my ender chest. I rocketed back.

    (Above) There it is, the hole that sent me plummeting to my death . . .

    I ended up with . . .

    . . . 21 blocks, 8 ingots, and 8 nuggets. Not a bad haul!

    Thanks for reading!

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    posted a message on why cured villager increasing their price 1.14.3 ??

    It's probably an aspect of the restocking and supply/demand mechanics, of which I can find very little reliable hard facts about on the Internet. It always seems to get generalized and glossed over.

    Sliced Lime's video on trading doesn't cover it in detail, just vaguely acknowledges there is a base price that's affected by variables like Hero of the Village status effect:

    There's a Price Multiplier column in the tables of the trading section on the wiki, but I saw no explanation for its effect (may just be missing it): https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Trading

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    posted a message on Where can I use these bows and Armors?

    I use my skeleton XP farm mainly to repair my Mending equipment. The bows they drop are used in my enchanting station. If the table doesn't have the level 3 enchantment for a book I like, I enchant a bow at level 1 and check the book's enchantment again.

    Keep a double chest or so. You may be glad you did.

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    posted a message on The Chronicles of Midgard, my Vanilla SSP World Began July 2, 2014

    Again this year, I'm just too tired to do much with Minecraft. But, I did take pictures for the Old Fort Becomes Old Tower section of first post, adding another snapshot to the history books. Quite a noticeable change from last year on this day, with the retaining walls and terraforming behind the castle.

    Here are the pictures I took, plus the same with shaders:

    Quote from leangreen76»

    If you don't post again before the 2nd, HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY!!

    Thank you!

    I'm glad you've not been too hindered by the old chunk borders, they can be terribly troublesome!

    Thankfully, mine, unlike some of yours, are out in the wilderness. I consider them to be like interdimensional rifts where one reality meets another.

    That's the beauty of long worlds like ours, every place/building holds a significant memory or event or just the history of how that area/place came to be! Instead of signs and dates mine s more just folders and folders by year of screenshots! So I can always look back on a certain date and see what I was doing then or how old a build is/when the last time it was developed.

    So true! With more than 12,000 screenshots, I do the same.

    Thankfully there hasn't been an update yet that has made me want to stick to keeping my world in one version I.E. 1.7.3/1.8/1.9. I always wonder if there will be one, I don't know if you feel the same?

    I was greatly looking forward to OptiFine's release of 1.14 . . . Until they changed the patrol-spawning mechanics to all biomes. At the same time, having played a hardcore world in 1.14.2, I was looking forward to the Vindicators being included in the groups. Finally, something that could actually cause a little damage to a careless player in diamond armor! Why they took those out I have no idea. The traders look like they're going to be an annoyance as well.

    All that aside, I think all of us with multi-year worlds are at least a little afraid each time a major update comes along.

    As much as I despise Jeb and Mojang, that's due to the terrible, longstanding bugs and poor programming practices (among other reasons), not the creative direction the game is going. I've liked every update so far, even the ones I've skipped. The new combat update looks really promising. I've said it countless times: just make Minecraft combat Skyrim combat with the serial numbers filed off. All they had to do was make the weapons swing as fast as they can do damage . . . And that's what they did. Step in the right direction at least.

    Uh-oh! 1 min to midnight! Posting!

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    posted a message on So who actually plays singleplayer survival

    It's my now-high-school-aged nephew who got me into Minecraft as well. I saw him playing it and thought it looked ridiculous about six years ago. But, I gave it a chance and we've both been playing it ever since! Peaceful stress reliever I can fit into my daily schedule on rainy days and before bed and such.

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    posted a message on Some travel questions for survival

    My play style is centered on distant adventures. Distant, as in more than 1,000 blocks from my main base near the spawn point. For example, I once rode a horse more than 20,000 blocks one way looking for a jungle in my large-biome survival world. On horseback, I believe I considered 1,000 blocks a "short trip," 2,500 medium-length travel, 5,000 long-distance travel. Anything less than 1,000 blocks would take less than a Minecraft day to make a round trip on foot overland from Point A to Point B. That's not really "travel" in most standard vanilla worlds.

    On routes between points, I construct little "waypoints" or larger "outposts" every so often depending on the terrain. I have several waypoints of various sizes and function out to about 5,000 blocks in each cardinal direction from spawn.

    The big debate in regard to distant overland travel in survival from one point to another in an established Minecraft survival world is "elytra vs. Nether railway." Again, that would be for regular or semi-regular travel between two fixed points (e.g., between a large base and a smaller outpost).

    In that argument, I firmly maintain the opinion that elytra, especially after firework rockets became a form of propulsion, make all other forms of distant overland travel—especially minecarts, but unfortunately horses as well—utterly and completely obsolete. My derelict Nether hub fell into disuse years ago. My beloved horses are now pasture ornaments, though for years, two fast and strong mounts still stand armored and ready to ride at a hitching rail near the entrance to my main base. What took me multiple full days of gameplay composed of nothing but overland travel by hoof now takes about 15 minutes or so on rocket-powered wings.

    Any work on a Nether hub to reduce overall time spent on travel is wasted if it's not more efficient, of course. (Other than the fact that time spent having fun while playing the game is never wasted.) If it takes less time to get from Point A to Point B by overland travel than it does by Nether railway, then obviously, one should travel overland. For instance, seldom does one make a Nether railway to go just 250 blocks!

    Both sides of the debate clash at longer distances. Going through the Nether reduces the physical distance between two points by about eight times! That's unquestionably a very significant reduction in distance traveled—I will surrender that argument's ground immediately.

    If one is going to walk or ride a horse across rough terrain any distance 1,000 blocks or greater with regularity, one must consider a number of things; logistics like food, first and foremost. Riding 1,000 blocks and back again doesn't requite any, but by foot, one wouldn't want to leave home without at least some. A bed should be taken along with a number of other pieces of standard and emergency equipment such as equipment and tools, wood, a bucket of water—and an ender chest if available (I also always carry a fire resistance potion on my hotbar).

    At the very least, one would want to clear away pesky tree branches on an established overland route. If there's a large gap or ravine in the way of the quickest distance between the two points, one will probably want to erect a bridge or other form of crossing there. Light terraforming is common.

    There's a whole lot more work involved in creating a Nether railway. There's the actual rails, including powering them, but there's also a lot of tunneling and bridging to construct a railway in the Nether. On top of that, an infrastructure to defend against a ghast's rail-blasting explosive fireballs must be at least considered. Pigmen like to wander onto an open railway as well. With fire resistance potions, it may not be much more dangerous than an overland project, but it sure is a slog. One wrong step sends a bridge builder into an ocean of lava. The Nether can just be a pain.

    The elytra's drawback is the entry fee. One must slay the Ender Dragon first before obtaining a set, usually. After that, finding an airship port in the End can be even more dangerous than building in the Nether, possibly a lot more. Then, elytra really need to be enchanted with Mending and Unbreaking III before use—their extremely-low durability practically requires both.

    Unlike horses, rocket-powered elytra require jet fuel in the form of gunpowder and paper. Thankfully, both can be farmed, but even without farms, neither is a harsh requirement. I have an automatic sugarcane farm for paper, but I don't have any sort of farm for gunpowder. Casual game play produces enough for me. I can easily go though a stack of rockets in a day playing Minecraft, but it's building that burns through the most by far, not travel!

    Play style is going to be a strong factor in deciding between the two, making the debate largely subjective. There's plenty numbers to crunch, but what variables should be included are also contended.

    I may someday make a Nether hub to the jungle in my large-biome survival world, but it will be designed for flight, not railway, and I don't plan to start the project any time soon. There's little chance I would consider building a Nether hub for distances of less than 10,000 or so blocks.

    Here are some pictures I found looking through my screenshots folder of just plain old pathways I have used for the five years I've been playing the same vanilla large-biome world. They aren't fancy by any means.

    (Above) Hauling horses back home from a far-off plains biome Oct. 23, 2016. "Home" is roughly X=-500/Z=0. I found them around X=700/Z=1,700. About 2,000 blocks one way.

    (Above) Taken more than a year ago while flying on elytra, this is Longbridge, which connects the Twilight Watchtower on the left (west) with my first and main base in the world, Castle Midgard. Render distance 32. It's right at 1,000 blocks of travel one way by road and bridge between the two bases. On horseback, I can make it there and back between sunrise and sunset if I hurry.

    (Above) A picture of the path that connects Longbridge with the Twilight Watchtower. The other bridge in the picture is Rose Hill Bridge. It leads to the Ranch 34 outpost, barely visible at the top of the image.

    (Above) Here's a random bridge probably built in mid-2016, I think near what would later be discovered is a double mob spawner. I left little toches on the ground to act as flares to guide me home from a distant adventure.

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    posted a message on i cant brew

    Did you put blaze powder in the brewing stand UI where it has the spot for it over on the left?

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    posted a message on The Chronicles of Midgard, my Vanilla SSP World Began July 2, 2014

    Once I learned the forum wasn't going to shut down, my urgency to work on this journal greatly declined. Instead, my efforts shifted to finishing a number of projects around the castle before the upcoming 5th birthday, July 2, 2019. You know, I have to clean the place up a bit for the anniversary—sweep the halls and such.

    I'd like to manage to actually have some sort of "celebration" this go around. What I would really like to do is upload a short series of 10- to 20-minute videos giving a tour of the castle. I found that walking through the castle just briefly looking around with almost no commentary at all took about 45 minutes to do any sort of justice at all for the subject. That was the time it took me on my third attempt after the first one took just over an hour. Regardless, 45 minutes is too long. I wouldn't think anyone would set through that and listen to me blather about my Minecraft world. So, instead of one long video, I'd like to make a short series of the castle's various locations, the list of which has been in the Table of Contents for a very long time now. Looks like there's eight locations.

    The original post is a work heavily in progress, but it's currently the place to go for an overview of the world. I'd like to answer questions and reply to individual posts, but it's late. I just have enough in me to make a short post.

    This was once again going to be a What Have You Done Recently post, but I decided to format and post it here, instead.


    Tonight, I took a brief respite from the labors of terraforming by gliding around just above cloud level, circling Bleach Bone Forest and the Olympian Mountains surrounding the castle. I still enjoy the simplicity of flying around, looking for an interesting place to explore. Usually, I'm looking for a fun new adventure in the deepest, darkest recesses at the bottom of a cave or edging along the sheer face of a ravine, lava bubbling far below me.

    Most might consider it a boring waste of time, but sometimes I like to retrace my steps, enter a shadowy cave I've previously explored, but left only dimly lit, riddled with dark branches that still spawn monsters. I almost always know which routes I took because of my method of placing torches—I hang them on the right-hand wall, but I also have a number of idiosyncrasies when doing so. Often, I can tell a lot by the way in which a torch is placed.

    I also leave a lot of signs for myself, usually just a date. It gives me a chance to reminisce, not just about Minecraft, but about life in general. A whole lot of changes have happened in my life in the five years since Midgard came into existence July 2, 2014. For example, since I started this world, my father was killed in a car wreck. I had returned to college late in life, and have since finished. I've moved across the country. I met my girlfriend and she moved in with me. I could probably go on, but I digress. This is the history of Midgard, not my autobiography!

    As I was rocketing around tonight, I found a sign that I hadn't seen in a while; one dated March 20, 2016. That sounded familiar, but I couldn't quite recall the era in which it was placed. It was four days after I upgraded from Java Version 1.8.9 to 1.9, a significant change in Minecraft. With 1.9 came an off-hand and a redesigned combat system. The game was much different back then. For example, healing potions were commonly used and hunger had a whole lot less of an effect on combat against mobs. Shields didn't exist and weren't needed because skeletons weren't nearly such a threat. Hard to imagine monster AI was even worse than it is now.

    But for me, the biggest change 1.9 brought was the introduction of elytra—but I hadn't yet acquired a set by March 20, 2016. No, turns out that would happen three days in the future as chronicled in my short journal, My Quest for Elytra Complete! (Pic Intense, End-Game Spoilers)

    (Above) Just south of Castle Midgard and north of Hook Mountain on the ridge where the Olympian Mountains meet Bleach Bone's tree line, flying past the lava falls of Mount Doom (not the same as Leangreen76's Mount DOOOooom), the large cave mouth in the center-left of the screenshot is what caught my eye. However, I also noticed the three wooden fences touching my cursor in the picture. I would have placed those to tie a horse, so it's not hard to deduce I explored this area before elytra turned my equine transportation into little more than pasture ornaments. The chunk border errors in the picture are where 1.8 terrain meets 1.7. That was the only upgrade so far where I had any sort of issues with new chunk borders.

    (Above) After landing, I jumped down into a crack in the ground to find this tree with a sign beneath it dated March 20, 2016 around the day I began constructing the castle's highest tower.

    Seeing the tree in the cave tonight sparked a vague recollection of the day.

    It might sound fanciful, but I remember wondering what it would look like growing inside a cave if the tree were really alive. It could get rain and reach sunlight through the crack in the ceiling overhead, but I'm not sure how nourishing the shallow and rocky soil would be. Still, I lived in Colorado where one can regularly see trees seemingly growing out of soil rock, and Colorado isn't the only place I've personally seen trees growing in caves. I day dreamed about it a little bit, then figured it was a nice enough area to do some light terraforming around the entrance from the surface and put up a horse tie-down outside.

    It's only 750 meters to the castle, but that was a fair enough distance through rough country by horseback that I wouldn't come here often. Even at 32-chunk render distance, the Tower of Midgard isn't quite visible from here, but by elytra, of course, it's nothing at all to glide 750 meters on a whim. Even 7,500 meters isn't much of a trip anymore. Back then, I think I considered distances around 1,000 meters to be short, 3,000 to be medium range, 6,000 to be long range, 12,000 to be extra-long, and 20,000 or more to be epic. I rode more than 20 km to find a jungle, and I undertook that voyage in December of 2015.

    Anyway, this is the type of thing that's important to me. I'm not a good builder. The castle is massive and imposing, but it's about as plain as can be. I've said it in my videos and wrote it many times: it's just a decorative traffic controller. I don't much enjoy mining or making redstone contraptions. Farming is a chore; I'm down to just one potato harvest in a real-time year. The adventures I take aren't all about slaughtering monsters or surviving the darkness. They're about finding something that sparks my interest in some way, either in my imagination or memory.

    This tree reminded me of a good time in my life. I can still hear the river waves beat against the sandy banks, echoing in a cave and in my mind. In my memory, I was in my early twenties, siting on a rock drinking beer and watching the barges float down the Ohio river. My best horse—then a young filly—was tied not far away. We were all resting after a long horse ride in the rocky Shawnee National Forest. One of the things I remember about that cave was that it had a crack in the ceiling and a gnarled, tough old tree growing up in its center. It was a good time, and I enjoyed thinking about it. So, on March 20, 2016, I stuck a sign in front of that Minecraft tree knowing that if I were to ever return, it might spark that same good memory in me.

    I was glad it did then, and I was glad it did again tonight. So, I took a screenshot and wrote this post real quick before bed.


    It's a bit hazy now, but I think I fell asleep in my chair while proofreading the above post. I woke up a few hours later with a dry mouth, headache and some dizziness. I very nearly closed the browser window and turned off my computer, but I left it running until I next sat down at the computer. As if someone else had written it, I just now went over it well enough to turn at least turn incoherent ramblings into complete sentences, and clear out the personal lamentations one sometimes writes late at night when too deep in one's cup. Even though it's much to do about nothing, I'm going to go ahead and post it in hopes some reader out there might at least find some mote of entertainment in it.

    At the same time, this post highlights the gradual divergence from the New Castle Era (Dec. 7, 2015 to May 29, 2016) and the Age of Flight (May 30, 2016 to July 11, 2017)—a dramatic transformation in my play style, accomplishments, and objectives. It isn't nearly enough to say the biggest difference between the two was that I rode horses everywhere in the New Castle Era and glided on eyltra using a Punch II bow for propulsion in the Age of Flight. Not to mention the big changes Java version 1.9 brought(!), the way I played, the things I did, and places I went were distinct.

    More importantly, it strikes at the intangible quality that makes Midgard a special survival single player Minecraft world—and it's certainly not the castle! The rich history of its natural locations and my exploration of them in this large-biome world seed is what makes it a unique place. This thread is the chronology of that journey, so in that way, I suppose this post is as important as any.

    Thanks a lot for reading. I appreciate the interest and replies and I promise some day I'll get around to answering questions and the like!

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    posted a message on Question about pets teleporting

    You'll have to either ride the horse home, or lead it back with a leash. Across great distances, it can be a chore, but I've boated across whole oceans while leading them before. I've drug horses more than 6,000 blocks across plains, forest and mountain ranges.

    Be forewarned: Mojang's leash mechanics are downright infuriating. If they would at least make a snapping sound effect when the leash breaks, one wouldn't have to nervously look back every 30 seconds hoping they're still leading their horse or horses.

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    posted a message on Official Corrupted Save Recovery Thread
    Quote from Ritter_Kaldor»

    The are not mutch left of u buildings if i look right. (I have noo tools to restore the lost parts of the map.)

    Can you replace lost part with chunks from the seed?

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    posted a message on What to do with all this gold?

    Turn it into blocks for storage, first of all.

    Those with gold farms often also have villager-powered automatic carrot farms. Endless gold + infinite carrots = god-tier food supply.

    Otherwise, gold is often used for powered rails or traded for emeralds. You'll burn through all that in nothing flat either trading or building long railways (e.g., for a nether hub).

    I have a gold farm in my survival world, but I'm waiting for Optifine to update before I upgrade to 1.14; I wouldn't want to make a carrot farm with outdated villager mechanics.

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    posted a message on Ender Dragon problems

    (basically the ender dragon doesn't do what the pic is showing and i can't hit him with my sword)

    When the dragon lands on the portal it's immune to arrows. You either need to wait for it to take off again, or run in and whack her with a sword or axe to continue the fight.

    I think Candy is saying the dragon is bugged and isn't landing?

    If so, do you have a bug tracker link, Candy?

    I forget, do the crystals need to be destroyed to begin the landing sequences? I don't think they do, but I don't recall. I'd look into it, but I just ran out of forum time!

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